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NID879- Michael Celebration 3

2015-08-23-Michael Celebration 3
No Idaho #879


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Michael Celebration
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael, Jonathan, Charles, Machiventa, LIGHT, Divine, Dr. Mendoza
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Michael Celebration 3
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Michael, Jonathan, Charles, Machiventa, LIGHT, Divine, Dr. Mendoza
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


Prayer: [Mark] I pray on behalf of all of us that we receive through our efforts here in the gathering, enhanced capacity to receive the gifts of grace that you bring to us, these treasures each one. May we swell and grow in our capacities to take it in as you would so freely give it to us. I am so grateful for the opportunity that this provides.


MICHAEL:  [Mark] It pleases me so to be requested. I am at your bidding. I am honored again that you have gathered in my name for my sake but I am even more delighted that you have been there for each other. Each one of you acts in my stead when you are kind to each other. Each one of you fulfills my dream when you act in kindness in any way to each other. It is as watching the happy little ones play and feeling such great contentment and joy both at the way I see you now and the way I envision you growing up. Any parent treasures the state that they find their offspring and so it is I relish this stage where we are even now. I enjoy with you the cumbersome nature of mortal life, the feeling stressed and oppressed and challenged so that you are exposed to feeling a little harried by the course of things.

I remember the tendency to feel harried and rushed and forced to comply with the demands of mortal life. I assure you that one day in not too very long, you will look back on this experience that you had here and treasure it for its basics, for its roots, for its materialism and for its time because all of those things you will transcend but you will take the truths, the inherent values contained with you and these will be the foundation upon which you will build your eternal career. So what begins here in such a remote outpost such as this, goes on into eternity. That is what is so treasured about each step of the way. You are somewhere along the line in the journey. I assure you my dear ones, the journey gets easier and better. This is your most difficult task right before you.

To stay centered, to not be knocked off course is one of your greatest tasks in this life and I now bear you witness that it is ever a challenge while you are in material form. But you do well my dear ones to keep coming back to the well of spirit, keep coming back to refocus yourselves and restore your heading and I assure you I will be there for you as you have need of me in this process and together we may proceed in certainty. Let it be so. What a joy it is to have voice, to have ear, to have breath, to have hearts, to have grace, to have love. What a joy it is to share these with you. I treasure these experiences, thank you for providing them. My peace I bestow upon you and leave with you as I merely step aside, not away. I love you, God knows I love you.

JONATHAN:  [Mark] Hey friends, Jonathan here, I feel entitled if you will, to come into the circle today because I am graced; I am graced with the gift of a true friend to give me voice. I appreciate how difficult this is and so I am all the more in love with my friend. Such an opportunity as this is indeed golden. There are so many connections made of which you are unaware. So many gifts of grace that have passed between you and among you and around that it is hard to keep track of all these events of goodness. But so it is that we go about innocently creating these gifts of goodness out of the sheer following our natural desire to do so.

This is another unfolding of grace that we witness. It is spontaneous, it’s inherent, it’s contained within as the seed and when fostered and promoted it sprouts and grows, even takes roots and fruits, all because we are going about our natural, normal design, the plan that has been set forth for us and taking our place in it. So very simple, so very uncomplicated until we often times bring our mind to bear upon the equation and begin to wonder and question, doubt and have concerns. These act as shadows over us, they cloud over our willingness to thrive, they choke out our sunlight to be strong.

So it is good to be aware that these negative impacts of the mind may be seen as clouds that flow by over your being, that they are temporary, moving on, passing by; you will be free of them, then the sun shines again. This is one of the mortal cycles to be cherished. There are periods of your being which are clouded, which are obscured, which are fogged in, you are not certain of your bearing and of the direction in which you should proceed. These conditions are unique. They provide you with the unique opportunity to search for your direction in the darkness, to reach out and explore dimensions in the darkness.

At no other time in your ascension career will this be so profoundly evident in your experience, this ebbing and flowing of clarity, of certainty, of conviction, of design, of purpose and of reality. These terms require proper perspective and even contrast so that you may even begin to discern the value. Such is the gift of this life, here now, the potential for these unique experiences to require of you that you think in the dark, think with your spirit, think with that part of you which is not dependent upon the external light to find the way.

