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TAL58- Keep Building Faith

1995-07-16-Keep Building Faith
Tallahassee #58


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Keep Building Faith
o 1.2 Group: Tallahassee TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Machiventa, Will, Alphonso
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lessson
 3.2.1 Moment
 3.2.2 Conferences
 3.2.3 Circuits, Influence
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Keep Building Faith
Group: Tallahassee TeaM
Teacher: Machiventa, Will, Alphonso
TR: Unknown


MACHIVENTA:  Greetings, children, it is I Machiventa. I bid you welcome this evening. You are indeed, a bright and shining group of faith seekers! Your conversation this evening regarding Michael’s coming, is a conversation that is being heard across this world, among groups of people like yourselves, and from single persons who have no connection to a group, but in their hearts burn the same desire and faith that burns in your own. They too, are receiving the loving connection, the down reach from we who teach and spread the good news on this planet. Always is it best to be willing to see with open eyes, and open heart, yet also be willing to continue, as is, with hope.


MACHIVENTA:  Putting expectations of time construct on this or any other endeavor, impedes your progress, rather it would be better, to continue building your faith, correcting your own errors, and with an open heart, seek to do the Father’s will. All the good that you achieve in your lives will help not only your own progress, but will certainly help the progress of this world that you endeavor to change through your open hearts. And mark my words, it -is- changing, and it is being done by yourselves and others like you.

This is not to say that there are not wonderful things on the horizon for you and this world that you live in, for there are indeed. But don’t focus on what may be tomorrow, rather focus on what is now, for in this moment that you live are all the seeds for tomorrow begun, for it is through your efforts in the now moment, that life is lived. Focusing on what was, or what may be, is always counter productive, and more or less wasted effort. The Father’s work through you, is to be done now, as you live it…this moment.

This is not to say that looking back at the progress you have made, the path you have traveled, is not an effort to be desired, for always, in looking back, and seeing your progress, is your hope for the future made stronger; is you faith in today made more clear within your mind. As it is this faith in today and what you do with that faith, today, that we would like you to focus on.

We have taught you over the past years, to look to yourselves, to change yourselves. We are the only person we have the power to change. It is as you have been told and as you have learned, that in changing ourselves, do we change the world. As you become clearer, more centered, more loving faith sons and daughters, this loving (?) as it is clearly focused and projected through you as a lens, do you change the world, are your brothers and sisters changed through your efforts.

And as we begin to step out in the days ahead, this process of the Father working through you, will become upstepped as you begin to open your hearts ever wider, and allow what is within, that no longer resonates with who you are today, to pass through. This is the formula. This is where your efforts will more ably allow you to realize the path you have chosen. You who have committed to the Father’s plan through Michael will begin to recognize more clearly your role as you more fully embrace this work.

I want to thank each and every one of you for coming this evening, for opening your hearts to each other, and to we, who hope to help you change your world from one of darkness to one of light…knowing that it can only be done through you and your efforts…we thank you. And now I step back, in the hope that others may wish to speak. Go with God, always with an open heart. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The blessings of God shower down upon us as a gentle rain from above, filling our lives with love and hope for the future. The power of God upholds the universe of universes, and oversees all things, great and small. Wherever we gather, is where He is, be it here, or far, He is always with us. Greetings my dear ones, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you.


WILL:  I would like to speak for just a moment regarding this conference. You have no need to worry. We have always endeavored to play our part in helping you, in every way that we are able. You certainly do the work, yet we make the opportunities available to you. The opening of hearts that you spoke of this evening, is indeed increasing by numbers across this world. Many who have in the past rejected out of hand what is in your lives a fact, that is the reality of the down reach of all who participate in this Mission, we who are a part of Michael’s plan to uplift this world, many of these have now opened their hearts sufficiently to begin to embrace, to accept, to have a change of mind and heart. You who have been instructed for these past years, are having an effect, though in most cases, you know it not, may in fact not understand the significance of the work you do for yet years to come.

There will be those who will be drawn to this conference, who in fact, have no formal teaching mission affiliation. You will reach out to them, those of you who go, and through your open heart and the knowledge that we have given you, will you begin their training.

Many opportunities will be given to you through this conference, that will be ongoing through the next year. The friendships that you’ll make, the connections that you’ll make, we ask you to continue feeding those connections over this next year as they are all part of this network of the heart. Think of this network as a living circuitry, for indeed, it is just that. This circuitry connects each one of you to your brothers and sisters, and yet in order for it to stay alive, it must be fed. These people who you will be drawn to will in fact, in times to come, become a part of either small or large working groups. Your group here is one such group. All of the Teaching Mission groups are becoming working groups.

This is one of the reasons it is of the utmost importance that you bond on the deeper levels; you must learn to work together harmoniously, drawing on your strengths, recognizing your weaknesses, both in yourselves and in each other. So when you go to this conference, recognize that those people who you are drawn to have been put on your path by design. Do your part in strengthening the connection between you. And yes, there will be other things, perhaps of a more exciting nature that will open your eyes even further. That is all I may say regarding the conference.

My final word would be to recognize that all that passes in your lives, much of it is not as it seems. Much goes on in your lives on a level too deep for you to clearly recognize, but that too, my dears, will begin to change as you open yourselves even more to the light, the help, the energy that has begun to filter down upon this planet into your open hearts. I leave you now, with my love as always, and the hope for a joyous and blessed week to come. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

Circuits, Influence

ALFONSO: This is Alfonso. There is a loving energy that is being applied to this planet, as a gentle mist. It is not readily discernable by the population at large, and yet it influences everyone. From our perspective; however, it is important to describe to you what happens when this energy or love current connects with a receptive individual. While the mist covers all and influences all to one degree or another, when it connects there is a spark as if a light has been turned on, and that person becomes a conduit for this love and influences those people who previously had merely been subconsciously touched by the mist. In this way, those who are most sensitive and who are connected to this love, are able to connect or contribute to the connection of third parties. And so the network of love is more rapidly expanding.

This is why we say that those people who are capable and conscious of this energy, or should I say conscious of this energy and willing to pass it along, are usually unaware of the significance of their actions. They can generally see only a short distance and generally denigrate their activities as being of little worth. From our perspective however, the people who can be consciously about the Father’s business, have a wide wake that influences many people. And as other people are connected as a result of these people, then they too become influential in the spreading of love.

And so the growth becomes exponential and the progress becomes accelerated until finally, all are connected, and all can feel and exhibit the love of God in their lives. That is what we are working toward. Your assistance is invaluable in this effort, the assistance of those like you is similarly of great value. Understand that your actions can do more than just benefit your own spiritual progress, it can also benefit those around you, your children, your coworkers, those you meet on the street. So we ask you to be aware of the significance of your actions, to exhibit the highest and most loving attitude toward those you meet, and to regularly seek the Father’s will in all you do. And we thank you for your efforts in this regard, and understand while this is a responsibility, it is a joyful one, so go forth in happiness and joy!


ALFONSO:  We appreciate your efforts and encourage you to continue. We thank you tonight for your kind attention and will now bid you adieu. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

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