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ARC266- We Reach Out To You-Dream Interpretation

2008-04-14-We Reach Out To You-Dream Interpretation
Arcadia #266


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: We Reach Out to You, Dream Interpretation
o 1.2 Group: Arcadia TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: JarEl
o 2.2 TR: George B.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: We Reach Out to You, Dream Interpretation
Group: Arcadia TeaM
Teacher: JarEl
TR: George B.


Prayer: Donna: Heavenly Father, as we are gathered here tonight we thank you for all of your gifts to us. We thank you for the gift of the Teachers. Please help us to tune our minds and hearts to the lessons and to be good learners and good students. We do wish to learn and we do seek a closer communion with you Father and we love you and we thank you for everything. In Michael’s name, Amen.

JAREL:   TR, George. Good evening. It is I, your teacher JarEl. It is good to be back once more and I welcome those who have not been here for a while.


JAREL:   I truly appreciate your gathering here as citizens of the universe. You should always consider yourselves as such for you are beginner citizens who are beginning on this journey of universal status, of heavenly status. Relative to myself, your lifespan has been very short. Your experiences in what the universe consists of are a relative blip on the radar. So you are just beginning on this journey and it is expected that you have many questions about what is to come for you. And thus, you are students of the universe. You are students of the established order of the Grand Universe that has been created by our Heavenly Father. And you are learning His ways and the ways of every citizen.

You have not yet been acquainted with all of the universe citizens. You have been isolated on this planet and rarely have you had contact with the outside universe. So, as I said, it is expected that you have many questions. But I do wish to convey to you that you are connected, nonetheless. We all feel that you are connected to us and we all reach out with our hearts and our thoughts to you, to connect with you and receive you as special children who require the nurturing that you so seldom get. We view you as citizens potential, with grades and destinies ahead of you. You are all capable of such destinies, you all have within you this great potential that is unique to this planet. It is simply a matter of you becoming awake to this realization that exists within you.

It does seem that many of you here in this room and those that subsequently read these transcripts, have attempted to become aware of this potentiality. It is with much appreciation that we continue to provide these messages to you so that you may grow within yourself and continue to become fully aware of this great potential that is within you. You may ask yourself what this potential is? The potential is nothing more than having the power to connect with the true Source and Center, realizing to its full potency, and conveying that potential out towards the rest of the world.

But it is also, in many ways, a very unique experience on this world for it requires that you come to believe without seeing. It requires that you find this faith from within and look beyond the reality that exists around you and grab onto what is vague and unknown and make that manifest within this world. That is the potential that I speak of. For you must look within yourself and find that power from within and make that connection with God to bring His will into this world and make His will a reality.

Many of you are learning how to do this and the efforts that you put forward are much appreciated by everyone who looks down to you, everyone who cares for you. And we truly care, we truly appreciate you. We truly look forward to the day when you rise up out of this vague reality that you call Urantia and you come into this new reality which will begin to define who you are, who you truly are. For the definition that you hold now of yourself is relative to what you know on this planet.

It is also relative to what you have read and what you hear now.
But you truly do not know yourselves, not in the greatest sense possible. There is still much to know about yourself and this requires many levels of understanding and many, many levels of existence. You have simply no way of getting there just yet. This is basically a reality for you, but you will get to these levels of reality, of greater understanding of your existence and your connection with the universe.

This is simply a guaranteed thought of the universe, where nothing is hidden from you and all is revealed in due time. It is just a matter of you being patient and allowing things to come in their course. You do not jump to dessert before you have the main course. And you do not eat the appetizers at the very end. In just such a way you must allow all the things in your life that pertain to your existence to come in due time. Everything has a purpose in your life and everything is meant to arrive in just the right moment.

True, there are accidents of time, but that only partially delays the inevitable. And even this life is but a road bump for your true existence. This life is but a training ground. As your Master once said, this life is but a bridge that you transit over. Do not establish your home or your life on it. You will transition out of this world and you will move on to greater realities that hold greater potentials for you and greater understanding. And all this is ready for you when you get there, but it must be received when you get there and not before.

