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LLN452- Infinity of Spontaneity

2014-08-21-Infinity of Spontaneity
Lightline #452


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Creativity, the Infinity of Spontaneity
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Creativity, the Infinity of Spontaneity
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Michael


This is Jerry Lane transmitting Michael on his birthday, August 21–a few years after that actual birthday–more than 2014 of them ago.


We welcome and honor you and–through you as you are the conduit–our Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit. We have come to understand through your lessons they are not only personal beings, but dimensions of spirit that surround us. They, and the Master Spirits of Paradise, these inconceivably gigantic personal beings, are also spiritual dimensions that we literally live within. It may be many, many years before we can actually detect their presence, but we thank them for the quality of our lives, irrespective of whether or not we can directly sense them.

We thank all personal beings who are our fore-fathers and fore-mothers, also ancient beyond comprehension, yet here, now, and present. We do sense in our deep spiritual blessing of humility, sometimes, an unfathomable ocean of meaning and value that literally makes our day-to-day lives worthwhile. So we thank these personal spiritual beings, and hope we can someday recognize in each other our wonderful personalities–these individual personal beings that each of us are blessed to be, and to perceive in each other. Thank you so much–Amen.


MICHAEL:  Good evening everybody, this is Michael. Happy Birthday to me! From the perspective of Mother Spirit and myself, what is for you–feeling my human birth was a long time ago, yet is for us–it was just yesterday. My whole human life I lived among you is, because of our transcendence of time and space–as you experience it, for us so immediate. This transcendence is a blessing that awaits you all, and you will someday earn it. As a matter of fact, you are literally earning it now, just what time and space means; then to have that expand so enormously in your lives to come

 Creativity—the infinity of spontaneity

This is another great gift of our Father that, for you especially, comes just one tiny little step at a time. But since these steps are endless in eternity, and as Mother Spirit taught so recently, there is no end to them–both in God’s creativity and in your own creativity–your own individual, personal creativity is also called the infinity of spontaneity. This is how you are in God’s image. You yourselves have this personality–this personable-ness, this personhood–out of which you can bring forth something that is independent in time and space from all that went before it.

This is the great power of creativity. You’re not merely locked into the impersonal cause-and-effect continuity that also ties time and space together, but right within this dimension of all that is continuing, in this whole physical universe all around you, right within this are all the trillions of trillions of personal beings. They are all out there. They are real, and it staggers your imagination that all these personal beings are themselves creating and adding to that dimension of deity we call the Supreme Being–the living totality of Reality, of a Universal Soul if you will, of all of time and space, and all the personal, creative beings in it.

This is truly what is happening, all this individual creativity. This is what Mother Spirit spoke on so deeply the last time she visited you this way–this thing of individuality and how, on an evolutionary planet such as Urantia–such as all the evolutionary planets–how this individuality and unique creativity is a flowering of civilization. As she pointed out, in the early days, and for you, this means hundreds of thousands of years now, the slow evolution of civilization and this flowering of individual expression.

 The flowering of individual expression

MICHAEL:  It is something that comes about only after a long time of rigidly enforced tribal uniformity, even with tribal markings that were so painfully cut into people’s bodies. Still, today there are governments and groups of people that enforce the most rigid kind of personality expression just for that uniformity of control. Each group sees as necessary for its survival, to allow only so much expression.

It takes a very strong group that can allow a greater freedom, when each member is not so anxious about their own identity that they need to suppress that of others. So this flowering of individual expression comes about through strength and the spiritual generosity that we have spoken of so much.

It is where each individual delights in seeing others’ unique expressions. True enough, in your more advanced democracies this may get all the way to the extremes of silliness–pure silly behavior. But even this is such a welcome, wonderful thing compared to the suppression that goes on. So it takes strong, self-confident individuals to not only allow this freedom, but to welcome it.

Another aspect you can see today, still held over from very ancient times, is any behavior that has to be hidden. For in all forms of human associations, transparency is such a blessing, and also such a modern, flowering of freedom where each individual is, in a spiritual sense, bare naked to the world in all their social interactions–personally. But this is also true in the small units of government—your cities, your counties, your states.

