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LLN454- Sharing Personal Experience

2014-09-18-Sharing Personal Experience
Lightline #454


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Sharing Personal Experience
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Note

Topic: Sharing Personal Experience
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Michael


Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, well, here we are again, gathered around to sit at your knees with happy, expectant faces and hearts as we open ourselves to receive this wonderful gift you have for us–literally, you and Mother Spirit live. It also gives us great joy to know that you are both right within us, as close as our very next thought. Here you are, along with our Father’s contribution to our ideas as well–our beloved Thought Adjuster doing his best to orient us towards God’s enormous encompassing in which we live our lives, his presence both within and surrounding us. So with humble and happy hearts, we open ourselves to spirit, that creative, spontaneous dimension abroad in the universe which is part of us as well. For all of these gifts, we are most thankful and appreciative. Amen.


MICHAEL:  Good evening, this is Michael, and I definitely welcome you to be with me this evening. This is the joy that Mother Spirit augments right inside you with her Mind/Spirit Adjutant of Counsel, the way you can support each other and give each other the benefit of your experience, your counsel and advice. This is just the wonderful gregariousness of getting together and sharing your time. It also reinforces your deep, instinctual knowledge that we can relate directly, personality to personality, human being to Creator Son and Daughter of God, and even to God himself, his presence within you and all around you. This person-to-person contact, giving and receiving; this is the joy of life, a reward of living.

 Sharing personal experience

MICHAEL:  This is what you have most abundantly and wonderfully in your souls. You have each other as a great multiplier of personally experienced reality. For while this emphasizes the difference of each personality, and can lead to a kind of aloneness with, at times, only your Father for felt company, your very uniqueness is the gift that you can give each other. Your very different points of view and experience are what you have to share. They are what you can appreciate, especially in the human realm, this other person with whom you are sharing some time and space together.

You can appreciate and realize value in what they have experienced when it is, perhaps so much, or even totally different from what you have known. You can acknowledge this; you can respect this; and you can welcome them. For this then becomes the 200% of life, the deep sharing which is the great possibility that God gives us all.

You can share your lot with others by way of another great aspect of your life that Mother Spirit does her best to augment within your breast–that of courage in both your willingness, and your ability to engage. These determine your attitude, and your desire to extend yourself out into the unknown, whether it is meeting another person, or just on your lonesome–as you say. It’s going out into your adventures in the world knowing fully well, at times, or being reminded at times, that you don’t always know what’s coming next. This is the very nature of the adventure you are involved in.

Yet you can have the great strength of faith, knowing deep within yourself that this is the Big Plan. This is our Father’s deliberate way of raising his universe children. Your Urantia Book refers to it as sublime uncertainty, truly not always being able to know what’s coming next. What is over the next hill? What is around the next corner? What is tomorrow going to bring? Considering your order of being, being so physical with marvelous bodies which are, however, subject to all “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”–as your poet once put it: what is so sublime about all of this uncertainty?

 Sublime uncertainty with security

The celestial viewpoint is in the full phase, sublime uncertainty with security, because you are in God’s hands. Your very personality is his creation, and he is the encompassing you find yourself in, in a physical universe full of trillions of trillions of his personal beings, extending all the way down from the Paradise Trinity to your human order, with hundreds and hundreds of different orders of spiritual beings in between.

Another part of that security can be your faith in what the Urantia Book gives you in enormous detail about your life to come. You’ll be meeting all these orders of spiritual beings, and understanding through them all their additional dimensions of mind, and spirit, and existence, to have in your soul. There’s even security in the promise that one day your own understanding, your own consciousness will grow to encompass and become one with the individualized presence of God in your soul.

 Attitude—willingness and ability to relate

MICHAEL:  The Urantia Book talks about an enormous expansion of not only who, but what you are, the very kind of personal being that you are. You’re already blessed with such potential–such possibility for such an expansion; and it’s all yours for the earning, for you will earn this day by day. This is why your soul is truly yours. You’re earning it by your willingness and ability to experience more and more. This is the personal growth that your Urantia Book talks about, the relationship between you and the presence of God within you, the living, dynamic relationship that creates your soul.

So, my children: Be of good heart. Be of strong determination to keep growing. Appreciate what my Mind/Spirit Adjutant of Courage can help you embrace–that which is still beyond you; and will always be–still–beyond you, because it is God’s Creation–with a capitol “C”. It’s that totality out there that you will earn one little bit at a time, forever. This is what you have in prospect, yet this is what you already have right now, in potential. With all humility, with all awareness of the enormity surrounding you, and right within you–your own soul–you can perceive this. You can have some feeling of this, and be truly thankful.

 Thank you

We thank you, dear Father, for your initial notion of the very kinds of beings that we are, endowed with our own potential to keep growing, keep meeting more and more other personal beings, and having them too in our souls. We can come to experience how each and every single, unique, one of their personalities was created by your hand. We thank you, most humbly and wonderfully appreciative of your creativity. Amen.

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