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LLN443- Worship & Praise

2014-05-22-Worship & Praise
Lightline #443


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Worship, Praise, and Relationship
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas, 0802-AB Jack
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Worship, Praise, and Relationship
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Tomas, 0802-AB Jack
TR: Gerdean


Prayer: Father God, Mother Spirit, infinitely magnificent creation in which we live, intelligence by design, what an adventure we enjoy in this consciousness, this cosmic consciousness, this spiritual milieu, in this effort to advance into greater awareness of our eternal potential. As we rejoice in that, we also rejoice in the finite, in the material, the miniscule, the tiny and precious, in the emotional and the literal, for this is where we work and play, this is our playground, our sandbox in which we contribute somehow, magically, to the evolving supreme.

It all just sounds so glorious and wonderful and the more we make it real for us, the more glorious it is, and so we thank You for giving us something to think about, to ponder, to consider, to look forward to, to relish, to enjoy, to have faith in and to believe in and to know … that something credible and incredible at the same time.
We thank you for our many guides and advisors, our mentors, the examples of life throughout the universe that have been set forth in the Chronicles of Urantia, the ministering spirits, the many, many kinds of angels, the helpers who delight to help us.

It’s just mind-boggling to think that they would have an interest in us lowly creatures, us tadpoles, and so, of course, we feel humbled and exalted at the same time when we realize they are aware of our existence, they know our personalities, they delight to serve the process of upliftment and enlightenment.

In keeping, then, with the Family tradition set forth by the Universal Father, the Infinite Mother, and the Eternal Son, by our beloved Michael and his Divine Minister, Mother Nebadonia, let us commence into our evening soiree. Send us someone we can talk with, we can listen to. And help us stay open and be open to the truths that may come forth if we are but willing to believe. Amen.


TOMAS: Good evening, my friends, and students. I am Tomas, a Teacher in the Teaching Mission, long-time friend and able assistant in this conspiracy — this conspiracy to lift you up. Indeed, co-conspirators we are in something positive and good … rather like a surprise birthday party.

Speaking of parties, Merium is here with me this evening. She will always turn out for a festive occasion. In fact, if she has anything to say about it, she will make a festive occasion out of anything, even the most somber of gatherings – so light is her touch and enchanting is her presence. We are here through the auspices of our friend and yours, 0802-AB “Jack,” secondary midwayer. We three ought to be sufficient to entertain you and edify you this evening but in the event something else comes up, there are lights on the board – the motherboard—and they know we are here, they know we are in transmission mode.

They will be watching, monitoring, and observing our progress so that should something come up that would benefit from a surprise visit from someone out in left field or from on high, it is possible, through this venue that has been established – and what a charming venue it is, and has been, and will be. New generations are coming and they will carry on the tradition, even as we have these Elder Statesmen such as have served you all these many years hone their skills and sharpen their wits as Friends of the Great Friend.

Having introduced myself and my compatriots, what is left now to do is find a topic that will benefit you, that will address your needs, the needs of each and all of you. It would imply something generic is called for, but generic does not necessarily mean mediocre or standardized for as we have already experienced this evening, there is nothing mediocre about worship or praise or relationship, and this is fundamentally what we have in the gospel: worship and praise and relationship.

As you mature in your mortal life, you begin to perceive with perspective – the perspective of experience, such that many times you who were once idealists can now claim pragmatism; those of you who were liberal can now stand alongside conservative. You who were silly and childlike can now stand sober and adult. There is so much ZEN in this spirituality that you look to, that you experience.

We have been spending some time lately in the realm of terrestrial escape. It’s not an interesting subject except for those who are scheduled to make the journey, and then it too becomes as fascinating a journey as those steps you took into a myriad other adventures in the life in the flesh — falling in love, having children, working, practicing, power, affection and so forth, such that it’s all a paradox; it seems paradoxical, like that song, “I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now” — the perspectives are enlarged and ultimately no matter how you look at it, it’s a good thing. It’s a win-win situation. It’s a faith song.