There is enough for you to worry about in this world. There are many things that this world challenges you to do. One must not ignore one’s own planet when looking towards the future. Even so, many of you are aware of this fact and you do strive to improve situations that exist around you and in doing so, you improve this planet. You improve the living conditions and the quality of life for many of Urantia’s citizens. You have defined your goals and you have succeeded in many ways in achieving these goals for yourselves and for those who are immediately affected. And we ask for nothing more, for what you do is great and what you do brings much joy and happiness to those who are without and those who need the love and care that you provide.

There is much in the present, in the now, that needs your attention. That is why I come to you, so that I may, in some way, help with the many questions that are emerging of life’s problems. The many answers that I have given you over the years, have always been geared towards the more general audience. But I am not the only one to provide answers for this world. I am simply a part of a greater whole who have dedicated themselves to bringing into this world higher thoughts and higher ways of doing things.

We understand that most of our guidance is to be taken as suggestions, not as law or mandates. For you always have freewill to help you make decisions for yourselves and we shall never violate your freewill. So our many and varied suggestions may come in vague forms for it is our intention that you make your own decisions for your life; therefore, in that same sense, bar us, from violating your freewill by inducing you into a course of action.

The answers that many of you seek have always been within you. You have always had that power to discover what is true within your own mind and within your own hearts. Your Thought Adjuster is not that far away, it is accessible. It is just a matter of believing, of accepting. Are there any questions here tonight?


Joe: I have a comment I want to make, it’s not really a question. I want to thank you for something you said maybe about two months ago, regarding trust. I guess at first I thought it was very vague and I didn’t take it too seriously. I came to a crucial point in my life last week where I had to make an important decision on something and although what you had mentioned was a very detailed answer, when I reread what you had mentioned, it kind of helped me build thought on other ideas and I guess I wanted to kind of share what I learned from that idea, because I think it might benefit you people, hopefully.

As I mentioned earlier, I had an issue with trust throughout my life. Because I, well, I’ve had an interesting story, I’ve had an interesting life and I met two very interesting people who, because I loved them and I cared about them, really (at least one person) damaged my trust severely and caused me to have doubts and damaged a lot of other things. And, for a while I had an issue with that.

I guess what was important was that, at some point, I realized that just because I had been damaged and been hurt by some people doesn’t mean that I have to be afraid to open myself up even if that makes me feel vulnerable. At some point in time, I guess that you have to trust a few people. It’s kind of like love, Shakespeare had that quote “It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” Like, if you are always afraid that you are going to get your heart broken, you are never going to fall in love again.

I guess, for me, what was important is that….you’ve got to sometimes give trust a chance and I think it’s really important that you trust your friends too…to know who your friends are and who may or may not violate your trust and sometimes you’ve just got to give people a chance. I gave somebody a chance this week and I feel like I made the right decision and I felt like, despite all the strange happenings in my life, I did not give in to fear. I really had nothing to fear at all the whole time.

So, I just wanted to thank you for that and just let everybody know that no matter how many times that somebody may hurt you, even if they are very influential and known in someway or another…always have your wits about you and don’t ever let it destroy you or don’t let it cause you to live in fear, because then you can’t move forward. I was stuck for such a long time and for so long, you guys have been trying to contact me (chuckle) and, it’s so funny, the first time I kind of was contacted, you guys told me you were sorry that it took so long.

I guess, in some way, I should be the one who is sorry because I was the one who really took a long time and I wasn’t reaching out. So, it was because of that fear, because of the things that happened. So, I just wanted to say, don’t let anybody, don’t let fear take over your life. Then you can’t go anywhere, you can’t move forward, you’ve got to see what life’s about and sometimes that means taking a plunge. So, I appreciate that.

JAREL:  TR, George. And I appreciate your comments. You obviously have come through many valuable lessons in your life. And it is you who made all this possible. It is you who reached out and said no to fear and made the decision to move forward. Now you have elevated yourself to a higher level of existence. It is you who have made these accomplishments that are worthy of record and you shall have with you for the rest of your life.

Jerry: I would like to thank you JarEl for reminding us of our connected relationship with you and the vast family of spiritual brothers and sisters that we have. Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that we are part of a much larger sphere of personalities beyond our mortal families and friends. Thank you for reminding us today that you and all of the teachers and all of the celestial helpers that surround us, hold us dearly and consider us part of the family, so to speak. It is very gratifying and worthy of being reminded of.

