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LLN444- Sharing Soul Wealth

2014-05-29-Sharing Soul Wealth
Lightline #444


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Sharing Soul Wealth
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue

Topic: Sharing Soul Wealth
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Nebadonia


Dear Mother Spirit and Michael, we thank the two of you for being with us, always with us, and actually part of us. You have taught that we can be aware of this. We can actually increase your effect in our lives by saying thank you from time to time. We can be aware of these extra little boosts–this extra facility you give us—even though you are not supplying actual thoughts, like our Father does. In being our spiritual parents, you two are wonderful company to keep within us and all around us. It makes us tickled and proud to be your children. And, like all parents of children, you assure us that we too are your greatest joy. It is one thing we know as parents for our own, and relating to all the other youngsters around us.

What a joy it is to see them. We can look right past what they are–what sex they are, what race–and see who they are. For there is this really strange and wonderful facility of our personalities–being the spiritual beings we are and they are—that we can register other personality rather directly. It’s so wonderful we can register others within us if we are open to them, if we can get past our own pre-judging, our own prejudices. This way we can relate more completely and wonderfully to who everyone is. For encouraging this facility of recognition, we thank the two of you. We hope to become more and more aware and appreciative of not only what you are as our spiritual parents, or even of the order of being you are–a Mother Spirit Creator/Daughter of God, and a Michael Creator/Son–but who you are. To this we always look forward. Amen.


NEBADONIA:  Good evening, my dear ones, this is your Mother Spirit, and I am definitely as much yours as you are mine. As Michael said last time, this is what constitutes a genuine family: that we belong to each other and have each other in our lives. Our lives are so much more greatly augmented and made more delightful by this sharing. This is God’s essence. This is the essence of all the spiritual community–this sharing. As Michael taught last time, here one and one makes three. It is that third component, our gifts of ourselves to each other and then too what we hold in common.

 Sharing soul wealth

If you want to think about it, it is the way our souls overlap each other and we share that component that is overlapping. Then we all go into eternity with that shared experience, for Michael and I are as much experiential beings as you. All personal beings are. We are experiencing out here in time and space. We too have within us the omnipresence of our mutual, universal Father. We are on his circuit. He is part of the mysterious presence within us that we can never fully grasp, he is so transcendent to all of us. But just by being personal beings, we share in his reality. It makes all of us then his sons and daughters.

Tonight I would like to extend something that Michael taught recently, and that is how to become aware of spiritual presences within you. It’s not only that I would like to offer this, I’ll tease you. I’ll dangle this out in front of you, if you will, like a carrot on a stick–the notion that this transmitting/receiving–this t/r-ing–is something we encourage all of you to try. Actually let us give voice to our presence within you, Michael’s and mine.

 T/R-ing

NEBADONIA:   How do you do this? What is this happening right now? Obviously, because we call it t/r-ing, it is Michael, myself, or other celestial beings–ascended mortals, angels, different kinds of beings like Melchizedeks–that are doing the transmitting. We have our own extension through space so that we do not literally have to be sitting near you. So it is through Michael’s and my presence around and within you. You might say we are the carrier wave that allows all the different celestial beings to transmit to you, very much like a radio wave that extends out through space.

So while you yourselves are the receivers, like radio receivers, we are all around you much as the radio and television, and now your cell phone waves are. Even though you are inside your houses with all the doors and windows shut, if you are not sitting in some lead-lined room, these frequencies are vibrating right through the walls and the windows, and you.

Yet whereas that is an electromagnetic vibration through the space around you, think of us as spiritual vibrations. And just as you have different stations, so each one of us, each celestial being has a slightly different frequency. Being spiritual we are not bound as much by time and space as an electromagnetic pulse. As you said in your introduction, it is who we are–not only what we are as a particular order of being, but who we are. Our personalities get to come through and reach you this way.