Especially on a national level this transparency in government is such a blessing. It is the true ground of democracies, the ability of the people to know what is going on. As you are no doubt aware, this can only exist where you have a plurality of viewpoints being openly expressed.

So welcome this, look forward to it, and take it into your own life because, again, as Mother Spirit pointed out, you are each a citizen of a country. It is your civic duty to stay informed of local, national, and even world events so you can have your say in what your representatives do in your name. Again: this can only come about by being open to all points of view–being truly open-minded.

Allow yourselves to be stretched. Seek out and entertain those viewpoints which might even be diametrically opposed to the ones you have come to yourself. Try to understand these other points of view because certainly, beyond all the extreme political rhetoric, there are individuals who see things so differently because of what is in their souls. What was in their experience of life?

This is something we ask of each of you so you can grow your souls more fully. We tease you with the notion of awakening on the Mansion Worlds and shortly afterwards rubbing elbows, so to speak, with beings from other planets whose worldly experiences were so different from your own. Yet today you can meet folks from all levels of civilization as you travel around your own world.

You can see so many levels of the development of democratic institutions and civilizations or, sadly, the lack thereof. Urantia, being devoid of a Planetary Prince and staff, and an Adam and Eve for so many years, so many millennia, it is so extraordinarily varied this way compared to almost all other planets with these spiritual presences right on the surface. So take all this in, my children. Stretch yourselves physically, mentally and spiritually. Stay loose and limber.

 Spiritual generosity

MICHAEL:  Avoid any kind of dogmatic, easy answers that deny individuality to whole groups of people. Because as you live your day-to-day lives, as you yourselves become strong enough and spiritually generous enough to see others as unique individuals, this is what really feeds your souls–all these folks out there you can meet and love. This is the solution to all that plagues your world still, in terms of what Mother Spirit correctly called cultures of cruelty based simply on one’s appearance, or race, or religion; even one’s belief–one’s association with God. People are so unfairly, mindlessly stereotyped, the most terrible, obscene and vicious things are being done.

Really take that word terrorist into your hearts. Let your hearts go out to those for whom that word is a real day-to-day menace. To live in terror–deliberate terror–is something that most of you have to stretch your imaginations to wonder at. Let your hearts go out to these victims, because you have never experienced it–fortunately, wonderfully, have never had to experience it yourselves. Do all you can to be a good citizen of your own government, and support those true and valid organizations that are doing their best to alleviate this suffering. Keep up your prayer and your meditation so as to open your mind to all of this, for this is your world; this is your time. This is what you will carry in your souls forever.


MICHAEL:  Now if you have any comments or questions?

Student: Hello, Michael. Happy Birthday!

MICHAEL: : Thank you.

Student: I love the statement about spiritual generosity. That says so much, and is so easy to do if we stop and think about it.

MICHAEL: : Yes, we like to use the words creative spirit to suggest that part of you that is creative. Spirit is that aspect of not only human reality but, universally, all personal reality that is bringing something new out of all that is materially created and continuing with God’s Natural Law. Still within time and space, something is bursting forth out of personal beings

 Humility leads to overflowing

It means to take care of yourself so well, and have such a wonderful, spiritual blessing of humility, of being aware of so much all around you, that you are overflowing. You just have to give a lot of yourself away. This is the source of your spiritual generosity. Because, as you do look around and open your heart to those poor, suffering souls who are so desperate to see a friendly pair of eyes and a smile, you share that much with them. Open yourselves to that. You will find that magic, wonderful quality of the more you give of yourself, the more you are, and the more you are in all these other souls too, to fill them with some measure of happiness coming from you. So bless you, my dear, for recognizing this.

Student: Michael, it seems there’s an aura of deep concern about your message this evening. Am I right in this?–not foreboding, but concern?

 Being concerned

MICHAEL: : Oh yes, my son, always. Always. That is part of our love. That is why we ask you to join us, Mother Spirit and me, and the spiritual community in which you are a part. Open your heart, and also, to the best of your ability–your response-ability—respond, yourselves, with this concern. Use your creative spirit to wonder: what can I do to help these situations of which I can be aware?

