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LLN566- Service and Intention

2020-05-07  Service and Intention
Lightline #566

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2020-05-07
Teacher: Michael, Dr. Mendoza
T/R: Mark Rogers

MICHAEL:  My dear ones, I am He you seek to serve. I am your parent and as well I am your brother and as well I may be your partner. You speak of your desire to be of service. This being of service you do for me each and every time you do it for others. For these, you all are my children and whenever you seek to reach out and help another you are doing my ministry. So in this way, our connection as family is channeled through your heritage from me to you and from you as you so choose, to others. All of your desires to be of service are in fact your demonstration of gratitude for all the grace that has nurtured you thus far and it pleases us so much to see your attempts to engage and be of service. I will be happy at any time to assist you in this process.

Throughout this learning experience you are learning about connections and circuits and energies and ties that bind and I am here to remind you, I am another one of these circuits available to you. I have dispersed my Spirit of Truth that is within you and I would also counsel and fellowship with you at your request. You have enjoyed for some time, the association with my ministers of light, the likes of your teachers, your Dr. Mendoza’s, your Machiventa’s and these individuals are just like you in a line of service that extends from me through them to you, a line of manifesting divine pattern. This is your destiny, this is where you are growing to, closer to me, closer to us, more spirit all the while.

And so it greatly pleases me when you, of your own free will choice, choose to devote your time to seeking and searching for how you may be of service. I wanted to thank you for your service, what you do for others, you truly do for me. It is my desire that others be comforted. It is my desire that others be healed and you are there walking the earth with the others who need our assistance. You might then bring them words of comfort from me. You might then implement some energy shifts in healing from me. You might be a conduit of my love to them if you so choose. I am empowering you, even now, to act in my stead and to do what you think I would do and to act in accordance with the principles and teachings that you have had.

My dear ones, try to maintain an attitude of taking your time though this process. Each moment can be cherished. Each experience is truly golden. These are the things that your being is made of, this collection of experiences. Take them in and savor them. Seek to learn all that they have to teach you and rest easy that you are in my service. You are in the service to your Divine Parents whenever you seek to minister to others and in this way you have our gratitude, you have our appreciation and we have a grand connection that will only get greater. I invite you to invite me. I will do my best to bring you comfort and counsel as you invite me to do so.

But my dear ones, please know that I trust you to speak for me. I request that you speak for me for it is you who must represent my love. It is you who must portray the values that we have shared. It is your opportunity in time and space to change the course of life in history, to influence the direction of another when they simply observe your course. This is the miracle that happens between individuals who are all growing. So be at ease and gently row your boat down the stream, because as you go, recall that this life is but a dream that you have, that you create, that you manifest because of your free will choice and how you manifest it is conditioned by your relationship to spirit and your spiritual component. This is evident in the lives that you lead. You have been influenced by a different perspective, a greater perspective that is not simply focused on the immediate time and space condition but rather sees themselves  as the member of a cosmic family that has a grand career before them.

I pray that you embrace your place in the family, and as a family member, you embrace your ability and your right to exercise your creative prerogative and choose to bring about a more divine version, a more perfected version, because you have had the glimpse of what that might be. It is up to you to furnish this glimpse so that it may be adopted in service. This is your destiny to be creators. You are, as you have witnessed in your own lives, creators of many material things and likewise, there are many things that you have impacted, changed or altered because of your spiritual observation and your example.

Thank you again for all that you do in service and trust that we will be there to assist as you have need. Fall back on us for assistance and know that we will never forsake you. Let it be so in your lives as you move forward. Be at peace with the process as you are now. Go in peace, farewell.

DR MENDOZA:  Yes, I am here in attendance as you felt my energy signature. I am always looking for a way to describe certain energetic aspects and I always am looking for analogies and ways to portray things which are unseen. Today I would like to bring into the equation for consideration, the ability of the observer to change the equation. So I am now back to practical application. Your science has now discovered that things cannot be observed in a completely neutral state. They are being observed through lenses and from different perspectives with different expectations and different awareness’s and therefore that which you seek to observe is commanded by the laws of attraction to conform to your idea to some degree, to support your conclusions, to confirm your observation.

And so, if this is the case, that no two can observe the exact same phenomenon, then it indicates the observer has some power over the observed. There is some creative influence involved when you attempt to enter an equation and assess the circumstance. And, you will all call to witness, that you have encountered a variety of results with people based upon their attitudes and their predispositions. These conditions that are brought to the equation transform it as a lens, transforms your view of the circumstance. It is always good to be reminded that there may be a prejudice in your own viewpoint one way or another based upon your perspective.

And if this is all so, then could one use that principle to your advantage? If things will appear to look as you might expect, then, should you not expect the best, the most divine version of that you are observing and if you were to expect to see that, would that not condition the very reality you are observing. So I invite you all to adopt the lens of spirit, the lens of greater perspective of looking beyond the current circumstance to a greater version of it, an enhanced reality of it and bring that to your observation. Look through that lens and surprisingly, you will find what you look for, no matter what lens you use.

So, direct your energies through the proper lens. Condition your very reality with intention and purpose to do so. You are, in a sense, attuning your vibration to which the universe will have to match your intention. You will draw to you yourself the like energies, the similar wavelengths and that will be what you observe. You have conditioned the environment so that that’s what will be present. You have heard in your lore that great healers have been successful because they already have envisioned the healing, have created it in advance of its arrival, and so when they are involved with the healing they are simply unfolding the dream, the plan, the vision of healing and the universe must conform to your vibration level, to your wavelength.

So is it not important then, when encountering situations, to predispose your experience to bring the highest lens, the best lens with you to look through, the one that enables you to see the goodness, the beauty, the truth in every situation. I bring this dimension to your attention so that we may condition the working environment with greater intention. Just as you are drawn to gather here tonight because of your intention, it has created this field of energy and this circuit that is now charged and may be directed.

Thank you for your attention. I appreciate your willingness to open this channel so that we may get to know each other and work together as comrades on the same team. We all are under Micheal’s plan. We all adhere to the divine pattern that has been overlaid over this existence. Would there be any questions or dialog before I take my leave?

Comment: I just want to give a beautiful thank you. I have been calling on you so often. Thank you so much for your support and participation.

DR MENDOZA:   You are most welcome my faithful associate. We are on the same team with the same desire to be of service and we have been graced with this relationship for which I too am so very grateful, thank you. I pray you all have a good evening and that tonight’s fellowship may bring you some comfort and some peace in your assurance that we are all part of this great endeavor on the same team, under Michel’s authority and in service together. I share your gratitude for such service, farewell.

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