JAREL:  TR, George. You are most welcome. It is not difficult for us to remember you. We always do remember you and we always have lively conversations regarding you, but that should not be discussed here. What should be discussed is our connection with one another, for we do all love you and we look forward to the days when our discussions are much more elevated.

Dennis: I have a question about questions. Would you prefer that we keep our questions related to the topic and then, off the record, possibly go into more private or other questions that are not related to the lesson? Or, what would you prefer the structure to be?

JAREL:  TR, George. What I prefer is not to control your minds or your ideas. You are free to ask whatever questions. I try to put every question into its own context. And when I see that it relates to the topic of the day, I refer to it. But it is not my intention to guide you in ways that you are forced to think a certain way. Your thoughts are your own. Your questions are your own. I will try to answer every question accordingly. If you feel a need for these questions to be private, then I will try to answer them in a way that you may come to understand, and only you.

However, you are asking your questions in a forum of people. Even if this session were not recorded, there would still be people around you and you may not want anyone to hear what I have to say. So I tailor my answers to give you the best understanding of what I mean. And I, in many ways, require you to reach out as well and derive the meanings that I have for you between the lines of what I say. So it is a joint effort on my part. It is you, the receiver, and I, the transmitter and we both come to create the perfect answer.

You shall see that the universe works in this very way. It will always be a joint effort. There will never be a straightforward answer for you no matter how often you try or the many ways you may ask it. The answer you get will always seem vague and unreal. But it is you who makes them real. It is you who reaches out and puts in the needed parts to bring together that answer that fulfills your life and your satisfaction. I am not one to deprive you of your success in your searches. I am simply here to nudge you as God nudges you. If God wanted you to have all the answers right away, He would have made it all made available to you and your life would have been perfect.

You would almost be as a robot; someone who is programmed with everything it needed and, therefore, your curiosity would be nil. But God did not plan it that way. He wanted you to search and He wanted you to discover for yourselves the answers that you so desperately seek. And He meets you halfway; you ask a question and He brings the answer but only so far where you need to reach out and grab it. It is this effort that He seeks from you.

I have observed this template of the way He does this and I have tailored my many and varied answers similarly. I apologize if this becomes a problem to many of you when it seems as though I do not answer your questions. But, in fact, I do. It is simply your input that is required to complete that answer.

Dennis: Personally I have never seen it as a problem. But, thank you very much.

JAREL:  : TR, George. You are welcome. And, it was not directed to you personally. When I say that you may view it as a problem, it is a general ‘you’, it is not a specific you. I see the entire world when I say ‘you’. Many Urantia citizens have often been angered because God does not provide them straightforward answers. And that is the ‘you’ of whom I speak. I understand that many followers and searchers of theology, and this includes all Urantia Book readers, have learned to put away their evils and have humbled themselves to not knowing all of the answers and not expecting all of the answers.

But, at the same time, becoming overjoyed when they find an answer. For it is their discovery, it is their accomplishment and it is their success. That is the joy that people find in searching for answers. That is why it is so difficult to pull someone away from their established religion, because they have worked so hard to find the answers that they sought. One should not rip their faith away from them in such a manner. We must look at each other and appreciate the accomplishments that have occurred in that person and appreciate their search for God and the value that they’ve derived from that search. And one must help them grow upon the things that they already know, not replace those things, but add to them. Are there any more questions?

Mike: Would you be willing to interpret a dream I had?

JAREL:  : TR, George. Is this dream bothering you?

Mike: It is not bothering me in a way that is like pestering. It is interesting…I wondered how to interpret it. I had another dream too, leading up to it, which had the same elements. I thought this one was pretty interesting. If I gave it to George, maybe he could read it and tell me later? It’s up to you.

JAREL:  : TR, George. You must keep in mind that many of the dreams that people have are, in many ways, subconscious thoughts that creep up into your unconscious. And they may seem real or they may seem poignant. But they are just, in many ways, concerns that you may have in your own real life when you have come to indecisions about the things that you must do. Therefore they are made matrices and various symbols within your dream life. It is true that sometimes there is some sort of communication within dreams to help you better understand the things that you are part of in your life. But, more often than not, various dreams that you all have are just unconscious ideas that you have amplified in your dream world.

