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LLN565- Golden Opportunities

2020-04-30 Golden Opportunities
Lightline # 565

Subject: Lightline Teleconference
Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Monjoronson

T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: I petition our divine guides and emissaries of light to assist us as we assemble. As we are assembling as spirit beings, we would like you to join us in this dimension, in this space that we’ve created and be part of our working group and assist us in the process as we have need and drink with us this cup of service that we all might share. Thank you, all of our unseen associates that we undoubtedly believe, accept and embrace and would like to work from that understanding, that awareness. Thank you Divine Parents.

DR MENDOZA:  Greetings, I would happily respond to your request for some fellowship, counsel or even a consult call, I am Dr. Mendoza. In overhearing some of the discussions prior, I would like to offer a perspective for you all to consider tonight and that is to see this golden opportunity that you have, where you have been asked to be still, where you have been asked to not engage with others and associate yourself with others, provides a unique opportunity for individuals to assess the state of their own being. As many are so concerned with the material repercussions of getting something done in their life, something tangible, visible and reference-able, often times this service to the self does get pushed to the back, does get overlooked in favor of being a good productive human.

But, your entire culture has been asked to slow down, has been asked to stop some activities, has been asked to  curtail others and this process of slowing down contains within it the golden opportunity of the time that you “didn’t have” before to pay attention to your own well being you now should have. It is a matter of choice. What will you do with your new life, with your new schedule, with your new freedoms and how would you like to conduct yourself going forward.

You see, the whole is only as good as all the parts, and all the parts, all of you, are all separate and individual and in the end, the only one responsible for your own well being is you. It is your responsibility to monitor your condition and to change your actions as necessary to benefit your vehicle. To preserve your life and condition it by making it better is your privilege, your opportunity. No one else on the planet will see to that or will make sure that that happens or will respect their own person like they are willing to respect others.

So, while you are all actively concerned in being about the business of this or that, all being notable, laudable intentions, don’t be swept away with your desire to be productive at the expense of your time to service yourself, to provide yourself with the necessary elements to maintain good health and even good peace of mind. Returning to the stillness, now that you have more time, would be an optimum choice. Take this new found freedom, whether it has been imposed upon you or whether you have chosen it and direct it. Choose to use it for your own benefit, which my friends is a great service to the whole because you are taking part, taking care of the part. Only you can provide this service for the Father, for the Supreme, for the whole.

I bring you this perspective again because you need reminding, that this is a worthy function, that you should be spending your time doing something as self oriented as this. This is not only okay, it is desirable that you spend more time with yourself. This is how you find your peace, how you find yourself, how you find what you want and what you don’t want in this life and what you are willing to do to secure a better life for yourself.

So, do not forget the self in the desire to work on anything, anywhere, everywhere. Remember that the healer also must drink of the cup of healing. The service that is provided must be furnished by those who have enough to share and you are the ones who are sharing and should renew yourselves and drink of the cup of spirit as it flows though you. You are all worthy servants and should feel as though you yourself deserve this service.

There is present also a great collective energy and I understand that there is some desire to utilize this network that’s been formed and do something with it. The desire is simply a broad one. Everyone has an internal desire to help, to be of assistance, to be part of the great solution for us. And so, since all of you are as the spark plugs to your world, you may take comfort in knowing that your presence provides the ignition source for spirit to ground and fire to the material plane. You have dedicated yourselves to being this conduit, being this avenue and now you are effective sparks of spirit.

Working in partnership with spirit you now are in place to funnel this energy into this dimension of the material plane and as conduits, you are providing a grand service. We have used the term before, that you are light anchors. A similar analogy, you are beacons of spirit, lighthouses in the dark and those who are in your proximity may be ignited by your sparks. There is a latent spiritual desire, a spirit tendency, to want to be associated with that family. And so, your ‘firing’ of spirit, your charging the atmosphere, is what is needed to cause the spark in another, even to light the flame of spirit.

But this work is unseen. You must experience the results of your efforts in another dimension of spirit. And so it may appear as though you are merely being yourselves, you are merely doing what you have been taught to do, you are simply fulfilling your destiny and as fate would have it, that is perfection in this realm. That is the design fulfilled, that you would come into your own as conductors of spirit to your plane, is your destiny. You have sought this ability, this skill, really just this trait of yours and having discovered it, you now are a useful point of light that may be used to transfer spirit.

As an individual of the realm, you may use your creative influence to direct and focus some energies and in this way you add your spiritual contribution, your act of love and your desire to partnership with the divine and this makes the connection, the circuit required for it to be so. But you are learning these dynamics for yourself. I will never tire in going through scenarios or counseling over individual patients. I simply am pleased to have the likes of all of you even hear my words, even consider that we have come together here in spirit. Spirit knows no time, so we may join together again at your choosing. I will always be available to meet you in a timeless dimension of spirit as will your Divine Parents and your Indwelling Spirit guide. All await your choosing, your deciding to ask us into your equation and I remain eternally grateful for this opportunity you have provided, this sharing you have offered in this process.

I have rather adopted this group, having been invited in early in the process, and having been so willingly accepted, I have great expectations for what might be accomplished with such powerful co-creators as you all are. I pray it become so with all of us and look forward to working with all who are interested. Thank you all, good evening.