Consider: as you go into the future, this is one way in which more and more people will be headed evermore towards the planetary status of Light and Life. (Ed: there was an interruption, then a re-start) As you go towards the future and more and more people do this, this will be the introduction of the unity of the spiritual community. This will be one way in which more and more folks–of whatever different race, or nationality, or most importantly, different cultures–can find ever greater unity and agreement.

For this is that mysterious oneness of the spiritual community. Though each of us too has a unique personality, we are more able to suspend ourselves and be here and now for other beings, and those around us. This will become a wonderful thing for all our human children to be able to do as well: to be able to suspend yourselves and take in each other more and more directly, right through all your prejudices and conditioning. Though the various worldly cultures will always give meaning and value to your life, you’ll be able to set these aside and be more open-minded to whatever person is coming towards you. Or as we say: hopefully in the not too distant future, more and more folks will be open to the spiritual community and able to transmit them as I am doing now.

 How do you do this?

How do you do this? How do you acquire the ability to be open and sensitive to someone that is not you, and then not interfere with their message but let it come through you as purely as possible? Think about this a while. Think about how your own personality, being endowed with creative spirit, your own personality has this creative ability along with a mind and a body–especially with your mind keeping you company. Even when you wake up in the middle of the night, you realize you have been thinking all this time; and maybe overtly dreaming, maybe not.

Your mind is always going, but as soon as you wake up and regain consciousness, you are super-minded. It’s the way you are hearing me, and relating to me, and responding to me within yourselves right now. Although your awareness is based partly upon your being conscious, just being human you are super-minded. Your personality can register and be aware of extra-personal beings. This makes this t/r-ing possible.

So the trick becomes then: how can you acquire this remarkable ability of, in a sense, putting yourself on hold–highly consciously?—again, whether you are meeting another person or attempting this t/r-ing? How do you let go of yourself? This, as the Urantia Book mentions—(Ed: page 52)–this is one of the inevitable difficulties, yet too one of the necessary abilities: setting aside a self that is constantly clamoring for attention; constantly, in a way, existentially fearful of ceasing to exist. How do you do this?

 Stillness

What is this ability that you can—hopefully–now see is so precious? Think of highly consciously setting yourself aside and being open to others. This is why we introduce a kind of meditation practice called “stillness.” Rather than repeating some wisdom like a mantra or exercise, in some kind of prayer–not that there is anything wrong with these; they have their place–but take a small part of your day and set aside your other activities, this busyness you delight in filling your life. You actively set that aside and spend some time just, as totally as possible, being here–being here and now, moment by moment. How do you do this? How do you not respond nor interact immediately with what is happening inside you, and thereby change it, making it partly your personality?

How can you profoundly observe your more disturbing thoughts as they come, without trying to suppress them? It may be because you have the notion of stillness being some kind of empty-mindedness–which it is not.
Stillness just means that you are being highly conscious of what is happening within you. It could be, partly, genuine memories of things you can’t ordinarily remember doing; but still you are not reacting to them. It is a kind of a pure, active consciousness. Some people call it “not-clinging”–not clinging to what comes through. We have even offered the tool–you might say the technique–of when you have an idea that is so wonderful, you write it down. You won’t be afraid of losing it. You can return to the stillness of simply being hyper-aware of what is coming into your mind.

Once you practice this for a while, once you have your feet on this strange kind of ground of letting yourself go and just being open for whatever happens next: then you can take one of your neat little electronic recorders and start to transmit and receive. Practice this t/r-ing. It will be letting someone come through you while you are setting aside your evaluating reactions. This is why it is good to record it. You can respond later. You can evaluate it later. But for now, for this moment, you are just letting it come through you.

 Watching your breath

I’ll give you one other technique, and that is called “watching your breath.” This too is an acquired ability. This too will take some doing because, here again, you will become aware of something that you do have the means to control. Your breathing is not like your heart beating–although there are disciplines by which you can take control of your heart beating. Usually your breathing is something that, as you become aware of it, you affect it. Maybe you hold some notion about breathing deeper, or slower, or other yoga exercises to calm yourself.