But how easily you forget, how quickly fear enters in. How soon negative emotions enter in and alter your view. Your task, again, as always, is to adjust your thinking until such time as the mind overcomes matter and the spirit rules the mind. When all the pieces are in play, when they have all assumed their position, the harmony of your existence is unquestioned, balance exists. Faith wins. Each problem you encounter, each issue of “cosmic problem-solving” is experiential by design. You could read it in a book; you could read it in a manuscript, in a document; you could study exhibits and illustrations; you can compare theories and philosophies; you can debate and discuss; but until you have experience, you have only been academic.

And this is the mystery of it all– the actualizing through experience. You have quite a legacy, you who have lived on this land of Urantia. This is quite an environment to have come up into and through. Indeed, your future status as agondonters will be honored as an extraordinary Training Day, an extraordinary TRAINING. You will have learned the inside and the outside, the good and the evil, the strong and the weak, the disgraceful and the laudable; you will have learned these values and you will learn them increasingly with increasing refinement as you proceed up the ladder, beginning with morontia and the mansion worlds, resuming again in the spirit when you become full-fledged spirit, each refinement bringing more edification such that when you finally stand before God in Paradise, in the Isle of Paradise you will, like Him, have seen the end from the beginning … with all the good and all the bad, all the weak and all the strong, all the shame and all the glory, all the error and all the triumph.

You will have become educated and experienced. And indeed you have every right to have agondonter standing. It is hardly a disgrace to be so well-prepared for future service. This kind of experience that we enjoy in this transmitting receiving mode has a similar uniqueness. Not everyone chooses to engage; not everyone has the tenacity to persevere; not everyone has the temperament to take “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” or the unwarranted accolades of a job well done, all of which are part of the training, part of the process.
The process is what is so fascinating. And so, as much as you can make it your own, make it your own experience, make it personal to you. Embrace this reality with as much credence as you dare give it.

Then begin to question and experiment; lead with it; follow where it goes; learn from it. It is life itself. Life is where you learn. Not through the books and the diagrams, even through lectures such as my own … it is through your own pursuit of truth, beauty and goodness. In your pursuit of truth, beauty, goodness and whatever else comes down the line, we are your mentors, assistants, guides, teachers, helpers, and friends. How can I be of service to you today? We have time for interaction. I will remind you that in order for you to be heard, and to participate, you need to open your line with a star six. Come forth!


Ineara: Good evening, Tomas. This is Ineara.

TOMAS: Greetings.

Ineara: What a perfect lesson for me tonight. Last night, a friend from another group of friends, graduated … and I needed those words. And I thank you for always being true and consistent.

TOMAS:: Yes, my daughter. We do, indeed, seek to meet you where you are – that being, hopefully, somewhere meaningful. And any occasion such as you mention is meaningful for so many. Terrestrial escape is such a joyous thing when it is seen as a graduation, a release, an accomplishment. And yet, when there is unfinished business or when wellness is not over much in evidence, it causes unsettling consternation among the friends and family of the dearly departed.

It is worthy of your time and attention to dedicate yourself to paving the way for your own passing – that is to say keeping your side of the street clean, taking care of your own personal correcting time issues, reviewing your more glaring errors and injustices. Forgiveness is a large part of this process. Grieving takes a lot of time also. These are not small tasks. But the more you can invest in your soul, the more you are able to bring to your passing — and specifically to the lives of others who will observe your passing. Let go of guilt, let go of shame, let go of fear, and put yourself in His hands, humbly seeking protection and mercy from your own immaturity.

We will more than likely see our friends and family members on the mansion worlds. When you arrive you have time to visit those you will before you resume your life there as you take it up from where you left off here, and there are so many companions and helpers awaiting your arrival in the resurrection hall to be assigned to you, to help you in the work that still needs to be done in terms of — recovery, therapy, guidance, counsel regarding family matters, personality quirks, aberrant thinking and acting. Your angels will participate and the morontia companions will help you learn to love yourself; they will chat with you and be your sponsors in this new way of life you are embarking upon.

