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LLN448- Gerdean’s Retirement

2014-07-03-Gerdean’s Retirement
Lightline #448


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Gerdean’s Retirement
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nebadonia, Midwayer Jack, Merium
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Gerdean’s Retirement
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Nebadonia, Midwayer Jack, Merium
TR: Gerdean


I’ll start off with a little founding prayer.
Prayer: Father God and Mother Spirit, and this is Gerdean speaking, praying as a voice for all of us who gather here in the Light Line Conference, which is, for the record, the day before the 4th of July, so it’s the 3rd of July, 2014. I’m going to ask for Your help this evening to do what must be done, to say what must be said. But I want to hear from You, we need to hear from You, which is why we come here regularly and faithfully, seeking succor from Your lips and strength from Your being. Let me move over then and let someone speak on our behalf. Send us a voice that we can trust. And thank You so much for all the blessings that You offer and the life that You’ve given. Amen.


NEBADONIA: I’m coming to greet you this evening. This is your Mother, the Divine Minister, lovingly known to you, by you, as “Nebadonia.” Perhaps it could be said that I come to encourage you to play safely on this most dynamic holiday in which you celebrate your independence as a nation and yet also as individuals. One cannot ponder the concept of independence without taking at least a cursory look at the independence of the individual. There are many lessons in the archives from sundry teachers discussing the merits of independence. I will not go into that, except to remind you that it is through your own independent will that God’s will is done in your life. You’ll make the choices. You’ll set the standards for your own behavior.

Your independent will, when it is aligned with divine will, is like they say in the song, “Love makes the world go round.” Thus, if you opt to love and look to God as love, you will be guided in your actions and your contributions, it will not take long for people to see whether you are acting independently or simply acting out. I have no judgment to offer you today on that score. That is not my job anyway.
I speak on this evening with a piece of news as it were. It has little to do with the universe. It has nothing to do with Monjoronson or any other entities arriving. It has to do with our own beloved Gerdean, who would not step down of her own accord. But we are taking her out. We are retiring her.

She has served long and well. We are helping her with the effort involved in transitioning from this life to the next. Her mind is not completely stable, not only because of the many medications she is on, but because she has one foot in this world and one foot in the next, as it were, which makes it difficult to carry on a thought that holds water. The truth is, she would probably rally to the occasion, but this is why I say we are taking her out, and humility would have her refuse to have undue attention focused on her circumstances. She is unwell with a lung disease, and her ego has never been one to call attention to itself. Rather like the Spirit of Truth that calls attention to Michael, she is a kingdom-builder, and we are well pleased.

Perhaps inasmuch as this is the last opportunity, you might ask questions of her, curiosity questions about her history with the teaching mission or those years before in which she learned much about the art from her first husband who introduced her to Midwayer Jack and the many entities from on high who paved the way for this medium to come into existence.

0802-AB-JACK:  here. I’ll take Mother off the hook and play and seek. It is a role I used to play back in the ‘60s when this early group gathered together to learn about the possibility of communicating with incorporeal entities, such as those I used to bring in. I used to have to ask permission. Now, the door swings wide open to virtually anyone who has a notion to come and visit. This is progress. And more progress will be made, no doubt. Each generation experiencing its own fireworks, its own excitement and celebration to discover the relationship that we enjoy.

Yes, I met Gerdean long ago, 1968, and we have together seen much evolution unfold. I will miss our interaction. I will miss Gerdean, for, as you know, I will be here for some time until we Midwayers are released to ascend. I know Gerdean’s dedication to our goal and appreciate the thoughtfulness that contributes to urging her to work not just for herself and not just for her fellows in the flesh, but for those of us Midwayers who are here and will be here for a long time to come.

Perhaps, Gerdean, you will think to look at the records and see how we are faring here on Urantia when you get there. I can feel this great emotional groundswell as my associates in the Teacher Corps: Tomas, Merium, Paulo, and the many associates we have served through these many years are looking in on this moment, this historic moment, but I will not allow it to become maudlin or overly sentimental. Are there any questions?


Eva: Yes, hi, Gerdean. This is Eva. How are you dear?

Gerdean: I’m plugged in right now. I can’t —

Eva: Yeah.

Gerdean: I am fine. What can I say?

Eva: Yes, dear, I understand. I’m — well, it seems we’re saying goodbye to you. I seem to have come in on the halfway mark and missed that we’re saying goodbye to you, is that correct?

MERIUM: : This is very likely Gerdean’s last transmission on Light Line.

