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LLN451- Building Circuits & Healing

2014-08-07-Building Circuits & Healing
Lightline #451


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Building Circuits & Healing
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Building Circuits & Healing
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Charles
TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Thank you for showing up tonight around the circle. By doing so you bring your energy, you contribute your life force to this circuit that we form here now, together, this circle of all of us. This becomes a circuit of all of us when we gather together and contribute our life energy and promote and create this circuit. I am in gratitude for that, that there are other fellow beings like myself who like to get together and create such a circuit and use it as the creators that we are. I am grateful for the participants that come together and donate this gift of energy, thank you. Literally without you, without us, such a circuit ceases to exist.

So thank you all for helping me form this one at this hour, at this time. Thank you to our Divine Parents always and forever for the grace that this opportunity represents, the chance to come together, the opportunity in this life to come together and form this circuit and employ it for our benefit. We understand Divine Parents, that in coming together to do this, we are really seeking to approach you in this process, to become nearer to you, nearer to divinity, nearer to you our family.

We desire to approach you and use this method at this time. So we invite you to join with us as one of us around this circle, as one of us that contributes to this circuit of energy. We invite you to contribute with us, to join us in the process, to form this bridge that we may use to approach you. Help us to do this now, even in this hour as it is our desire, represents our desire to come towards you. Let it be so, even now, thank you. Having positioned ourselves, we are now going to shove off into the spiritual waterway in our little raft together and make our way across.


CHARLES:   Greetings friends, I would approach you with my own vessel and meet you partway, I am Charles. I understand and appreciate with you that we do this of our own free will and our own efforts, that we approach each other because it is our desire to do so, our desire to explore these dimensions in which we overlap and come together in this way, I from my side of the river and you from yours. We embark on this journey in faith that we will be okay, that we will meet with success, that it will be a beneficial journey for us and we are everlastingly rewarded with the gift of our effort. This encounter we share even in this moment is only made possible by our efforts to make it so, to create the opportunity and let it fill with the potential that exists.

This is what the spiritual pursuit is, to strike out in faith, hoping, even knowing that you will be safe and sound, that the journey will have many rewards and that this striking out in exploration of new dimensions represents the finest aspect of being a creative being. This is a glorious acknowledgement of the game, a taking up the gauntlet, deciding to move forward in your efforts for greater understanding, greater awareness, even greater purpose, all these things are out there to be discovered and found.

Each one of you are the discoverers, the adventurers in the process, striking out in faith and moving forward with the momentum of your effort. As you move forward you are all becoming sensitive to the fact that you may be steered and guided in the process, that while putting the effort out there, you may still remain open and willing to the direction.

This is the avenue in which you express and build your faith and such an avenue will never be more profoundly available to you than this avenue you experience as a mortal of the realm, for you must not only develop your faith and grow your faith but you must lean on it and use it to propel you. That is the great gift of grace that this opportunity represents for you as a mortal. Such fertile grounds to exercise your faith, to build it, test it, try it, use it because in this arena there is no conviction and certainty that it will work, that it exists, or that it can be counted on routinely. This is what you are developing in this life, this experience that these things are so.

The more practice you get, the more experience you gain to yourselves. The more you are willing to trust in this faith, the more you are willing to lean on it in the process. But until you have some you may be hesitant to use some. Until you know of it in your own personal experience you may be unwilling to count on it in the theoretical sense. And so this life provides you abundant opportunities to test this theory, to try it for yourself, to learn that there is a little voice that you can ask, to learn that this guidance always seems to be the right one, to become comfortable and familiar with how the process works, of expanding that aspect of yourself, that spiritual component and becoming not only familiar but comfortable with this aspect of yourself, this part of your being.

It is a great pleasure to join a circle with those who have dedicated themselves to expanding their beings, to go where truth may lead them and to embrace new realities and expand accordingly. This is all that can be asked of any developing being, to be willing to expand as the process and the individual so allow.

I understand there is a question on the floor tonight regarding how to be more at peace or at one with the phenomenon of healing. To this question I would like to utilize some thought patterns in my host. Imagine perfect health, there is a pattern that exists. It is the divine pattern of perfection, perfection equals health. Where there is divine pattern represented there is health. The lack of health or the dis-ease of the human vehicle represents the degree away from divine pattern the vehicle has come. It may be due to injury or accident or illness but for whatever reason, the vehicle has either been damaged or transformed away from divine pattern, away from the original and pure and good state which was intended, which was imagined, much as you imagine this meeting here tonight.

The same creative prerogative is used in your creation. You are a pure thought that is navigating its existence in an impure environment and therefore you are shifted and changed by the effects of your environment on this potentially pure pattern. But as your environment in your life takes its toll on your vehicle, it is separated from its divine pattern and represents a combination of pattern and environment.

So, in terms of healing, there are of course, physical aspects. One must pay attention to the needs of the vehicle and affect repairs as prudent in the circumstance; set the broken bone, remove the bad tooth, apply compress to the wounds. Those are examples of material applications, of addressing the needs of the vehicle. All those are prudent and wise actions to take as a responsible vehicle owner. I think this question refers to the spiritual component of healing and I would address that now.

If it is true that the problem with any vehicle may be represented by the degree it varies from the divine pattern, is it not then prudent and wise to spend whatever creative energies and prerogatives you wield in the direction of envisioning divine pattern once again reestablished in the vehicle of the host? When you want to assist with another’s healing by use of the direction of your energetic field, it may be most successfully administered if you consider imposing on the equation the overlay of divine pattern on the individual involved. See them as a step or two closer to perfection, that’s all it might take. See them as closer to the original thought pattern that divinity had for this creation, the perfect circumstance envisioned by the Creator, the ideal condition that exists and which you would see encompassing the individual in question.

In this way you go far beyond the attempting to manipulate the specific wound or injury or affected area and instead envision the greater good, the whole, the total, the coming together of divine pattern and material representation, the unity of perfection and the time space creature. Since you are not that far away, since time is only one of your illusions, you are not that far away from perfected states of being. So envision this state, this condition, this property as being your right in this time as well as it will be in future times. Envision this divine state of being as suitable even for your remote location.

If you are able to do this then you bring the energy of divine pattern into your immediate circuit, your immediate circle of influence and such things bring with them their own states of being, their own conditions of survival. So this is the recommendation I would offer to you if you are going to engage in healing activities. This may be a worthy pursuit for you to direct your energies down this course and to embrace the fact that healing always happens. It may be delayed, we may not understand it, see it or be able to participate in it, but healing is a grace universally bestowed.

It will occur, it is a matter of timing, it’s a matter of distance away from divine pattern. The closer you can be to divine pattern, the less distance between you, the more this happens observably. Otherwise you must take it on faith, much as you have arrived here this evening, on faith. You must have a belief beyond the practical world, you must exercise your faith and put your trust in the truth of your beliefs.

When you do this, you will all witness, you come away changed, expanded, grown as a result of your efforts. I join with you for this exercise session where we all have gained a little bit more faith muscles to be exercised and used. It’s a joy to have such a workout with you, go to the gym together with this process in mind. I thank you all for your contribution to this circle, the energy that you bring into the equation. It is truly a pleasure to join with fellow seekers as we explore the parameters of spirit and what is possible, what is potential and what we decide we will do.


CHARLES:  Thank you for the opportunity to address you. I bid you all have a good week and will return at our next meeting. I am Charles, farewell.

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