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LLN440- The Game

2014-04-24-The Game
Lightline #440


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: The Game
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: The Game
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Charles
TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Thank you, thank you Divine Parents for this moment, for this time, for our coming together once again and our appreciation of each other. We come to you at this time as eager children willing to accept what you would bring to us in our eagerness, our willingness to share with you and learn from you. We accept what you would offer to us at this time in gratitude. With open hearts and minds we come to you with the gratitude of the child for the parent, for the love we feel from you as the children. We seek you in times like this so that we could come close to you in our awareness and understanding to be with you in spirit where you are and we are. Let us make this communication connection now. Let us exercise our faith and open up the channel that we share with you at this time, thank you.


CHARLES:   Thank you for the invitation you provide, I am Charles here to accept it. As much as you are learning to enjoy traveling the road to spirit and coming down the path to the citadel that you provide, so it is that I like to travel my path and meet you there. We can join together in this place of communion, this place of sharing that we both come to of our own accord, I in my way and you in yours. Nevertheless, the results are the same and we meet in this place, this sacred place that we provide for this purpose. It is always my joy to join you at these times because truly, we are reaching across dimensions actively and with intention. We are exercising our free will choices to take this very action which causes us all to do so. This is what is so special about our get-together’s like this, the fact that we have put our faith on the line and are simply walking our talk in the process. It’s becoming routine and normal and natural for us to do so and so it is that we create this reality together. Now, I accept the offer of questions to engage in.

First you ask, what may be in it for all of us who take the time and energy to come and devote ourselves to this interface that we share even now and I tell you plainly, what’s in it for us is the universal standard that’s in it for you as well, that is coming together in service, coming together with the idea that we are attempting to benefit the whole, to uplift the individual, to contribute to the Supreme, to help unfold the Father’s plan, to support each other in this process. There is no greater call throughout all the universe of universes than the call of service, in fact the more spiritualized you become in your ascension career, the greater the calling will be to find methods to give back for all that you can see you have been graced with in your experience. It simply beckons to you to do something to assist with the grandeur of the plan and it naturally falls to you to look for and follow through with methods of your own making. This is no different whether it be in this life or in any future incarnation, there is a similar drive, a similar urge to roll up your sleeves and lend a hand, to actively contribute to the glorious process that you conceive yourself to be part of,

So I am here on a number of levels. I am here to assist in your awareness and understanding as we are so able to do between us and as well, I am fulfilling my need to be of service, to help as best I can to most faithfully and accurately represent that which I am aware of, of a spiritual nature, of things that you have yet to experience. So the answer to that is the universal truth and principle that we all look for ways to be of service and this is one that I am graced with, that we are graced with, those of us whose presence you may have come to be aware of.

There was another question tendered about various personalities and from where they hail and what their experiences may have been like, whether they were on this world or that, under this jurisdiction or that. This brings up an exciting avenue of discussion. This avenue I would like to bring into your awareness is that of the individual contribution we all make to the overall oneness that is the Supreme experience. Each one of you live a unique and individual experience. Even though you are all collectively here together, no two vantage points will be the same, no two experiences will be identical and each one of you having these distinctions and differences as part of your experience will then, in this glorified process, choose to donate your experience, your individual awareness to the collective, to the whole, where they may be embraced eventually by all.

So each individual experience throughout universe of universes will be added to the sum total of experiences to be had and able to be embraced and encountered by all who choose to have such an experience. It is much like a library in which many many contributors provide lots and lots to then be chosen from and then a collective amount of experiences combine into the experience of the Supreme, the overall experience. Each individual aspect of wisdom becomes a grand total of wisdom. Each individual experience when combined becomes a total experience. That is what is so valuable about each one having their own perspective, living their own lives and being on their own eternal career. Everything that has ever been experienced, all truth, all beauty, all goodness that has ever been encountered by mankind can be brought together into one common awareness, one common wisdom to be arrived at in this process.

It is interesting for you to consider this in relationship to what you have to gain in the same way you might ask what teachers may get out of their experience. You might ask what does God the Father get out of all this trouble, all this effort, all this undertaking on our behalf? I say to you, if everyone was to accumulate a vast and rich experience and bring that home, that experience back to the First Source and Center from which it has been issued, then it can be enjoyed by all, it can be part of the Supreme experience, it can be to everyones benefit. It can be the fulfillment of all the fragments returning back to the whole. This is what you have to give. You are as the little drummer boy who has your song to sing, has your experience to portray. Each one of you has a valuable experience because it is entirely unique in all of time and space.

It’s a cherished fragment, a piece which needs to be reunited with the whole, a drop which needs to return to the ocean after a unique and varied experience. So while it is not my privilege to name names and recount others experiences on their behalf, it is my privilege to give you the overview of how all that works. In terms of various individuals with their unique personality signatures, it will be up to you to make friends and request personal information. For me, I am pleased to be here with you now in these moments because I understand the significance and magnitude of our coming together in spirit, of our becoming magnificent fragments of the whole even in this moment and it is my pleasure to do so and to be with you.

There was another question I would attempt to shed some light on, that is the ever present question of the condition referred to as timeless or spaceless in contrast to what you experience in this life of being bound to time and space. It is therefore impossible for you to fully grasp what being unbound by time or space might be like and if it is possible to know all things from their beginning to their end and if that is possible, is there really any process that transpires or has it all been preordained? I tell you, I would use an earthly analogy.

If you decide to play a video game there are certain parameters which have been defined in advance. You accept to play this game, you agree to operate within the parameters and you therefore proceed ahead. However, at every turn throughout this experience you are provided with an opportunity to choose and every choice you make turns you in a different direction and provides for your unique experience and your unique circumstances, even within the same game as all the others might be playing as well.

Therefore, while your experience is in fact, unique and unto yourself, it is all included in the grand scheme, the program itself which enables you to make choices and have different results than another. So while you are having your individual experience, nevertheless, you are within the game, nevertheless, the results of the game when you get to the far end and complete your mission and you have won, you have arrived and you have had a unique and different path but nevertheless you have completed the program and you have accomplished the mission.

This is what your spiritual journey is. The game is set, the parameters have been defined, the outcome if you continue to play the game, are assured. The route is yours to choose. So, there is no preordained path except that the program including all paths has been written and now it is up to you to choose. On the other hand, it can be said, the end is already known because those who engage in the game and pursue spirit will find it and will win. So it all exists, now, the future, the past, the yes and the no of this answer, side by side.

I hope I am able to portray in terms that are current enough that they may be embraced. This is an overview of how you might consider it. I may have created more questions than answers. It does bring me such great joy to be given such free reign as you provide here this evening, to bring to you my effort to serve, my effort to do what I can to help unfold this glorious plan. I’m choosing my direction in my forward journey and creating my individual path. You all here as well are doing the same and yet together, we’re in the same paradigm, the same program and progression. But what is significant and special is that we have come together from two different planes and still we have joined together in this pursuit. I marvel at this and I appreciate the opportunity to join you in this process.


CHARLES:  I think there has been a formidable task now issued to our scribe so I would be willing to conclude remarks at this point unless any of this has provoked anyone to make any further contributions. [pause] If there are no further contributions this evening I understand there has been much offered for digestion and I offer you my sincere gratitude for your willingness to even come to the feast. I will close this meeting at this time and thank all the participants, especially those dedicated individuals who are the foundation of this classroom, thank you.

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