Eva: Yes. Thank you.

MERIUM: : There may be occasion now and then that presents itself as appropriate, but as for a scheduled task, we are retiring her.

Eva: Yes.

MERIUM: : She doesn’t need to work hard on our behalf. There are others. In fact, this may be an occasion that will inspire others to step forth, to step forward. What is it they say? When one door closes, another opens.

Eva: Opens. Helen Keller, yes.

MERIUM: : And so perhaps there are 20 other T/R’s out there waiting to come in and pick up where Gerdean is leaving off.

Eva: Yes. If you find me worthy, tap into me. It’s up to you guys. May I ask a question?

MERIUM: : Yes.

Eva: Thank you. I’d like to touch on [[ 2014-06-05-Lightline TeaM|Merium’s lesson last week]] that we aren’t spirit when we arrive here. I use the phrase “spirit contact” here, and she was very clear that, of course, that is much later. The adjutant circuit, the energy is first, our first, the adjutant spirits. But I just read a plausible account of a woman who decided to terminate, tragically terminate her pregnancy due to chromosomal defects that were conveyed to her, and for the child-to-be, and she saw a puff of a cloud, the way she described it, leave her body and pass through the hospital wall and head for the heavens as she passed out due to a pre-op procedure.

She was convinced this was the spirit of her baby, but last month, Merium explained we don’t have spirit contact until we’ve more or less earned it through a moral decision, which the Urantia is clear about. Was this puffed, and she sounds, as I say, plausible, likely the energy circuit and not a spirit of an adjutant spirit meeting?

MERIUM: : At that stage of the game, there’s nothing there but potential. And she opted to close out the potential.

Eva: Yeah.

MERIUM: : And yet there was life.

Eva: It was life.

MERIUM: : There’s a difference between life and spirit. Your issue has more to do with personality and the eternal nature of life everlasting.

Eva: Mmm hmm.

MERIUM: : The authors of the text indicate they see humans as spirit beings, whereas we see us humans as finite beings. And obviously, the perspective is one that comes from a natural point of view. There is also the fact that those who are born are not assured of eternal life until such time as they have adequately developed the soul, which does have potential to live eternally. But before that development is made, there are no guarantees.

After a certain point, you can be seen as spirit in a body but not right away. This is why all this hesitation and fascination with that range of life that goes on between conception and the age of emancipation, it goes to discussing and explaining the necessity for each soul to make an independent decision, and if they are not able to make an independent decision, their future depends upon their parental creators.

Eva: Right. Mmm hmm.

MERIUM: : It is common knowledge, however, and you may rest assured, that every opportunity is made for everyone to survive.

Eva: Mmm hmm. Right.

MERIUM: : The Father is not willing to let anyone be lost. That does not mean that certain lessons must not be learned. There are no shortcuts. God is no respecter of persons. There are certain rules that are set in place that are there for a reason. So, your question is, what was that?

Eva: Well, I wanted to know —

MERIUM: : Both that went.

Eva: — if she actually did see something. I know it couldn’t be spirit. I was wondering was it energy? Was it something she was projecting? I guess if we want something badly enough, we’ll see it. Maybe she was saying goodbye by visualizing something, but, yeah, it just doesn’t seem possible that a full-grown little spirit could have left her body at that point. It was pre-infant, so.

MERIUM: : Even if it were spirit, it would not be fully grown at that point.

Eva: Right.

MERIUM: : Souls are developed.

Eva: Mmm hmm. Right.

MERIUM: : There is work involved. You must make an effort. Everyone must make an effort — independent efforts daily — to cultivate this, which will become spirit. Even throughout the many years in the Urantia world, you are not spirit.

Eva: Right.

MERIUM: : You are potential.

Eva: Potential.

MERIUM: : I understand too that it is not your job to fret about whether you are here or there, whether you are ready or not. That’s not your job to worry about. You are not qualified to rate your own potential beyond that which comes from a natural and wholesome reflection on your actions or inactions in certain circumstances. This is part of your growth—understanding where you could have served and didn’t. Where you had no visible choice, no obvious direction, is a case study in each instance. That is not for you to determine. There are agencies far higher than you whose job it is to judge your behaviors based upon your background. Why would you act that way, or why would you not? Because everyone has conditioning. Everyone has a background. And so that needs to be factored in. You are not able to judge yourself, aside from a wholesome review and determination that, given the opportunity, you might have done better.

And that’s without over much chiding yourself. You are free to advance in full faith that you are being guided, and that your soul is being expanded. This is what it is to allow your will to learn to do the Father’s will. How it is that you learn to work together.

