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ARC265- The Consequences of Being Ill Prepared

2008-03-31-The Consequences of Being Ill Prepared
Arcadia #265


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Consequences of Being Ill Prepared
o 1.2 Group: Arcadia TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: JarEl
o 2.2 TR: George B.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Consequences of Being Ill Prepared
Group: Arcadia TeaM
Teacher: JarEl
TR: George B.


Prayer: Larry: Dear Father thank you for this group. Thank you for the many blessings that you have bestowed on each one of us. We pray for peace in this world. We pray for the coming of Monjoronson and the coming of Light and Life. We love you Father. In Christ Michael’s name, Amen.

JAREL:  TR, George. Good evening. It is I, your teacher JarEl. It is good to be back again. In the last lesson I spoke to you about being patient, understanding that there is a time for everything and a place. But today I would like to speak to you about being prepared. And there are many forms of being prepared. And you, more than anyone, or just as anyone on this planet, understands the value of being prepared. You never know what is going to happen tomorrow or the next day.


JAREL:  But even so, the type of preparedness that I am speaking of is a spiritual preparedness; one where you investigate your soul and examine your life; the sort of preparedness where you count the gifts that are inside of you and the gifts that you have given. This sort of spiritual preparedness is one where you honestly look at your life and think back to where you were and where you are now and where you want to be tomorrow.

To be prepared is to constantly be struggling to move forward, taking a step everyday to learn something new about yourself and about those who you love. Remaining stagnant means that you are ill prepared. It means that you will not be able to face the challenges that will come down the road. And there are many challenges coming your way. So you must look inside yourselves and find that inner peace that exists there and hold onto that, because that is what will help you through the hard times, the difficult times.

Find that humanity, find that love; find that connection that exists with God through all of the universe. And remember you are a son of the universe and you are a brother to all creature kind. Do not replace that thought with one of selfishness and ignorance, because that will mean your spiritual death. That will isolate you, not only from your brothers and sisters, but from God. That would plant a seed of destruction that will slowly corrupt your mind and ruin your soul. So always remember this: God is your Father and you have brothers and sisters throughout the universe as well as on this world. You are all connected with one another and the damage that you do to one another you do to God and to yourself.

So when the difficult times come, when the challenges come, be prepared to face them with dignity, with honesty, with fairness, with equality, with kindness and with love. Indeed, if you were to do otherwise, you would fall back into your animal nature of greed and selfishness; things that do not represent God or his children. You must learn to bring one another together. You must learn to love one another and build each other’s spirits. You must find hope where none seems to exist. You must find love when the world is filled with hatred. You must find kindness when everyone treats you very badly. And you must find each other when you feel utterly lost.

You have all gone through this world, you think you know it, you think you have learned to live with it, but it will not always be this way. It will change as all things change. But you must not change, your heart must stay firm and honest. Your spirits must remain filled with hope for that will carry you through and that will bring strength to others that need that strength. And you will represent that for them. All this comes down to you being that person that is prepared to face these challenges.

However, if you would allow yourself to slack off and not deal with the inner turmoil that exists within you, then when the day comes and these challenges are thrown your way, you will disintegrate, you will crumble for you will not be prepared, you will not be stable. So find that stability inside you, find that rock on which you can build your future. That rock is the true source of all of us, the source of this stable universe. In Him we all find our strength, in Him we find the love that is within all of us. And so must you find that which is inside you. When days seem bleak and dark you find that inside yourself. Never forget that for you will need it. So be prepared. Are there any questions here tonight?


Mike: Yes, I have a question. Is it fair to say that our guides are with us right now since they are with us all the time? That my guide is there with you?

JAREL:  : TR, George. He is not here with me. He is around you.

Mike: Well then he has to be present, right? What I am getting at is I don’t seem to be making any contact. Does he have anything to say to me?

JAREL:  : TR, George. He has plenty to say to you.

Mike: Well, what am I doing wrong? I am not picking up on anything.

JAREL:  : TR, George. You are doing nothing wrong my friend. You just need to be a little bit more patient. He is there with you and he is speaking to you. You may not hear everything he says, you may not be consciously aware of everything he says. But you are certainly aware on some level that he is there. And this level, this level of consciousness allows you to make the right choices in your life for you know what is true and what is right. And it is something that is just inside you that you understand, that you cannot put in words.

He is there as well as your Thought Adjuster is there. The Thought Adjuster is a more difficult entity to contact; it has more subtle tones of communication. Your teacher is someone you could contact if you were patient enough. But I do understand that you do have this desire. But it is between you and your teacher, and I cannot interfere in this.

