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LLN453- Catch & Release

2014-09-04-Catch & Release
Lightline #453


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Catch and Release
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Machiventa, LIGHT
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Catch and Release
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Machiventa, LIGHT
TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Divine Parents, please come and join our circle here. Thank you so much for the will that we all have to gather together in times like this, the choices that we all make to be here now for this, to approach spirit, to approach you our Divine Parents in this way. We trust in your emissaries of light that have been so gracious to us in the demonstration of your grace in this process. Tonight I would ask for a special consideration in that we steer the process a little bit.

I know you like us to make choices and to take charge in this life and so be it. At this time I would like to request a dialog with Machiventa who has not spoken in some time although I trust he’s still a valued member of our community. At this time I would like to ask that he make his voice known among our circle we enjoy here tonight. As well, all the celestials who join our circle, we welcome you. We seek to strengthen our bond and strengthen our avenue of approach to spirit that it creates. Let it be so, even in this moment.

MACHIVENTA:   Hello my friends, as you have suspected, I am not ever very far off from you and following your process. I am the one who you request, Machiventa, and it is my pleasure to be requested, to be thought of by you, such a group of powerful spirit presences.


MACHIVENTA:    I know that you consider that you have been on the spiritual journey for some time now and that in this process you have been privy to a number of devoted teachers as you call them, spirit representatives who have indeed volunteered to come forward and mentor you in this process. This is as per the design we have set in motion. It never was intended for you to have one sole source to contact, one sole spirit representative from the other side for that is not how it works. We are truly a team, we do work together and come together in this process for one common goal, and that goal my friends is you.

You represent to us such opportunity, such options to be chosen when it comes to your spiritual development, that the ground is fertile to plant many seeds and harvest many fruits if we simply stick to the process.

But this process that you have seen, as you will witness, has taken some time. There have been a number of gardeners tending the soil. There have been a number of spirit representatives available to witness the fruits. We are all on the same page and while I may have been more present in the beginning, I certainly have not disappeared from the process, rather we have catalogued and observed the success of the plan that has been instituted. We are ever ready and willing to make changes to improve the success and you are the ones who demonstrate the success to us. You are the ones who live your lives with a more spiritualized tone. You are the ones who reflect and demonstrate the spiritual lessons that we have tendered and you are the ones whose spiritual future is steadily enriched by this process.

Those rewards are great ones that we accept and embrace, the rewards of your growth, the rewards that you demonstrate to us in how you live your lives and how you act in accordance with your spiritualized beliefs. That to us is success and you represent the success to us. It is, in the scenarios of your classroom that you often use, it is the recital at the end of the class which demonstrates you have mastered the technique and you are ready for the next class, the next phase of learning and growing. And so you keep pleasing us, pleasing me in this process for it can be rightly said that I am in the classroom scenario, the headmaster, the one who looks out on all that is transpiring, observing and learning from the process myself.

I understand there is a question on the floor. There is an observation that there appears to be in this time, a significant amount of turmoil or distress or disfunction that is observed by all of you observers. First, let us talk about the observers. There is a phrase you may have heard that no man can step in the same river twice for it is not the same river and he is not the same man. This phrase applies to you in your spiritual growth. The world you see around you is seen by you differently as you become a different person. As you mature spiritually you look out and view the circumstances of the world from a different perspective, from an enhanced perspective.

Such a perspective means that you will see new meaning and new value that you hadn’t seen before, different meaning and different values much as when you go back and reread a favorite book, you discover parts which light you up and enchant you that had not captured you before because you are not the same person reading that book as you were before.

So when you observe world affairs around you with a more and more discerning spiritual eye, you begin to have a different assessment of the situation. Now, that being the case, I invite you to actively choose to overlay your view of the world around you with your spiritual perspective, your spiritual values and understanding and to impose upon this view of the world a long range view, a deep range view. Consider your Urantia text, this description of the many many years, generations, eons involved in this process of growth and change and development and realize that when you watch the news and you see the snapshot of affairs as they appear to be on your world, you are confined to that moment in time to make your observation and the judgement.

