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LLN460- Central Practice-Stillness

2014-12-04-Central Practice-Stillness
Lightline #460


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Central Practice – Stillness
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Elyon
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Central Practice – Stillness
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Elyon
TR: Mark Rogers


ELYON:  I welcome this opportunity to come onto the floor with you all, I am Elyon and I feel invited this evening as the initial interjection about going back to basics and the importance of that and what that might mean. You, all who have been a part of this Teaching Mission for sometime, will no doubt recognize that there has been a certain consistency throughout. In referencing the basics I feel qualified to bring you back, since I was instrumental in the beginning, at introducing some of the very basics and I will call you all to witness that these basics are still quite significant. I refer to number one, the practice of stillness.

To those of you who have been faithful in practicing this discipline it may seem as though this goes so far back as to no longer be significant, but I assure you, it is the foundation, the bedrock on which your furthest spiritual explorations have been built. Without this primal discipline, you cannot hope to build your foundations of spirit awareness on solid footing and the very fact that you have engaged in these practices these many years, so much so that they have become second nature, is testament to the necessity of this principle.

Just because it is a basic element and a beginning block does not mean that it does not remain a significant cornerstone of your foundation. The fact that it may be old news to you is granted, but you must all recall that there is always the potential that there are those coming along that do not have the long term exposure to these basics that you have enjoyed and so there will always be the referencing back to what is important, the stillness, the gaining control over the ramblings of the mind and the different methods and objectives around that process.

This will never go out of fashion or be out of date. This will always be a significant aspect of what we are attempting to bring to this world at this time. There are many, there are most of the individuals out there, who have yet to recognize the significance of this one basic truth let alone the other basic truths we have introduced of your relationship to your cosmic family, your divine origins and destiny, your capacity as co-created beings. These elements of self have yet to even scratch the surface. Mankind has yet to discover these basic truths about themselves and so how can it be that these basics, these tenants of who you are as a spiritual being could be outmoded or somehow no longer pertinent, in fact, if we spent all of our time and energy just getting a few of these basic points across, our mission would be resounding with success.

Instead, we struggle to portray these basics and there are some, even some among you, who have embraced these truths and accepted these principles, and now desire more and wish to build on these principles and expand with this new perspective that has been gained. And so it is that groups venture out in different directions in search of more and greater truths, deeper meanings and higher values. This is not a bad thing and you witness that we have accommodated your desires each and every one. If you have interest in your heart, if you are seeking, then it is our desire to help you find, help you be successful in your search.

And so we have ventured off on many different tangents to the main principles, nevertheless, none of this would be possible were it not for your mastering the basics for were it not for your abilities to embrace these truths we have offered as basic building blocks, we could go no further. I understand the concern that the basics not be forgotten and this is true. Just as it is important for you to learn your alphabet so that you can organize it and use it to your best advantage to formulate your word symbols, it is not desired that you rehearse your alphabet infinitely; rather it is desired that you become so familiar with it that it becomes second nature, becomes a part of you, it becomes an extension of yourself, a tool for you to use.

You need not go back so far to the basics and so it is with some of these principles of divine stewardship: of sonship with God, of being a part of a divine family, of using moments of stillness to reaffirm this connection, of using your position in this relationship to act in a co-creative capacity, these demonstrate that you are in possession and in mastery of some of these basics and you are applying these principles at will, that you no longer need to go over them and be refreshed, you simply move into the wielding of these principles as if you had an extension of yourself, command of these principles through your own being and this is all exactly how it should manifest.

You are becoming more and more, extensions of your awareness. I invite you to witness this perspective the next time you are graced with encountering someone who is new to these principles and you may have an opportunity to go back and start where you were so very long ago and introduce them to some of the most basic ideas of your spiritual awareness. It is only then that you will see how far you have really come. When you have to go back and explain what stillness is to someone and why it is important and what is the value of it, you will see for yourselves how this very basic tenant has been absorbed by your being, how you function relying on this principle, how it has become second nature to you. When you have to explain it to another what it is and why, you will see how very far you have come and progressed from those early days when you were asking those same questions and needing those same answers.

So in reference to this discussion about what may or may not be appropriate in terms of what lessons, what stage of lessons, what different teachers may bring and what different t/r’s may bring to the table, remember that this co-creative process is always in flux. It is a dynamic process in which there are multiple participants, it is a moving target of what it’s settled on in the end and anything that transpires is serviceable to someone, somewhere, somehow. None of it is in vain and none of it is in grave error. It may be judged by some to be non-essential, superfluous or erroneous but it would not have transpired if the participants involved had not desired that it be made manifest.

Keep this in mind, these dances that you witness between the participants are mutual. It takes two to dance. They may appeal to you or perhaps turn you off but they exist as the fruits of a relationship, a co-creative relationship where there is limited perfection. Keep in mind that all attempts at these spirit conversations are necessarily imperfect. They are a result of an imperfect process with imperfect techniques under imperfect circumstances. It can be said that it is a miracle it happens at all.

So go easy on yourselves and on others. Judge not the effectiveness or pertinence of any others form of spiritual exercise, simply try to perfect your own. Try to become more and more the perfect listener so that you can be more and more the accurate portrayer of that which you have heard and grant that the process itself is inherently imperfect. That does not mean it does not have value, is not important, that the work that you task yourself with is not significant, for it is. But, again, try not to be too hard on yourselves. Simply take the best and leave the rest and this will be the most reasonable approach for you to take.

It is indeed very interesting to join this group and reflect on what is significant, what is important about all this that we have been doing for so very long in this Teaching Mission, what has survived, what has grown, what directions have things gone and simply to take stock and take note. I ask you all to trust, to have faith that what you do is significant; the mark you leave on this world is a significant one. Many like yourselves have had significant impact that they were wholly unaware of. So I invite you to have faith that your efforts at documenting spirit, at being representatives of spirit, at interfacing with those spirit beings, all these are notable and worthy contributions to make to the spirit presentation to your world.

I honor the fact that you must do this in faith without the rewards of seeing the impact on others. Truly, those who would be greatest among you must be servers of all, as you have been. I honor you all for your efforts at keeping this dream alive, promoting this version of truth and awaiting the time when the rest of your brethren will come to acknowledge it and see it as significant as you do. Stay the course dear ones, you are the children in whom the Father is well pleased.


ELYON:   Thank you for your time this evening, I hope I have brought words and encouragement and words of love to bolster your faith and bring you peace in the process. It has been my supreme pleasure to commune with you in this way this evening. I now bid you adieu, farewell.

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