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NID878- Michael Celebration 2

2015-08-22-Michael Celebration 2
No Idaho #878


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Michael Celebration
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael, Jonathan, LIGHT, Monjoronson, Elyon, Olfana, Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers, Rick Voss
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Michael Celebration
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Michael, Jonathan, LIGHT, Monjoronson, Elyon, Olfana, Nebadonia
TR: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers, Rick Voss


MICHAEL:   [Cathy] My children, this is Michael. Just rest a while and feel my love in the beating of your hearts. This life is the gift of our Father that transcends us all yet supports us all. Rest on his bosom as on a soft pillow floating on a calm sea. As often as it occurs to you, exercise this freedom, exercise the dignity of willing to choose to rest and absorb energy from the cosmos on all the different levels of your complex existence. Let your bodies rest thoroughly. Let all the physical energies flow everywhere without any impediments, without any knots or cramps anywhere. Deeply relax so every cell of your body can find its natural position, its free wriggling relationship to all its brother and sister cells. Feel all the teeming fantastic life within you. Feel yourselves to be gigantic. Feel how infinite you are to yourselves. Do not fear this expansion. See if you can detect the life all throughout this unbounded inner space.

Now, without even realizing it, you have glided over into the dimension of mind, of awareness, self awareness, consciousness of being conscious. Feel all your past and present. See how enormous you are in this dimension. See if you can let your mind be still. Just let it twinkle and sparkle. Let it be receptive but in no hurry, so supple and ready to engage but so appreciate too that you just notice it and love all it does for you. So let your mind rest, let it just do nothing for a while, ever so consciously. This is also the realm of your Mother Spirit. Here you can feel Her love as a deep worship, a profound thankfulness for life itself. Here her Holy Spirit welcomes you, loves you and joins you in thanking our Father for this life you have. Now feel the enormity of her presence, her embrace, providing a kind of living summation of your life. See how generally unconscious you are of the summation that you call wisdom. See how it informs all your regular activities yet you are seldom cognizant of its source.

This is a dimension of her Holy Spirit helping you make use of this life you have experienced, this unique gift of God that has no match anywhere else and ask yourself what is wisdom? Why is it only sometimes there? Why does it sometimes seem to be missing? What within you determines its coming and going? How can you be open to this dimension? How can you make all your hard earned wisdom feel welcome? How can you open to the present moment to feel, to enjoy all this complexity of being a living being without fear of being overwhelmed but rather trusting an innate ability to grow, to encompass everything? How can you recognize that this is your true home in the universe?

Ever so effortlessly as you continue to rest more deeply and keep expanding, you find yourself in the realm of spirit. Here is that bubbling soaring fountain that Mother introduced you to. Those of you who are artists, and you all are to some degree, have personal experience of the mystery of creativity. Where do the ideas come from? I can’t tell you, no one can. This is a personal experience that each of us knows for ourselves. In a sense, we each share this attribute singularly with God. Your wonder at this real phenomenon, your own creativity, can be your most wonderful worship, your most profound thankfulness for this marvel of creation. God’s absoluteness and infinity and creativity will forever wrap Him in an impenetrable mystery yet it is a fact that He chooses to share as much of His nature with you as you can stand. So sharing this ability to create with Him will be the major dimension in which you will continue to grow and be more like Him.

I encourage you to revisit this experience often. Allow yourself to wonder where your new ideas come from. Enjoy living right in this lively fountain of creativity bursting into time and space, swelling the body and the memories of the Supreme Being, expanding the cosmos without end. We are all in for quite a ride my children and since it’s God’s doing, this is one journey we do not have to brace ourselves for but rather relax, to feel it happening, welcome it, trust it, be one with it and enjoy it. Give it your whole hearted will. Add to it for all of your brothers and sisters as well. Join me in thanking our Father for your own marvelous unfathomable natures in your journey beyond the stars to meet Him someday.

Group:  Amen.

MICHAEL:   [Mark] I would humbly enter your temple at this time. As you have made me feel welcome, so I enter. Similarly, as you have made me feel welcome in the temples of your being, I have so entered and it is a joy to come with you now to experience with you, even through you, the circumstance that you create here today. Surely there is no grander temple than you make at this moment and I am as honored to step within this construct of your creation as I am to enter the greatest palaces on earth.

What is interesting to note perhaps, is the common thread throughout, whether we are seated in a stadium or whether we are alone together in your inner temple, we are together the same. The thread runs through all that you are and all that you do. Wherever you are, whenever you are, I am there with you as you invite me in. As you create the temple, I will enter. And so, whether it is here or there, whether it is now or later it will all be the same continuum we create, the same relationship here or there, the same association, and this is what is so cherished about relationship. It may start at one place at one time and go on for an eternity. This is what I crave with each of you.