It is a joy to come among so many assembled here who have taken on this fully, this mantle of exploration, of finding where spirit may lead in this realm and you are all discovering spirit leads everywhere. It’s where you want to go that makes the difference, you as a creative being strike out and the universe will follow. Thank you so much for hearing my words, it is a joy to feel you all once again in spirit, a joy to once again assemble at this place in this time in all of space. Thank you Divine Parents for this gift of grace, good day.

CHARLES:  [Mark] I would greet you all, I am Charles. I do not want to let this event go by without barging into the circle and make my presence known. It is such a joy to take over in the stead of those such as Elyon, Machiventa, Michael and others. I feel so privileged to be asked to be a guest teacher that I can hardly contain myself when it comes to this group. I have no real lofty message to bring at this time, you have had much to contemplate. My purpose in accessing this voice is simply to remind you all that I am one of you, among you and with you, that I am eager to participate with you as you will so allow. I join you in honoring the service of Michael who so faithfully has so literally shown the way. I join you in honoring his service and in the gratitude that swells from within for such grace as we witness.

I too am very fond of all of you and so I simply wanted to bring my acknowledgement and greeting today which I have done. Enjoy your afterglow of such an experience as this and recall that you are still engaged in the same vibration, that this arena that you experience at this moment may be experienced at a later time simply with your recollection of it. This is another indication for you of the presence of spirit and the relationship to time and space, another little reminder that you can come back to this place anytime you like, it is yours. You are owners of this energy grid, this vortex of energy that you create. So enjoy it, access it, play with it, come back, see it again, prove to yourself that you are a timeless being, recreate it at will, just a few suggestions. Have a great day, farewell.

MACHIVENTA:  [Mark] Hello to you all, I am Machiventa Melchizedek. I seize the opportunity to address you all today because you may be familiar with the term having been used of the Melchizedek schools and there has been some question as to where these schools might be, what they might do, what they might look like and what might happen. Much has been theorized about such schools but let me clear the record here. You have been enrolled in these schools for some time. These schools are built around you, these schools are where you are and you have in fact been enrolled in these schools for some time even to the point of the acknowledgement of achievement.

When I use the imagery of schools you no doubt immediately reference your schools system and the many grades and numbers involved. We do not operate similarly. We operate on a pass/try again system. Wherever you are, you are enrolled and you are passing. If you weren’t you would be receiving the same lessons over and over again and you know when that happens. Therefore have you come through these halls, these schools, the many lessons, the many teachers, the many years, the many opportunities you’ve had.

Now, I’m here today to ask if you would accept a more intentional, willful assignment. All this training you have been granted and given to you freely, would you not accept the opportunity to become student teachers yourselves? Would you be willing to teach that which you have learned? Would you be willing to review that which you have learned enough to be able to teach that which you have learned? Would it be part of you enough that you could teach with some command the subject? I say yes, I say you are all ready.

To the degree that you decide you may have freewill access to these opportunities that will be before you and what I bring, for what it’s worth, to whoever it’s worth, I bring a certain accreditation of your credentials. Here in this group I desire to speak these words so that those of you with ears to hear may hear the headmaster declare, the students have achieved their efforts and now we look to you to help us teach the next generation if you will, the newcomers, the ones who need to go all the way back to where you were, not where you are now.

You need to be skillful enough to remember where you were then, what was important to you in the beginning, how did it start, what worked, what didn’t work, what is a viable alternative to use when trying to be of service to another in this regard. These are tools that you have honed over years of training. You know what works, you know how to get there, you know what to do, you know what it’s like for you. All of these things, you have some command over, they are yours. Use them, bring them to school, bring them into the classroom and realize the classroom is around you. You may be the instructor of any classroom. When you find yourself with another, simply make this reference of mind. What classroom is this? What are we here to learn or teach? What is needed? Where does spirit lead us and then, where can we go with that? Simple, easy, you do it every hour of every day.

So, I simply step in here to acknowledge with great gratitude, your efforts at bringing yourselves through the classroom, sticking with the program, not giving up, not forsaking the direction and maintaining your compass heading even through the storms. This shows you are children of God, children of faith, children of love and the universe you will witness, has been there for you. As I am here now and as I so plainly speak of these potentials to you, no magic, nothing special, this is the way it is, this is who you are, this is the way it’s happening, but it’s happening on a different level, an augmented frequency because you have gone through the schools, you have had the training, you have put in the practice and now you can come to school prepared.