I suggest to you that you do a little bit more work on yourself. Find that inner peace and in the end it is not so important that you have that inter- communication. What is important is your acknowledgment that he is there as well as your acknowledgment towards God and towards all your brothers and sisters that are around you. That is enough; that is okay for the moment.

Mike: Isn’t that part of the plan before you are born that you are supposed to be able to pick up on your guidance from your guide?

JAREL:  : TR, George. Part of the plan before you are born?

Mike: Well, yes, when you come into this life. I mean, this being the physical part, isn’t there like a spiritual part that is still on the other side? I don’t know how to put it.

JAREL:  : TR, George. There are many eventualities in this universe. One of them is that you will be in contact with your guide. It is not a guarantee that within this lifetime you will have direct contact. Not many people actually contact their guides while sojourning on Urantia. They eventually come into contact when they reach the Morontia realms. Whether or not you believe it was a plan for you to contact your guide within this lifetime, is entirely up to you. But what I am aware of is that your world is still in its evolutionary process and not all citizens of this planet are capable of contacting their guides on a personal level. They do it on impersonal levels or subconscious levels, but rarely direct. And what you are experiencing is unconscious forms of communication with your guide.

The good part and the exciting part is that you are aware of your teacher and you are aware of your Thought Adjuster, at least in theoretical form, if not in personal form. However this theory, this idea, which you carry is enough for the communication to one day begin.
It is important that you acknowledge your teachers. It is important that you acknowledge God for any connection to begin. So do not fret or worry and do not doubt that these things exist, for they do exist and they are within you and it is within your capacity to contact your teacher it is just a matter of practice and patience.

Mike: Are these CDs that I’ve been getting helping me or not? I mean, I always ask for guidance when I get these meditation CDs and other things like that. I am just wondering if I am planting a seed in my mind that is not really doing anything for me, or confusing me more than it is helping?

JAREL:  : TR, George. It is understandable that you look for external forms of inspiration. But ultimately it is you who must communicate and it is within you to find this communication. Whether or not these disks help you is entirely up to you. And you have the capacity to help yourself. You have it within you to find that connection with God, with your teachers, with your Thought Adjuster. Have faith in yourself my friend. You are the driver of your soul. You control your destiny and you control your connections with the universe; you open yourself and you can close yourself. There is no external source that can do that. It is all internal, it has always been internal.

Mike: How does one raise one’s vibration? Let’s say you want to physically heal your body in certain ways…like I have a bad knee. Is there a mental way of thinking that will vibrate at a different rate which would be more healing?

JAREL:  : TR, George. Vibration can only occur when the whole body is taken up to that new level, not just the physical, but the spiritual and the mental. Once you allow yourself to open yourself to this new, higher, energy, you do raise your vibrations. But there are a lot of things that are blocking you from achieving this next level. As in many people, there are a lot of mental blocks that they must overcome whether they are physical, mental or spiritual. All of these combined allow you to reach the next level. But if you leave one out you cannot achieve that new vibration.

It is possible, but you must find your own way of how to do this. I cannot tell you step by step of all the various things that you must do in your life to get here. It is your own growth and challenge. It is your own task and your own choices that you must make in your life. And, yes, some of this is directly linked to the choices that you make and the future choices that you will make. So consider well every choice that you will make from here on and your vibrations will be raised.

Dennis: JarEl, I was wondering…if when one experiences an out-of-body experience, does any part of them actually leave their material form and, if so, what part? And, if not, then what is that experience exactly?

JAREL:  : TR, George. Leaving your material body is not something uncommon. In fact, it is very common and many people do it and what is happening there is that they are leaving with their spiritual form and they are taking their soul with them as well. It is like a vacation from your body when you travel in spiritual form and you get a taste of what life will be like and everything that you can dream – what happens.

Dennis: When you say our spiritual form, I guess this is where I get to try to understand something. It is my understanding that we are kind of an ephemeral frequency that has become self-aware, to a degree. And that we are not something that will last beyond death. And that it is only through an external process that allows us to be reconstructed after death. So, what part of us is actually spiritual? That’s the part that I don’t quite get.

JAREL:  : TR, George. It is a crude form of spirituality. It is mainly held by your mind, by your consciousness. But you are a form when you travel outside yourself. You are put together, but you are limited to this world; you cannot pass beyond its borders. You are taken apart when you travel through space to the mansion worlds, and there you are put back together. But when you voluntarily leave your body and travel throughout this planet, there is no need to take you apart and to put you back together. You keep yourself together through your mind. It is a very complex way of doing it and I will not explain how this is done. But you are a form that travels.

Dennis: Thank you.

Mike: Why won’t you explain how it’s done?