I crave what you so freely give. I crave your desire to seek me, to find me, your parent and when you grace me with these choices in your lives I am pleased beyond measure. This is relationship that you have chosen to want to befriend me and I certainly have long since chosen you. With these commitments in place, I assure you there will be many many episodes before us, many encounters such as this, many crossing of paths here and there, at this time and that but we will always know each other. We will always feel each others company and presence throughout all time and into eternity if that is the way you may feel it.

And all of this has its humble beginnings here, right here, right now. And by the grace of our Father, we have both made these choices and by the grace of the plan in motion, we will evolve together in this process, move forward through our respective growth cycles, be associated with one another from now on if you so choose. And I have no reservations or doubts that anyone here has any reservations or doubts. That is what I feel so complimented by with a group such as this. We stand on firm foundation with each other and can then build and move on that foundation. So be it, as it is, even now.

Father, join us in our combined gratitude for this opportunity, for this chance to get to know each other and to find you in the process. Help us to maximize this experience as we are even now and join us with the joy that this experience brings. Let the joy we create be our gift, our tribute to you who has provided for us and let us stand in gratitude together for such grace as we embrace even now. Thank you Father. I am so well pleased that my words simply cannot express the depth of my gratitude.

I withdraw to leave you now in voice but as you are coming to know.
I crave your relationship always. I am never far and always ready to respond to your beck and call. I look forward to your upcoming festivities in tribute of my service and I ask you all to spread my love and be my love. Do this for me as I would bid you do as I would do and I know you will and I thank you in advance. Let it be so, filled with joy, radiant with love and beaming with light as it is even now, thank you all.

JONATHAN:  [Mark] My friends, you know I am here. It’s as if I am close enough to have my hand on your shoulder as well. Truly I am just off in the wings as you might say, lurking, eaves dropping on all of you my friends because I feel a certain ownership, a certain possesiveness of my experience on Urantia with the likes of you, a certain treasured fondness and association for the time spent exactly like this. So when you reassemble and recreate this atmosphere, certainly I want to be a part of it. I was in this very location and know exactly what you are sensing and what it is like to be out at Mark and Mary’s.

I don’t even have to ask how well it is going because it always goes well but I would simply invite you all to consider that I am in your circle as well today. I have installed myself and plan to be in observance and perhaps participation as it is so welcomed. So, the tent is up, the tables are out, the chairs are positioned, the hour approaches for the celebration of our Lord and Master. What a wonderful introduction we were given with Michael’s exercise. So much in there that deserves to be reviewed but the one point I would work with is this notion of seeing yourselves for a little more of who you are.

I dare say it would not be possible for you to glimpse yourselves as you are glimpsed from my vantage point but these exercises of seeing possible dimensions of the self are most useful because the human mind has so categorized and compartmentalized the thinking processes that it is oftentimes easy to get stuck and not be able to see beyond the wall that has been built. Your efforts at coming to spirit are one way that you can expand your vantage point and perhaps look down on some of the boundaries that have been established.

You know that feeling, when you look at a map and you realize that all these boundaries which have been established of states, nations and territories, are all arbitrary definitions given by a mortal of the realms, that strictly speaking, none of those boundaries exist on a land mass. Similarly, your spiritual concepts have been divided up and drawn into territories. It is helpful to rise as high as one can to see the boundaries from the vantage point of a larger map. Then it becomes easy to consider redefining previous limitations and gaining the benefit of creating new territories.

I just bring this thought for you to consider as you work your way through the maze of boundaries, restrictions, definitions and partitions that are before you in basic human construct of thought. Your attempts to come to this place of spirit provide for you a different view and you certainly will see boundaries from a new perspective. In that sense, mission accomplished, you have arrived. You are now able to define your own territories. So, which ones will you draw next? That is the ever present question at hand. Where will your boundaries be, what will you be defined by, what are your limitations which are imposed?

I just thought I would throw in something of a mini workshop here today, something to consider. I so love these gatherings where there is so much spiritual fruit to be admired and picked. Thank you for asking about me and opening the door to the arena and calling me and having me run from out back. Joy to you all, I will remain throughout the event you can be assured, thank you.

LIGHT:   The child hears the parents voice, just as Michael has said, he hears all of your voices when you call. He knows of you individually because there is a recognition, a familial sense, a peace. Likewise I feel a familial sense of recognition and peace here in this gathering, among these friends. In this location I feel welcomed, even invited, thank you. It is my pleasure to be asked to join this celebration of light which from afar appears as a glowing bonfire on the horizon. Indeed you are drawing attention and many will come to observe such activities of light on a darkened sphere. So I am thrilled to be thought of and included in this circle.

What a treat it is to have actual physical presence in an actual physical location, this unique juncture of time and space is indeed a miracle. It is miraculous to see the way such love unfolds at times like this, such spontaneously generated peace occurs. Such divine principles manifesting in such a time/space scenario is indeed a rare thing to observe. You have brought that which you know of divine values of Light and Life from your awareness of them in the ideal state to your manifestation of them in the material plane.