I have such great gratitude for being able to not only have this as truth and fact, but be able to discuss it in real time. It’s a treasure. I would not bog down this lengthy event so I would take my leave. I would invite you to consider my invitation. Your applications have already been accepted. I love you, thank you.

LIGHT:  [Mark] Thank you for your loving invitation, your touch, your grasp, your reach. That is very special to me and I appreciate the welcome that I feel and have. Such light here today, such brightness all around, so little darkness can survive in the presence of such light. So much purity, so much grace pervades that it literally drives out everything else. Such as it is in these energy grids that you form and utilize. It is a repository of so much good intention, so much grace, so much willing participation of the Creator that it’s goodness abounds, so much so that it can be counted on and relied on to be of God.

Whenever there is that much grace, that much goodness, it is not necessary for one to be concerned over being led astray or false teachings. Simply allow yourselves to be in the hands of Michael, be in the hands of Mother Spirit and trust that you are well. They would never hurt you, they will only care for you. Just as the infant comes to rely on that very thing of the mother, that they are cared for and loved, their needs will be met, even the desires of their hearts will be fostered. This is true love. This is the embrace I encounter here, this is the feeling in the circle today, this is that sense of oneness and belonging and gratitude and peace. This is that aspect of grace and we all know it, we all feel it, we all cherish it. It is nourishing to our very being.

So I am here to soak it in with you, this sense of belonging, of oneness, togetherness, of the purpose that it brings, the intimacy that triggers, the love that is spontaneously generated in that process. I take it in with you as it swirls in your very existence, in your very being. Happy Michael’s birthday celebration to you all, I am certain that you will come away from this experience changed, grown and graced. I with you have been changed, grown and graced. Thank you all.

DIVINE:  [Cathy] I revel in the proximity of my associate. I sense our powerful connection. My request is that we each form a pole as it were, an energy path rising from the circle to join at the top as the poles of our lodge, a pyramid of light and connection. [I get the impression that the binding is love.]

DR MENDOZA:  [Mark] I am happy to be of service, I am Dr. Mendoza, glad to be near a voice. As has been mentioned, there is a team and you are on it. This is a team of healers which starts from on high, which is orchestrated through myself and others to the material realm through the likes of you. I can do many things with great power only if the conditions are favorable and the recipients are prepared. We are not allowed to go in and arbitrarily heal, but we are allowed full access when the patient has requested us and has positioned themselves to receive any such healing. We are at our maximum potential of goodness when everything is in this alignment. So the greatest physician of all time can be present and if the conditions have not been met, if the environment is not conducive and opportunities are not created, then no transfer of healing energy can occur.

This is what is significant about bringing in by name, invitations. It immediately indicates the posture of the participant and opens the doors so that we may come in and begin the process. So, whether it is you as an individual, each one keep this in mind. It is required of you that you ask for our assistance. We can lurk outside the door all day long but until you go and ask for our assistance and open that door, we will not barge in. Consider this on the inner level of both your willingness to invite us into the process and then, where is your responsibility?

After having opened the door and after allowing us into your space, it is then incumbent upon you to be prepared to receive, to be willing to receive, to be ready to receive, to see yourself as worthy of receiving, to have all these things under control so that conditions are proper and healing may commence. Any efforts that we provide will be limited by yourselves. Any obstructions in place are not ours. We work through a gauntlet of obstructions and conditions and circumstances. Again, this is where you come in. You make the choices about what the circumstances will be, what the conditions will provide, whether you are participating as the patient or the practitioner these same qualifiers apply.

So I applaud your effort to invite me by name into this circle so that I may be recognized as one of the members of this extraordinary team. Any physician requires physicians assistants and I have commissioned you all to be such. Prepare the environment so that we may work, create the space where the healing may occur and then invite me in for what I do best. In this way, we are working together for the same process. This process of invitation is also very valuable as you have just touched upon with your Inner Guides.

It is also required of you to provide consent for them to be active, for them to do more than observe. They will always be the recessive element of your being until they are requested to move from that position. This you and only you can do. This is the key that you provide them to the confinement that they experience as silent observer. You may let them free at any time by offering them this key. Exclaim with intention within that it is your desire that this occur, that you provide whatever permission or request may be necessary and then the door is open. Anything may pass. You have grasped an important key here today. It is not one that has never been discussed, but each time the lesson meets with a new student, a student of today.


DR MENDOZA:   What a joy it is, thank you so much for calling me by name.

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