But here we are talking about just watching your breath. See if you can be highly conscious of your breathing while letting your autonomous nervous system control it. Again: this takes some doing. With other kinds of meditation where there is an exercise to fill your attention, you will immediately start to control your attention some way or another: that’s its purpose. But stillness is a certain state of consciousness. All of a sudden your body is just breathing. You are breathing very much like your heart is beating: all by itself. Then you realize this is happening 99% of your waking hours, totally un-self-consciously. It is only when you are exerting yourself physically that you notice your breathing immediately starts increasing to give you more energy.

These are techniques, my dear ones, for giving you the ability to be highly conscious of something, yet not affect it. Because, as we have taught so many lessons: in terms of projection, your knowledge and understanding color so deeply, so profoundly, what you are experiencing. They form a kind of a screen. Not only is it true that seeing is believing. This is the other way around. Believing is seeing–controlling what you are seeing and experiencing. How do you get out of this trap? How do you get out of your own subjectivity? How do you let yourself go–this precious life of yours–in order to take in something new?—or someone else, right inside.

 The nitty gritty of relationships

Yet isn’t this the nitty-gritty, the real crux of improved relationships? It’s not only within yourself as you are relating to yourself and all your component parts–your body, your mind, your spirit, your soul–but how you relate with others as well. Then there’s the spiritual community surrounding you, Michael, myself, and others. Take our word for it: this is something we delight in doing, this being able to talk to you specifically, using your own language, to carry on conversations with you.

But how do you get this sense through–by relaxing–this screen that is the very meaning and value that you have struggled so hard in your human life to acquire? It does give meaning and value to your life. How do you relax that and let something come into you and through you that you are deliberately trying, as with your breath, trying not to anticipate or control? How do you open yourself to a realm of spontaneity and spirit whose very value is in the fact you cannot anticipate it? How do you become more spontaneous yourself? How do you tune into this spiritual aspect of reality, God’s reality, that is not repeating itself?

Well. enough of my teasing. Give it a try. Try this kind of meditation of just being aware, being aware of everything inside and out. You are not off in some reduced, special realm. You are becoming more highly conscious of what is in you, and all around you. Let it happen to see what it is–to see who they are, these other personalities, human and celestial, you wish to know. Now do you have any questions or comments this evening? Press star-six to un-mute and join this situation we are all enjoying now.


Questioner #1: Hi, this is __. First of all, I want to say this is the first time I have been at one of these calls when you were the speaker, and it is a real honor and privilege. My concern is, I have been meditating now for little over a year and I know that recently I have started what I hope is hearing spirit. My concern is: when that happens I don’t want to just be telling myself things I wished spirit would say to me. It has gotten better in the last few months but, as I said, that is my concern–that I may be just talking to myself and telling myself what I wished spirit would say to me.

 Using a recorder to t/r

NEBADONIA:   Yes, my son, this is why recording is making an object, objectifying the reality of what is coming through you. It is different. With almost everybody in their meditations, their mind is still active. That is why those meditations that try to still the mind by filling it with a mantra or an exercise of some sort or another: this is still not it. I am pleased that you feel that you are getting better at this. Now: are you recording these thoughts?

Questioner #1: I haven’t been—no.

NEBADONIA:  So you see what I mean by actually speaking something aloud, as I am doing now? You are giving it objective reality. It is something where you can just let go and talk for a while. This way you can let go even further and let something come through you, because you don’t have to cling to it, or even try to understand it as it is happening. You are letting something other than you be expressed, and by recording it, it becomes a possession of yours to think about later. This way you can let yourself go more deeply. You don’t have to remember all the wonderful things that you hope will happen. You do have the wonderful orientation here. Your orientation is rather fresh.

You want to contact that which is not you. This is the whole purpose of it. Some people can actually type fast enough, they can do it on their computer. But recording it is the easiest way to set yourself aside and let someone else come through. It does take practice. You can’t automatically do this right off the bat, but when it happens it is really marvelous. Does this seem like this might help?