JAREL:  : TR, George. Because you would not understand. There are a lot of complexities through yourself and your world. Just as Michael was born as a baby, there are mysteries in this world that you are not yet ready to understand. And even if I tried to explain this to you, it would not make any sense to you. So it is better left unsaid. Eventually you will know the truth behind this, so it is not something that I am denying you, because I know that you will receive this truth at some eventual time, but not from my mouth or my words and not now. You have better things to deal with than to understand the complexities of out-of-body experiences.

Mike: I have one last personal question. I would like to know if I made a good decision or a bad decision about not having my knee operated on? I wonder if you could tell me that.

JAREL:  : TR, George. You are still having problems with your knee, I assume.

Mike: Yes, but I am trying to mentally cure, vibrate.

JAREL:  : TR, George. Sometimes you have to trust the people that are around you. They do their best to make you better. It is not always true. But there are people out there who are genuinely concerned with your well being. And if you have that faith in humanity you can find those people who will help you in this case. I know that you really want to believe that you can heal this through purely spiritual means. But the universe is not built that way, my friend. You are material for a reason and you are living a material life. And things material must remain material and must be given over to material means. And things spiritual must be given to spiritual means. You can find cures for this.

Mike: My dilemma is that if I have my knee replaced, then it is a replaced knee. But I am trying to wait it out until science catches up. Maybe there’s a better solution. That’s why I don’t want to do it.

JAREL:  : TR, George. You cannot always put things off, my friend.

Mike: So you haven’t really told me if it is a good decision or a bad one.

JAREL:  : TR, George. That depends entirely on you, on how you look at it. You are the one who weighs out your life and looks at it in honest ways. You make decisions for yourself.

Mike: Most of them have been wrong, unfortunately.

JAREL:  : TR, George. That is okay as long as you keep making decisions for yourself and for your life. You will find a way and you will find the right decision. Have faith in yourself and have faith in your friends and loved ones and you will find a way. It is not my place to tell you whether you have done something right or wrong. It is entirely up to you.

Mike: That didn’t help me. (some laughter)

JAREL:  : TR, George. I apologize for this.

Mike: No apology is necessary. If I bring a book in for George to read (more laughter). No, I have a book that’s called Lives Between Lives and I really like it, but I don’t know how to ask the questions. I’d like to have George read it and then maybe he can, I mean that way JarEl could get it. Would that work?

JAREL:  : TR, George. That is your prerogative.

Dennis: I have one request, a short one. When we ask questions, if the answer is broadcast to a transcribed audience, and your concern is that the answer would have an impact on that audience…Well, I guess, I might ask a question where your answer might be more direct and specific if it were just to me? Could I ask you, when we ask questions, if there is ever a time where your concern if for that broadcasted audience that you specify that this might be more for a personal note? Does that make sense?

JAREL:  : TR, George. Yes, it does. I understand your concern. I am always mindful as to who my audience is, who I am reaching. And I always try to tailor my answers to not only fit your needs but those of the major need, the world need. That is why many of the answers that I give you here and now may not conform to how you expected them to be answered. That is because I am mindful as to who else will be reading this and what they may proceed to expect.

Dennis: I guess my request is, if there is an answer that you would not want to give to a larger audience, could you just specify that?

JAREL:  : TR, George. I will just not give it.

Dennis: (laughter) Okay, thank you.

JAREL:  : TR, George. There have been times when this session has not been recorded and I have been very specific to individuals. But I am mindful when it is being recorded and transmitted on a worldwide scale. And it is important to understand this, that the world is changing. The world is turning in various ways and now, more than ever, do you need that spiritual strength inside you. I won’t promise that it will be easy and I also will not promise that you will get instant help when you request it. The help is there, but not at your beck and call. You must find that strength inside you and make decisions for yourself. Because it is true that “God helps those that help themselves”.

Donna: One of my favorite phrases.

Mike: It is nice to know that you’re making progress, though.


JAREL:  : TR, George. You are making progress and you will find that recognition and acknowledgment when you are still. So find that peace inside yourself, find that stillness and find that acknowledgment. Because when you make statements like that, it seems as though you doubt yourself, as though you doubt your spiritual self. And one must never doubt that, one must always be positive, one must always feel good about oneself.

Sure there are very trying times and various decisions that you might have made that were wrong, but you are God’s children and you are all brothers and sisters. And God loves you and He forgives you for everything that you do. You are searching, you are growing and you are making progress. So do not doubt that. You are here and you are asking those questions and that is what is important. Keep asking those questions, keep making decisions and keep moving forward. Do not give up on yourselves or those that you love. Do not give up on this world either. With that, I leave you. Goodnight.

All: Goodnight JarEl.

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