But those with spiritual eyes will come to see this snapshot in time as merely that, part of the river that flows by and is in the process of flowing by, even as you step in it so that the world is moving at a pace where it is not possible to make a complete and thorough judgement. It is in transition, it is in motion as are you, it is a moving target as are you. And so, I invite you to see events of the world as providing a multitude of contrasts. What you judge to be turmoil is only present, only exists because there are those who would still choose it. It does not mean you have to choose it, rather, it may mean to you with spirit eyes that it is in error, it does not contain truth, beauty or goodness and therefore your role, your position that you play in the process is to simply make that discernment.

Decide for yourself that such a spectacle is not worthy of being chosen, it does not possess the attributes of truth, beauty or goodness. By these measures you may measure all of life’s circumstances and to the degree that they are devoid of these three primal values, I encourage you to just let them go. You have a phrase when you are standing in the river fishing, that you catch and release as part of your process. I invite you to adopt this scenario when you see troubling images, when you have troubling thoughts, when there are troubling circumstances your mind enables you to catch them, you observe them, you feel them, you pass judgement on them.

But then, one of your choices, one of your options is to simply release it, let it go. Let it go back into from wherever it came. Let it be part of the continuum but part of the continuum that you are not going to keep, part of the continuum you are going to reject. And, in this very method, you as an individual, your part to play has just been successfully transpired. You have made a discernment, you have made a subsequent choice as a result of this discernment and you have grown spiritually in the process, mission accomplished!

You see, that is the glory of this dynamic that is set up here. Every action, every purpose, every cause has the potential to be that silver lining to the cloud, that opportunity for growth, for learning, for loving, for understanding. Every circumstance possesses the potential to be used for the good. So while you are at this point in your earthly experience, bombarded by all of the deviance of mankind, do not take it into heart, do not keep that one. Catch and release, let go, let the river flow by and realize that your purpose is to be the observer in this moment, to make choices at this juncture of your awareness and understanding.

If this process unfolds, then even good may transpire from this apparent badness that you witness around you. This having been said, there will be certain fish that you catch in this process which you do not wish to throw back, which may be special to you, important to you to the degree that you would like to share your space and occupy your consciousness with this new addition. You may decide that this prompts you to action, motivates you to get involved, to do what you can in the situation if you think that there may be a way for you to help or serve in the process.

There are plenty of these opportunities which arise as well but I encourage you to focus these choices on those options which present themselves that are closest to you, which are your local choices. You cannot stop those who are bound to war in foreign lands. You cannot alleviate the hunger of one on the other side of the planet. You can help your neighbor move their furniture, you can watch a child for someone, you can help someone change a flat tire. These are fish that you may catch and you may keep, they are ones that you may enjoy, but do not burden yourself with the many many that you cannot. Be discerning about the load that you are willing to bring to yourself and to bear in the process because it is easy to be overburdened, overwhelmed and then feel paralyzed by this burden, this sense of being overwhelmed.

So your role is simple. Keep growing, keep learning, keep choosing, keep discerning against the values of truth, beauty and goodness and those things which present themselves immediately before you, may motivate you to act, to use your energies. But those many many things which are beyond you should not be assumed by you to be your responsibility. Your responsibility is your spiritual growth and inner faith. Others have their similar responsibilities and in this way, we grow an entire planet, we grow an entire species. This is the plan that is set in motion. You may need to take measures to protect yourselves from being constantly bombarded by every manner of deviant behavior or evil choices.

Just because they may exist, simply acknowledge them as the contrast they provide for you. Do not choose them, do not give them life, do not bring them any energy, forsake all those things which do not measure up to having truth, beauty or goodness present. In this way you not only grow yourself each time by making such decisions and choices, but you also create the energy in the world around you. If enough people forsake faulty choices, they will cease to exist. If enough people choose peace over war it will have no life. If enough people choose truth, beauty and goodness, then that’s all that will exist but there is a vast amount of time involved in this growth process.

So do not despair that radical changes do not seem to be happening in your life span. These things take time, after all you have an eternal spiritual career before you to reflect on such things. Only concern yourselves with the moment, with the activity of the day or the hour for this is where the growth happens, this is where the choices are made, this is where peace may be found and joy may be experienced, not at another time projected out before you, but in this moment, in this choice, with this option before you.