As we have pointed out, there has always been a World Soul. There have always been spiritual beings here with deep concern. Now each of us as well has to put forth the effort it takes to be aware, to be concerned, and use all of our creative spirit to come up with that new thing that can actually help break these repeating cycles of cruelty, deliberate cruelty, just for the power that it gives some.

But to give joy, to give happiness, to share your life with another; rather than deliberately make such a gulf between one person and another because one is deliberately involved in torturing and enjoying the pain that they are inflicting upon that other… It is hard to think of something that is less sharing than that—a more sharper division between two souls than when one is inflicting some despised, painful thing upon another. But to share!–to share your life, to share your joy and happiness, even to share your pain and your accidents–all the things that can happen to folks: to share all this with each other is the exact opposite! And so concern is very much a function of love, and God’s essence of sharing. So thank you, my son, for noticing that.

Student: Yes. Thank you, and Happy Birthday.

MICHAEL: : Be in my peace.

Student: Michael this is _ from North Carolina. When you were talking about concern, I have been deeply grieved and in pain for the world situation today, and the rampant terror that is increasing in the world; and my frustration of not being able to make a difference in the world. I want so much to be able to somehow make things better, yet I am only one person and it seems like things are just getting worse and worse, and I don’t know what to do about it. Thank you.

 Being part of the Spiritual Renaissance

MICHAEL: : Well, my dear, this is where your prayers and your meditation are so important, and so fruitful. If you can spend some time being open, let your own creative spirit come forth and suggest things. We thank you for being aware and keeping up with events, but also keep in mind that, as we have talked about, there has always been a World Soul and a world-wide spiritual community. Yet now, with the growth of world-wide telecommunications, modern technology can help make you aware of what is happening all around. Still it is hard to see what we call the Spiritual Renaissance that is happening, not entirely, but largely through this mass communication that lets people all over the world start to share their experiences. So you can simply be aware of what is happening.

But also keep in mind, my dear, this poor world is so bereft of powerful spiritual beings right on the surface that you could talk to much as I am talking with you now. (Ed: I believe Michael is here referring to a Planetary Prince and an Adam and Eve) Being deprived of this for hundreds of thousands of years that a normal planet of your age would have, you are truly feeling your way along sometimes day to day.

Keep in mind, not necessarily as a relief, but just that thing of: A hallmark of wisdom is a sense of proportion–to what men and women and their children have gone through, all through human history. Because your world is so unique; because it is bereft of these personal spiritual beings right on the planet, in control of evolving a civilization far, far beyond where yours is still.

I am sure your own, what we call spiritual generosity can come up with things that you can do in your own community, if you have the resources to spare. Check out those good, helpful organizations that are doing so much worldwide to alleviate the suffering. As Mother Spirit suggested, be as politically astute as you can be, as a citizen, to help guide your country into those acts and things they do across the borders–diplomatically, militarily, socially–all of these aspects.

Do your best to understand all this and lend your support to what you believe is the best way. This is how you share your life with others, by choosing who and what to support. So go into your prayer and meditation, my dear, and open yourself to your own greater spirit. I think you will find a way to share what you so long to.

Student: Thank you, Michael, thank you.

MICHAEL: Thank you for the concern.

Student: I’m deeply concerned. I’ll try to learn more about political things, which I am totally ignorant of. Thank you.

MICHAEL: : They are your representatives.

Student: They just never made any sense for me, but I will try.

MICHAEL: : Make sure they represent the best in you.

Student: OK

MICHAEL: : Be in my peace. (long pause) Well, my dear ones, I take this very palpable stillness to mean you are truly opening your hearts to allow yourselves to be affected, not only by what I am offering this evening but also, as I say, what your modern communications can bring to you of what is happening in the world.

 Growing democracy

Again, not to ignore one little speck of suffering now, but the world has come through enormous conflagrations, and it is only by the care and concern of each individual that we do have this Spiritual Renaissance happening. This kind of deliberate terrorism is definitely being reduced, yet what is happening now in smaller and smaller areas of the world does give you a glimpse, though, into the real past of this world, clear from the state of small inter-tribal warfare. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of years now this has been going on. But in larger and larger, and more areas of the world now, governments are being democratic and answerable to the highest aspirations of the people, where this kind of deliberate terrorism is seen for what it is.