There is so much ahead. It is good when you can embrace it with your eyes open, with your consciousness intact, knowing you are simply emerging from the cocoon to become a butterfly. Think in terms of being transported so that you can fuse. Indeed, think of it as fusion. Think about fusion. What do you suppose that means? What all does that entail? Are you ready to commit yourself to such an investment, to commit your soul to such a consecrated degree? This is one of the things that come from having lived a full and robust experiential existence. You learn to trust divinity. Indeed, even if it has not been made right in this life there is the option ahead to get aright if you should so will. Are there other questions or comments this evening? Other concerns?

Gary: Yes, Tomas. This is Gary.

TOMAS:: Good evening, Gary.

Gary: Yes. This is the first time I’d like to thank you for a little advice you gave in one of the transcripts and that was that even though I am not able to T/R or make any contact, I still try. I suffer from a lot of pain and tinnitus and it makes it harder but I took your advice and I got a tape recorder and I read a transcript from, I think it was Lytske, and played it back and I’d say that ¾ of it was not my voice, even though I recorded it, and then my voice just started to appear after the last quarter of the tape so it was my way of confirming that we were reaching out and making contact with celestials so it really confirmed that for me so I really appreciate that.

TOMAS:: It would seem you were listening to the Spirit of Truth, and the Spirit of Truth has no particular voice. It can be anybody’s voice. It could be Lytske’s voice; it could have been any voice that spoke the truth. As you heard your own voice, perhaps you were becoming self-consciously involved with your involvement and you were able to hear yourself as he who delivered the words, as he whose vocal chords are being utilized.

The interesting thing about that experiment is … well, manifold, actually; there is much to be said for it … but another thing is you can begin to feel what I will call your morontia body, morontia energy certainly. Some T/Rs can be talking away, having completely forgotten they are a part of the process, and yet there is an emotional content that comes from the teacher that moves the body of the T/R, that sways, that lifts up or that in some way affects the ear of the listener, as if they were right there, right there, as if you were right there.

Gerdean will tell you, for example, sometimes when she is transmitting, if the word does not come to her that the teacher wants to use, her mouth will form the word even before she knows what it is, and so she’ll sit there with her mouth hanging on an “m” or an “r” or a “p”, fully convinced that the word that is coming begins with that consonant.

It is almost as if she is experiencing the shadow of the greater reality, the greater reality being the teacher speaking through the voice box, but more importantly with the permission and impetus of the Thought Adjuster, the sanction of the divine light, encouraging the communication, providing the energy, the “juice” that you get when you plug in to this higher consciousness.

Some might think of it as the astral body, but there is indeed a plethora of energy around this process and it is living energy, divinely guided energy, having a life above and beyond the T/R, bringing energy into the consciousness of those present as we are experiencing here and now. Energy is falling into you and at least for the moment you are assured and reassured, convinced and appreciative of the truth. In 15 minutes you will go about your affairs and the poignancy will fade, the TV will command your attention, the dog will want fed, the phone will ring. Life goes on, but the more you tap into this reality the more you learn to depend upon it, to recognize it, to have confidence in it, the more stabilized you become when you step forth to step into the dimension.

And so I am glad that you have had a successful experience. I encourage you to do more. Do not let the sense of affectation stand in your way; it is indeed affected inasmuch as you have not done this before but you will find out that as you practice and as it becomes more a part of you, it is not an affectation as much as it is a discipline.

Gary: (Inaudible).


TOMAS: I am glad you feel encouraged. I myself am encouraged. I have very much enjoyed the evening. It is time for me to wind it up. I will leave the floor open for another question but I will let Jack handle it if there is something more to do, otherwise I will let him sign off. Merium sends her love. Good evening.

0802-AB-JACK:  Jack here, facilitating and enjoying the ambiance of Teacher Tomas and Company. Is there anything else, kids, before we call it at day? (Pause) Beloved, cousins, carry on. We’ll be back in a couple of weeks. Next week we have another guided tour by a stalwart and trustworthy soldier of the circles. Later!

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