That being said, you can definitely explore the possibility of sharing this dream with others. And they may come to interpreting its varied symbols. But you will, in turn, give importance to symbols that have no real concern with the current path of your life and, therefore, you put more importance on things rather than your own improvements and your relationship with others. When a person realizes his or her connection with God, and finds various ways to commune with the True Source and Center, they in turn seek out the various connections that are made possible through God and all the people that surround him or her. And so every situation and every occasion is a potential connection with God.

And when your connection with God becomes stronger, many of the fears and many of the concerns that you may or may not have had in the past, simply begin to disappear. Your life becomes clear. Your dream life becomes calm. You begin to live a reality that is more in tune to the will of God. And, therefore, you are less likely to be challenged by things unknown, for you are sure of what is known in your heart and in your mind. This stability goes a long way. It manifests in every aspect of your life; it calms your nerves and it brings balance to many levels of your existence.

So, in the end, my friend, I am simply promoting a deeper connection with God. In doing so, you may come to understand many of the things that are going on within your mind. So do not be frightened by many of the things that you may think of either while you are conscious or unconscious. They are simply thoughts. It is your actions that you brought from your thoughts that matter. And when you think good thoughts you have good actions and good consequences. I know that I am nowhere close to answering the question that you had, but I do hope that you consider everything that I have said and reevaluate the questions that you may have. Are there any more questions?

Joe: I have one. I don’t know if this borders on personal or if we should talk about this privately, but during one of my meditations, about two weeks ago, I tend to get mixed communications…I’m sure you are already aware of this, they tend to come from different parties, and one of them it’s like a communication I got, it was, I wouldn’t so much say disturbing, but, it caused me a little concern and, personally, I don’t even know how that communication came through… or what it all means, because of other things that I’ve been told…I was wondering if maybe you could elaborate on that? Or, if you want to talk about that privately, that would be acceptable as well? And, why I am getting communication, it’s like I’m being tugged, like I’m kind of getting these two different opposing sides contacting me?

JAREL:  : TR, George. I will speak to you in general terms so that you may derive the message, but also, this goes for everyone else. There are possible communications that you may have as individuals that are not altogether holy. And, more often than not, these communications are instantaneous and are in many senses, easy, where they require almost no effort on your part to initiate. That means that it is the intention of that, or those particular communicators, to reach into your mind as easily as possible and to bring to you those mixed messages that you may try to decide upon.

It has always been the policy of those with better intentions for you to make you work for any sort of communication. It has always been our intention that you reach up and find the truths that you seek and, in this way, they mean more to you. And those other communications may mean a lot at that particular time because they are immediate and they pertain to a particular situation that you are dealing with at the time. But they have no lasting effect. They have no worthwhile effect either. They are simply messages of instant gratification. But the soul is never satisfied with instant gratification. The soul requires a more stable environment where it can grow and expand outward and inward. The soul requires messages of lasting hope and everlasting curiosity. I hope this helps you.

Joe: I just wanted to mention that the particular communication that came through which was the most disturbing, was not instant gratification and was in no way conjured up by my subconscious mind. That in no way would have been me, I would have never thought of that coming through in a million years and, in truth, I think what you said is kind of right, it doesn’t matter who said it or of what allegiance they are, what they say doesn’t prove anything really.

But, it is disturbing nonetheless, because of who that person was that I’m speaking with if that’s true? I don’t know if I should talk about this further, but naturally I’m, like I said everybody has been trying to make me afraid of things, I guess, if you could you tell me did that meeting take place? If you don’t want to mention further and you feel that it is something that is not really relevant to me right now, that’s understandable. But, I don’t know why that communication would have come through?

JAREL:  TR, George. What I do see of relevance in you, my friend, is that you started on a path of not fearing. Stay on that path, don’t let this fear grip you. No one can control your mind or your thoughts or your life. You have freewill, free choice. You have the freedom also to follow your good thoughts and your healthy heart and to follow the light towards your everlasting destiny and no one can take that away from you. Fear stops you, as you said. Do not fear.

Mike: What do you think of my new sky mama?

JAREL:  : I did not catch that, what did you say?

Mike: My new sky mama it’s kind of a joke I guess.

JAREL:  : I think that your attempts to communicate with the higher realms are worthy of recognition and we do appreciate your genuine attempts. We do look forward to you continuing to reach up and outward.


JAREL:   And with that, I leave you. Goodnight.

All: Goodnight JarEl

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