I hope this helps to provide some context to this whole question of the mortals who view the world and desire to know their place in it for your places are secure. Those of you who are pursuing spirit have found the path, are on the path, are proceeding merrily down the path. Make every attempt not to complicate the journey, to distress yourselves over those things which you have no control. Focus on yourself and your sphere of influence. Do what you can, be of service where you can, but to those many atrocities to which you are exposed, for your own self preservation, catch and release.

I hope this has served to fellowship in this process with you because I am an observer as you are. I simply have a longer perspective than you do but I see what you see, I am distressed as you are at many current events, I simply as you do, pray and hold to my conviction that all will be right in the end, that this is Michael’s plan underway, and that it will turn out right in the end, that all of this serves to be used as tools to be made right in the end and with this conviction and with your conviction we move forward in this process.

We have faith, we have trust. We may not have ultimate faith in all those around us and all that transpires around us, but stepping back and looking at the big picture we have faith in the outcome, we have trust and conviction in the process and we must simply allow it to play out. We must allow these contrasts to be exposed so that they can help all those who are confronted with them make choices, better and better choices.

So that’s how it works and I’m in it just like you are. But I have a sense of peace, a sense of conviction that no matter what the snapshot of the moment may reveal, the grand panorama of a picture that it is a part of is truly beautiful and contains great images of success. Please, to the degree that is possible, be at peace. Your being worried, concerned, doubtful, those are the energies we are leaving, those are the energies we are forsaking. We are trying to grow away from the vestiges of the past and into times of hope and peace and love.

The more we can forsake those things which raise these negative emotions and promote those things which encourage the positive experiences, the more we change the very nature of this experience, not only for us individually as we face this challenge, but collectively as we all face this challenge.

So, as your Master said, “Fear not”. But I know as a mortal of the realm, that’s easy to say and harder to do. So I appreciate it when you do it, when you do do it as you do even now.
I believe that is enough to conclude this dialog of my own this evening. I would open up the floor and if there are no questions, then you may move on. If there is any dialog I would entertain it at this time.

Comment: Machiventa, I would just like to thank you. That was a very wonderful lesson and answered the questions perfectly.

MACHIVENTA:   Thank you for your acknowledgement, I hope my words find their mark. Thank you for your comments, I do feel as though enlarging the perspective enables you to grasp that what you’re really trying to seek is the process, not how the process is unfolding step by step as much as the process behind it. In this way you may find solace and peace, knowing that there is a process, that it is underway and it is moving in the direction of growth, so thank you for your comments.

Comment: I read a quote from St. Francis the other day. It said don’t change the world, change worlds.

LIGHT:  Greetings to you all, I am Light, here to take advantage of the fading light and to remind you all that you have been called light workers for a reason. You are in place, shining your light, your spiritual awareness, your understanding of the values spoken of, the truth, beauty and goodness. As such, you illuminate your sphere of influence around you and as has been mentioned before, you may change worlds in a very real way, you may choose aspects of Light and Life, of love and peace, even though they may not be present in your experience at this time. You have the capacity to envision such worlds, such states of being and to conjure them up with the mind of your creative force, to then envision them, give voice to them and give life to them.

You may in fact, create a world in advance of its arrival. This is the power you hold as creative beings, to envision these states of higher consciousness and awareness and to activate them with your choosing, with your choice. You asked for a part to play, I now give you the ace of spades. The supreme card to play is to not wait around to observe truth, beauty and goodness so that you may choose it. No, rather you as co-creative beings cast your vision forward, create this vision as per your awareness and then choose it, activate it and live as though it is so and I tell you, it is.

If it is so in your life, it is. You need not wait for the world to catch up with you in your quest for Life and Light. You may go out and bring it back to this place of darkness. That is the power that you have in this process and I invite you to exercise that power, to bring that potential forward, to make that choice.


MACHIVENTA:    Just some thoughts for you to consider as we draw to a close this evening. All things are possible when in league with divinity. You are a fragment of divinity. You may choose to be in league with divinity and in such a case, all things are possible. Just a reminder my friends, you are diamonds in the rough. You have yet to discern your own value and so I gently remind you once again. Peace be with you all, even joy as these understandings become yours. Thank you for the opportunity to remind you once again.

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