You are traveling in time, even now, because as I remind you, Urantia is not in a state of Light and Life. It has much time to go before it is anywhere close to a state of Light and Life and yet, even so, Light and Life exists as a state, as a dimension that is out before you which exists.

Your having become aware of this existence means now that as creators, you can envision this futuristic state back in the dimension of time and space. You can manifest this condition in advance of its existence on this planet. You do it even now. You transcend time, you have vanquished time with this exercise. By adopting these divine principles and bringing them into your lives here and now you have circumvented time. So I am ever pleased to be asked to join a group who has such forethought and awareness that they would attempt the unknowable, thereby making it known even now.

It is hard to impart to you a sense of what exactly it is that you are engaged in and that may be well and good but from our perspective it is a thrilling experiment out on the fringes of time and space with outstanding, remarkable results demonstrating once again the inherent power of the creator, the inevitability of the outcome that all things will work for the good and the truth that it will be so because we will make it so, we will choose it and we will become it.
So count me in. I am here just as many others are here, not only to observe but participate to the level of our abilities to do so. This is the guarantee and commitment I bring, this is the intention I have in the process and I state it for the record. Thank you for asking about me.

MONJORONSON:  [Cathy] I also join you in this fragrant gathering. There have been questions, there have been differences of focus, there have been discussion of the way to proceed. I wish to clarify some concepts associated with my coming assignment. Although you have differences, I am assured of your dedication to the Correcting Time and Michael’s plan for my assigned incarnation. Our plan is proceeding better than anticipated. Your openness to the lessons and suggestions to step forward into unknown activities has accelerated the plans. You are to be encouraged to continue to explore new avenues of action and thought. The time approaches when we will consult together face to face. I am definitely with you at this gathering.

ELYON:  [Mark] Indeed I will come out of the dugout at your invitation. There was a time when I had to coax you to come out of the dugout and so it is wonderful to be asked to be out on the field at play again with the likes of you. A wonderful team if I say so myself. As with any team there are always individual abilities and skills and levels and differences and the real success of any team is the willingness to contribute their strengths and to also work with the strengths of others and be willing to work with individual skills and potentials for the maximum benefit of the team. The team is not dependent on one or two players. It is dependent on all players to make the appropriate contributions so that the team may advance together.

Likewise it is with this team. I observe that willingness and generosity for each of the team members to bring to the table their strengths and to allow for their weaknesses that other team members may have opportunities to shine and chances to play the game as well. There is a real sense of sharing in a group such as this, of working towards a common goal. And what is so special about a team like this is that they play an unseen game with unknown rules for unknown results because all of this happens on the spirit team and so there is no gigantic scoreboard on one end on which we may easily look over and see who’s ahead.

Our works are done in spirit and our achievements and accomplishments are also in spirit, therefore this game must be played with faith. Not all individuals are suited to play on a team which requires so much faith, but all of you have been to tryouts, have practiced your skills over and over again, have proven to yourself that this tool of faith that you have can indeed be used and employed. The skill you have developed may be utilized on this team. The skill to act in faith, to go in faith, to do in faith, to be in faith is what is required to be on this team and sure enough, the team advances together down the field. We move together as one when we come together in spirit. So thank you for asking about me. I am well and I am most pleased to be back again in this, my field of dreams.

OLFANA:  [Cathy] Love is flowing freely, tears of joy follow. I see the wonder of Mother’s embrace of love. My friend Susan is joining me in a greeting of joy. It’s a wonderful relationship we have created and I am most humbly receptive to your invitation, your inclusion in this gathering. It was a highlight of my experience so far to join in the Teaching Mission and share some of the early lessons with you. It is to your credit that there are lessons learned and steps taken. We embrace you in love and affection.


NEBADONIA:  [Rick] Greetings my children, this is your Mother, Nebadonia, who embraces you in her love. I long to enter your hearts and your minds with my being for in it you will find my love, my joy, the peace that I bring to you. So open to me now, allow me to enter. Allow me to come into your hearts and reside there for a spell for you are my children and what mother does not want to have her children embrace her. I have longed for this time when my children can find me again. They have been led astray but the time has come to bring them home.

So I embrace you all. Let my love flow over you like the tears of the transmitter. Come home to me, now and in each and every moment that you think of me. Invite me in, allow me to be part of your lives for I am your Mother and I love you dearly. Thank you for this divine opportunity to be with you here today in this special celebration. As you know, Michael and I are always just a thought away. We are here for you and always will be. So we embrace you now in our love and in our joy and in our peace and may your day be filled with the love of the universe for it is always flowing and you simply need to reach up and allow it to come in. I bid you good day, be in my peace and in my joy.

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