There is a true revulsion in the human soul against such a loss of freedom. Your very concern, and being involved, is the only way to stop it. For as Mother Spirit said, those who are enjoying the inflicting of pain for what power gives them, do not stop themselves. They literally have to feed on others, and expand to the best of their abilities, because there is no rest in their souls. Don’t forget, the human soul is co-authored by God himself. Every human being will reap all of the true results of what they have done, carried in their souls. So do your best to help stop any kind of injustice, any kind of cruelty, any kind of viciousness, and what you rightfully call terrorism.

 Confronting and understanding terrorism

This is not easy. It is so hard to encompass and confront the very thing which seeks to destroy your open-minded ability to do so, but rather get you to simply re-act out of fear. Be of great heart and spiritual generosity. Open your minds and meditate on what you alone–you personally–you uniquely–can give to this Spiritual Renaissance.

Student: This is __again. I just want to comment it has been my experience that every time that I am aware of people doing harmful things to others, I’ve come to the realization it is very important for me to speak up and confront the hurtful things. When I stand up to it and let them know this is not right, that does seem to make a difference. I think it is very important for me to speak out and let people know that this is not right, and I make it clear to them why it is not right.

It seems like that does have some kind of affect because, like you were saying, they’ll just keep on doing things and can’t stop because they don’t have rest in their souls.
I think it helps to put a thought to it, or at least make them think about what they are doing. That is one thing I really want to be applying in my life every day–standing up and not just allowing things to happen, and not doing anything about them, but as they come into my path, to stand strong, hopefully in the right way to have a positive influence.

MICHAEL: : Yes, my dear, and I definitely thank you for doing so, as long as you do so–within yourself, keeping an open mind to them–you are serving as an example of this wonderful sharing we talked about. To give them this feedback, to help them realize and see themselves as others see them, is so important. This is why it is so necessary to do what you are doing. This is genuinely sharing with them and helping them see the pain and suffering they are causing.

Student: Right.

MICHAEL: : So continue to do so, my dear, as long as you are yourself keeping an open mind and truly sharing with them. By all means, this is what to do on a day-to-day basis.

Student: Yes, it is every day—day-to-day.

MICHAEL: : It is in each community. This is the essence of civilization, of people sharing what others are doing. This is the very opposite thing to what you can see in some parts of the world now, the exact opposite of sharing, doing something to someone else that you definitely would not want done to yourself–the most extreme violation of the Golden Rule.

Student: The more they get away with doing it, the more empowered they feel to continue to do it. That is why it has to be stopped, and the sooner it is confronted, then it will be alleviated and they will stop doing it. But the more they are empowered to continue, the worse it gets.
But I struggle so deeply with what you said about loving your enemy. I just would cry out to you and say I can’t love them because they hurt me so deeply.

I can forgive, but I can’t go into love for them. But I think when you are talking about sharing, that helps me realize what makes them do these hurtful things. Then I can open my heart and mind to love them. It has been many years I have struggled with that, but I hope that I am getting better at comprehending that. I really want the depth of love, even people who can be so cruel, so that hopefully I can make a difference.

MICHAEL: : Well, thank you, my dear. This is the effort it takes.

Student: It is very difficult to go into the depths.

MICHAEL: : Be at peace. Thank you now, and be in my peace


 Opening your heart to share the suffering)

MICHAEL:  Thank you, my dear ones, for opening your hearts to difficulties. As with the last person who spoke here in all humility, it’s realizing that only our Father, only God who is co-author of each soul, can truly see all that made a person who and what they are. In this sense you are not being simple-mindedly judgmental, but making those necessary, humble assessments about what is happening that truly may need to be stopped–not only because it cannot stop itself, but for all of those other, potential victims that need to be spared.

These are the hard things to wrestle with within yourself. That is why it takes great heart. That is why the pain of injury has to be shared to the best of your ability. It is the same as when you attend those who are injured and so beloved by you. You go and visit with them, and you share their pain just by giving them company. So you do your best to support those genuine organizations that do devote their time, and energies, and resources to helping others.
Good evening, my dear ones. I thank you for your concern and your heart–so you do find a measure of my peace. Good evening.

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