Questioner #1: Yes, it certainly does. A couple of weeks ago someone who was on the Lightline call was telling us he had started recording. I tried to write it down–write stuff down a few times–but my handwriting was so bad I couldn’t even read it. But yes, I will get a recorder and try that. Thank you very much.

NEBADONIA:  This is where, when you say something or do something that affects the physical world–even if it is only an electronic thing–this is rather undeniable, objective reality. It is one way of getting out of your own subjectivity. It is an art, a creative art. And, like I said, it has so many fringe benefits. You can actually affect and improve the way you relate to the world around you and the people in it. So give it a try. We are here all the time, and we do hope you try because this is our way of contacting you and letting you know for sure we are here. Be in my love.

Questioner #1: Thank you.

NEBADONIA:  Are there any more questions or comments this evening?

Questioner #2: Good evening, Nebadonia. This is your daughter __. I would like to thank you for your words this evening, and for the invitation to the intimacy that you bring to us. I want to thank you too for the Seraphim, the Guardian Seraphim in particular. I have been spending some focus/meditation time recently with my Guardian Seraphim, and I have found tremendous comfort in her presence–not necessarily empowerment, but genuine comfort. Anyway, as with all your many other gifts, thank you.

NEBADONIA:  My dear, you are definitely welcome. It is wonderful to have that company, isn’t it?
Questioner #2: Yes, it is.

 Your Guardian Seraphim

NEBADONIA:  Again I guess I can’t help teasing you with the idea that you are going to be meeting face-to-face sometime; yet too to have the wonderful reality of her presence to be more real for you now. She can give you so much of your soul, a kind of reflection back to you that is your soul–all that you have known, all you have experienced in your life. It can be overwhelming in the most wonderful sense. Reflecting your soul is part of her purpose, because this is what you have been giving her. Not only is she giving you all that she does, but by sharing your life with her, this is her greatest delight, as well as Michael’s and mine. We have our children within us, sharing their lives with us, and now you are doing it so much more consciously. This is definitely like the frosting on a cake, the cake being her angelic epiphany of your actual life.

But to be aware of the spiritual community–the spiritual presences–and beyond what she is, who she is, and the fact that a lot of who she is, is what you have given her: this is the sharing, the marvelous, marvelous aspect of deity, of what is divine. Be in my love, dear one. I’m so happy you are making better contact now that you are still alive in this life of yours.

Questioner #2: Thank you.

NEBADONIA:  Well, my dears, if there are no more questions or comments, I would like give you a little something to hang on to in this stillness I talked about this evening. It’s to help you keep awake rather than drifting off into only half-conscious daydreaming, or just memories. There is such a total difference in being consciously aware of reliving moments of your life as your soul comes forth, and memories or daydreaming, which is falling into a kind of half-consciousness.

 To keep from drifting away

This is by taking on an activity that will seem a bit obtrusive at first. I am talking about counting your breaths up to ten, and then again. What this enables you to do is, first of all, start being aware of your breathing. Then you can achieve the marvelous consciousness of, all of a sudden, being aware that you are fully experiencing your body. You can feel yourself breathing in and out, and yet it is being totally controlled, not by your personality, but by your whole physiological being.

This way, if you suddenly find yourself counting fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, you know you have lapsed off a bit. Your consciousness has relaxed into a mere habit and you are losing contact with here and now. Or if you are suddenly not sure if this next breath is number five, or six, or seven, you simply start again. Even this is an ability–to not get all flustered because you have been drifting off somewhere, but simply start again. Also, as you breathe in, as you take in the oxygen for your body, is when you think, one, then two, then three; and so forth.

This way, if you find yourself counting the exhales instead, it is another little reminder to let you know when you are slipping away and not being fully conscious. You can find it very quickly. You can get this ability to have that counting going on, for this keeps you in touch with something that is here-and-now—your living body– whether your personality is drifting in and out, or not.

