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LLN449- Exploring Opportunities

2014-07-10-Exploring Opportunities
Lightline #449


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Exploring Opportunities
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM, N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Exploring Opportunities
Group: Lightline TeaM, N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Charles
TR: Mark Rogers


Mark: We would like to pay tribute to our own Gerdean O’Dell who after many years of t/ring and transcribing in various groups and here for Lightline has had to withdraw from these activities due to health considerations. We dedicate this session to her, thank you Gerdean from all of us.

Prayer: Divine Parents, I petition you at this time to come forward and position yourselves in our circle, to install yourselves in the energy field that we create here today, as if you are not already, but merely that we may more fully recognize your presence and participation in our process. That process as you well know, is to approach you, is to come closer to you through our actions, through our petitions, through our desire to be close to you in this process. It is truly the desire that is under all other desires, to be close to you, our Divine Parents.

I would like to step forward at this time and offer my mortal gratitude and recognition to my partner in this process, my comrade and associate throughout this spiritual journey that we have been on, my friend Gerdean. I understand that her service has been long and enduring in this process, truly remarkable and that I admire and respect this beyond words and I know that you do too Divine Parents. I know that she is in your heart just as she is in mine and that you are regarding her with fondness and kindness as I regard her. That she has so well served the Mission is an inspiration. Truly I wish to serve as well as she has.

I know she is this child in whom you are well pleased. She is my friend in who I am well pleased and I would recognize her steadfast and dedicated service at this time. If there was a plaque or a memorial or any mode of recognition, I would offer her that at this time, but rather I think we should go for the immortal recognition of her time served on Urantia in dedication to your service. Truly that is a greater tribute to her service, her devotion, her loyalty to your cause. No one could ask any more of a servant of the realm than she has freely given. And so I ask to be more like that, to follow in her footsteps in my devotion and my steadfastness. Thank you for the example of my sister Gerdean. Her inspiration will always guide me and I will always have her close to me in my heart as you will Divine Parents and in this joy, this gift of grace we share in common, thank you. We are gifts of grace to each other and she is truly one which I will cherish, which I do cherish.

Also Divine Parents, as you well know, many of us have been involved for some time in upholding this new experiment of spiritual outreach referred to as the Teaching Mission and specifically this gathering, the Lightline. It was born out of the same desire to serve, to be steadfast, to be true to our desire to serve insofar as we saw a need and would step forward in your service. We have showed up Divine Parents, we have been devout in our cause, steadfast in our application, all in the belief, the hope and the desire that it would be pleasing in your sight. I pray that it has been. I would not be able to proceed forward if I did not believe it has been.

I thank you for the opportunity that this has provided to us all, to step up to the plate and to take the cup of service that is offered in such times, to drink this cup and to feel nourished by our desire to serve coming full circle, to be given the opportunity, provided the chance. Certainly we are glad to invest ourselves, step up to the plate, show up and get the job done but all of us will witness to you Divine Parents, that we have been the recipients of these gifts of grace as much as we have been your emissaries in this regard. Thank you for this opportunity, this chance, both to see a need and to have the strength, the will and the desire to step forward in genuine attempts to fill the need. Now we are at the transition, yet another one. We seek your guidance and your blessing in this process for we know not where to go or what to do.

In the absence of any other direction we might continue in the same way but we are open to your inspiration and your leading that may direct us in a new way, perhaps more fruitful, perhaps more serving of the need, more effective in the use of our energies. Whatever it is Divine Parents, let it be shown that we, your children, trust you as we have. As we have demonstrated to you, we have walked into the darkness and it has been illuminated by your grace. So much as has been the case for us, that we have grown to trust your dedication and your influence in our efforts, so much so that we would strike out again. We would not seek the shelter of the defined and the well lit that we have built in this process, but rather we will accept your invitation to move forward in an as yet unknown direction, in the direction of the dark but we bring our light and your light and we have transformed the darkness before as we call you to witness. So shall we move forward again and transform the darkness again. Let us have the courage and the strength, emboldened by our faith, to move forward in the direction of your leading.

We have come to know you enough to know that we are secure in whatever direction we might move. So let us be bold, let us be certain in our security with you, our Divine Parents. In liaison with you, certainly all things are possible. Why then would we fear or doubt? But those are words; we seek conviction of the heart. Bring that to us as we reach for it; as we are in need of it, help us find it. Certainly your gifts of grace are bountiful and our desire to approach you is our gift of grace in return. Let us make it so even now, even in this hour, in this moment, in this life. All we seek is to be pleasing in your sight. Help us to make it so, even now. Thank you Divine Parents.


CHARLES:   Yes, I am here, my name is Charles and I very much appreciate you carving this window of opportunity for me to come forward at this time. Frankly I have very little to offer to what was such a heartfelt petition other than to add my support and my agreement to the sentiments offered. I understand that this process, that this entire experience for all of you involved, has been a real stretch, a real reach on your part to expand beyond your routine capacities and make a place where you can accommodate a larger dimension, actually a larger aspect of yourself.

But this is part of the opportunity provided, the exercise offered, that you can stretch yourselves and become increased in the process. This is the grace of which you speak. These opportunities that are here for you in this life are truly gifts of grace. It is not required that you take them, they are merely offered on your behalf. Those who choose to take them and adopt them and experience them are expanded and actually have a new dimension. Each one of you will call to witness in your own lives that you have been changed, expanded and grown to a new level by your willingness to simply take this gift of grace. It is not without effort, it is not bestowed upon you unbeknownst to you, rather it is a partnership. There is a potential for grace and there is the one who must accept this potential for grace. It is truly a combined effort.

There is a quote familiar that “no pint can contain a quart.” So what does one do? One can expand themself, have the capacity of a quart so that you can contain it. This is done through your spiritual efforts. It is not forced upon you or made to happen, it is simply an option that is there for you to choose. And having chosen it and having applied yourselves, you find that you have expanded, that your abilities as a receptacle have been increased and now more can be added unto you. This is the reoccurring process of your eternal career, to move forward in leaps and bounds by expanding your capacity to do so. By becoming a different person than you were before, a person with greater capacities, a soul with greater dimensions, each time you do this the universe delights to be able to fill up the new vessel, the new you with even more spiritual truths and reality.

In this way you proceed to grow and grow and be filled and filled through these acts of grace which you choose to enact, you choose to accept, in the end, you choose to be. This grand gift of grace, your eternal career, is marked by these occasions of you accepting more and more and each time your acceptance brings with it more territory, new expansions for you then to cover and experience and populate with yourselves.

Such is the design that we witness and that you are a part of and you participate in. Such is this gift from on high of which you are a part, a part of the gigantic enterprise, a piece of the whole. As such, you have the characteristics of the whole, the potential of the whole, the traits of the whole, it is merely for you to expand enough to express these traits, become these traits, manifest this next level of reality and truth and beauty and goodness as you are so ready and as your capacities so allow. That’s all there is to it, step by step, choice by choice, expansion, creativity, growth, this is your career and it is a pleasure to join you at this time to be with you at this juncture, to share with you this rung on the ladder, this step on the path. It is all so fleeting and so temporary and yet there are aspects of it which are so meaningful and so permanent.


CHARLES:   Thank you for the opportunity to join you in this solemn meeting, in this board meeting of those who will move forward, who will make the choices and decisions and implement the direction. It is my pleasure to take a place around the table with you to offer my contribution but you have my support, your Divine Parents give you their support. You have the support of the universe behind you so be bold and move forward in the process. I will be there along the way as a comrade. Thank you for this opportunity to join you. I now bid you all farewell until next time, good day to you all.

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