I heard you say something earlier that caught my attention. I was concerned that you might have a mis-perception. I am not sure, however, that I can repeat it or reiterate my concern. But it has to do with independence. The only thing you can do independent of God is choose. Your job is to decide to choose. That is something you do in and of and for yourself. But the rubber meets the road when you choose to do what God would have you do, when your will sees the divine will as the better way, not because you will be punished, but because it is the right thing to do.

This coordinating of your will and God’s will is the task of a lifetime such that, eventually, you and God are doing the divine will in sync. This is the foundation for fusion. As you set about to do this for yourself, the energy that you perpetuate, that you give off, has an effect on your environment and on others, whether you are aware of it or not, whether they are aware of it or not.

Eva: Thank you. I don’t have any thought that we do anything independent from God. Nothing at all. I have one more question. My mom just passed away, and I wonder whether after the first visit with our loved ones in Urantia, will she have at her disposal the ability after she has that wonderful reunion in her new busy life to visit again and again, not just once but now and again? Will we have the ability to do that, all of us?

MERIUM: : Yes, there are periodic visits, depending upon the itinerary they establish with you, for you. As far as your lessons go, we’ll continue learning on high. You will have work to do, tasks to perform, assignments. It’s a busy place. And occasionally, there may be time to simply visit, and there may be time to work together, to take a class together.

Eva: May.

MERIUM: : This will be based on their wisdom. There is a lot I had that will call for letting go of what you would like for what is the best course to take. But those subtleties are in your future. Today is your immediate task. As such, you live in the moment — the eternal now, as they call it. And life thereby is fresh, not only every day, but every moment, if for no other reason than because you have more decisions to make. And all of these decisions contribute to kingdom-building. This has been Merium.

Eva: Oh, Merium!

MERIUM: : — speaking.

Eva: Oh, it’s you. It didn’t get that. Oh, awesome.

MERIUM: : Awesome —

Eva: I love you, Merium.

MERIUM: : — of you to ask —

Eva: Yeah.

MERIUM: : — me to clarify something I said for your thinking processes.

Eva: Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate you very much. And I appreciate Gerdean very much.

MERIUM: I am happy to report that Gerdean’s many, many hours in session with me are online in one form or another. And so, my sermonettes are part of your culture and will not be lost.

Eva: Nope.

MERIUM: Thank you.

Eva: Thank you. I read very often the transcripts, and I look forward to reading them again. Thank you very much.

0802-AB-JACK: Anything else?


Jerry: Yes, Jack, I’d like to thank you and thank all the personal beings that have graced our dear sister with your presences and all these happy, happy hours you two have shared, all of you have shared with Gerdean. Thank you all very much for being this part of her life and showing us what a true bridge looks like and feels like. Thank you, Gerdean, for being the other end of that bridge and being the living anchor for all of them. You blazed a trail, all of you, and given us the opportunity to know that same joy ourselves.

0802-AB-JACK: Thank you, brother, cousin.

Gary: Yes, this is Gary. I just wanted a second from Jerry, but I’ve been part of this I guess a couple years, and I really appreciate Gerdean and all the help.

0802-AB-JACK: Gerdean has paid her dues. You did not know her when she was a young person. She kept her angels busy keeping her alive and safe. She was a radical risk-taker, and much of her life is not made public simply because it would detract from her value, unfortunately.

Gary: Well, none of us start out perfect, Gerdean, but you’re about as close to perfect a person that I’ve met.

Jerry: And when the ends are so beautiful, how can we question too deeply the mystery of the means?

0802-AB-JACK:  I agree. But it does stand out to the immature mind that it’s okay to do such things, and it really isn’t. There are many things that people do because other people do it. That is not independent thinking. There is a lot of reacting, bouncing off the walls, howling at the moon. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll are a great way of life to those who are involved, but there are prices to pay, and in this case, thanks to an experienced Thought Adjuster and a sincere heart, we have salvaged this soul and are grateful for her dedication to atoning for her shortcomings in order to be everything she can be, in order to serve the Master, who has salvaged her. It’s a love story. It’s a privilege to be a part of such a love story.

Jerry: And it’s been a privilege just knowing you, Gerdean. Knowing that we all go through a lot of different things in life, but you’ve overcome themselves.

Gerdean: Yes.

Jerry: My congratulations to you for sure. And I appreciate everything that you helped me with.

0802-AB-JACK:  Let us be on our way. Later!

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