This meditation lets you know that. It is paying respect to the fact that your body and this breathing of yours are in reality. Your body is persisting by all the chemical and physics laws of life itself. Being aware of your breathing helps you stay in touch with the God-given continuity of your physical being.

Now you will find in short order that your thoughts will be parallel with this greater awareness, generally without forcing them, or trying to hold your mind a blank, or worrying; because you are still thinking. As long as you are conscious you will still be thinking; unless you are transmitting/receiving. This meditation is a way in which you can get the ability to be as detached with your own thoughts as you are with your breathing. You become hyper-aware of them because you are keeping this heightened continuity of thought by letting it be. Now you can let your own greater mind suggest things to you.

 The need for reflection

For those of you who have come to this point in your life with little reflection–without reflecting much on what you have been doing–this may be a bit overwhelming at first. You might spend weeks and months hyper-consciously reviewing your life, having things come up out of your soul that may or may not be very disturbing. But this is what your body, and your mind, and your soul want to say to you–all the things you may have been denying for years–all the pain you may have experienced before, all the uncertainties, all the fear, and all the loss. All these things are normally considered so painful, but they are a part of your soul. This is what you have done and what you have experienced.

To get in touch with your own soul while still in this life? To have a feeling of what God himself is co-creating as you go along? This too can be a way of meeting and getting to know your deepest self. To do this without prejudice–without pre-judging–while wading through all the pain and uncertainty and fearfulness that have been part of your life? You will be bringing these into the full consciousness of your now older, more mature, more aware, more highly present self so you can finally deal with them. So now you have them rather than their continuing to have you. So: another good reason to practice this stillness. Let come forth whatever will, unafraid.

 To keep opening forever

Yes, you may experience fear, pain, and sorrow, but be unafraid. This might be a high mountain for you to climb, but then you will have earned the perspective and the view. These are spiritual things, things not only of meaning but also of value. Practice meditating every morning if you can, and little mini-meditations throughout the day. For this is something, my dear ones, you will be doing forever. Forever you will be doing your best to open yourself simply to what is next. What is happening now, not only all around me, but right within me? What is all of me–my body, my mind and my soul: what do they have to say to me?

This is the intermediate step if you will. You have to wade through all of this. You may need to so intensely speak to yourself before you can begin to transmit us. So let me close with a final tease, a final invitation, and reaffirm: you are a spiritual being. Your personality–as your Urantia Book mentions a number of times–is able to have this direct contact.

Yet sometimes you have to kind-of get through yourself, and get beyond yourself, to open yourself to all that is not you. Now please stay on the line after I stop. Jerry does want to give you a few tips on how he came to be doing this. Good evening, my dear ones. This is your Mother Spirit bidding you to be in my love. Feel it if you can. Spread it abroad. Good night.

 One person’s initiation

Jerry: Hi, everybody. This is Jerry again. I wanted to mention briefly that I sat with Donna for almost four years, every week sitting side by side with Donna D’Angelo. She kept encouraging us to try transmitting/receiving, but I didn’t think I could do it either. But one thing I did do for a number of months; I sat down and started writing.

It’s funny because my terrible handwriting started getting better. I had a wonderful teacher, not a seraphim, but another order of being who never quite clarified the point. He was a male being whose name came to me the next day while I was on my lunch break. He’d say, through my writing, “Hello Jerry. This is your lesson for today about how to be receptive of another personality.” I still have the lessons around somewhere, about a hundred legal-size pages.

I would write two or three pages every day. I would sit down and have another being coming through me, giving me lessons. It was nothing I did overnight; it took me a couple of months. I’d practice. Then it seemed all of a sudden Donna left for Oakland and I had her group around me, five or six people. So this is another exercise you can try–journaling. Good-bye everybody. Thank you all for being here, and being the occasion.

Questioner #2: Thank you, Jerry.

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