MONJORONSON:  I greet you as well, I am Monjoronson, here once again because I have heard the call for service that’s in each of your hearts and that is present even among this group. I have informed you before, that there were great times before us, that we would have opportunities to work together and grow together through this next process. And now we find ourselves at a time of great change, even of epic significance, wherein time will be marked by these events in these days.

I invite you all to not succumb to any desire to engage in fearful activities for your safety. If there is one thing spiritualized beings learn, is that they are lovingly cared for and that their trust and faith in all that is beyond brings such comfort and peace that you can lose your fear of being unsafe, even your fear of death, for the Father will care for you as He has your whole being, whether you are here or whether you are in another state, another state of being. You are cared for throughout your growth process with the same loving attention you have enjoyed up till now. So your trust that it will not stop is what will keep you safe, will keep this demon of fear away.

Another thing that a spiritualized being knows is that change is always present, always part of your growth pattern. So the uncertainty around change is mitigated by the fact that you realize that change is a part of the process, a necessary component and therefore it is less frightening, it is less misunderstood. This may bring you the peace of mind to have a peace of being, a peace that can pervade your being and spiritualize your person, that is, to live in this dimension of spirit a little more and in this dimension of material, perhaps a little less because you may choose to do so because you are both.

And those in this group realize that this is a real possibility. You may function in spirit capacity fully and completely and as well you may function in the material capacity. The more you bring spirit into the material equation, the more you raise your very vibration, your very energetic level, your very state of being. In this process, you now are less subject to the material impositions than you would otherwise be. You have transformed your material experience by overlaying your spiritual experience and observing through a different lens, the spirit lens.

This ability, this skill that you have honed, is why you are here tonight and I am most pleased to see a circle of such light workers with such intention to gather and do good. This is a form of prayer, this is an act of gratitude for what you have received and gained and all these are divine qualities. So I much appreciate working with the likes of all of you and would offer to join with you as you assemble to discuss anything you like. We are in changing times and so your interests and questions and fears may change and we can navigate all this. Just as you have gotten to this point, you will proceed and arrive at the next point of your journey.

Would there be any questions or dialog at this time before leaving you?

Question: I would ask for any insights for this group. I know it has so many gifts and talents and possibilities of service when there are many needs in many many areas. Are there any recommendations of spaces that would be best utilized to navigate in? Is it the health realm, is it bombarding energy, is it in research, there are so many do you have any insight on that, it would be nice to know?

MONJORONSON:  Gladly, the most important realm to work in, in your desire to be of service, is exactly where you are at. You are uniquely positioned to contact a sphere of individuals that all may benefit from your choosing to connect with them, to in essence, create a relationship with them. This act of one on one compassion and assistance and aid, even if that is as simple as listening to a fellow or helping someone get groceries or as mundane as assisting someone with laundry, these are the golden acts, these are the opportunities for you to demonstrate your command of spirit. These are the opportunities where your guiding light, your shining beacon is brought into the proximity of others and they will experience the glow of your being. They will experience the light that is within you.

And simply by being the best human that you know how to be, based on your values that you have gained from your spiritual perspective as to what is significant, what is important, what is good, what is true and what is beautiful, these guiding posts will invariably shine forth in how you conduct yourselves, what you do in your life, how you show compassion, how you assist others, how you care about all. These are the demonstration of your values and these values are what change a culture, a world, a people. Values determine your laws, your conditions, your circumstances. Values are what determine even who lives and who dies.

So, now in this time of uncertainty, demonstrate divine values. In your life, it need not take any words. It needs to be the expression of your understanding of your values and the divine principles that they are based upon.  This latest virus has shown the world how infectious and easily spread by contact agents may be and how in fact they become viral. In the same very manner, you may introduce this virus of love, this virus of enhanced values, of deeper morals, of spiritual significance. You may put this virus out there, this virus of love, and it can go viral because it spreads similarly from one to another, contact to contact.

And so this grass roots method is in fact, the most beneficial, although I understand you all often seek grander expressions, that these grand expressions of spiritual assistance if you will, are not what is needed at this point. We have to restructure the cultural pattern, we have to rebuild it based upon a different value system, a value system that supports love for all. And, this we are doing, this you are doing in your simple everyday lives of being examples of good spirit led mortals of the realm who act in accordance with their higher understanding and wisdom that they have gained.

Then, people will come and ask, why do you have such peace of mind, such purpose, such intention, such hopefulness in the face of such change? All this is as a result of your spiritual awakening, the depth of your perspective. So be about being who you are, reaching out to all those around you that you touch. Bring the flavor of spirit, the tone of spirit, of lofty values and divine principles and this virus will spread as well. This virus will be as contagious because the human heart yearns to be loved, accepted and embraced. That is the message that we need to get out. We all are in this together, we all are cherished children of Divine Creators and we all are members of this great cosmic family to which we belong and as a result of your lineage, you are in fact designed to be creators. You are designed to implement and manifest your visions and your intentions. This you do regularly. This you do now with more intention, with more purpose, with more awareness and as you grow, your proficiency will prove amazing. Thank you for your question.

Thank you all again for your time and the energy you’ve invested to be here and by that I mean, the many years of investment of energy you have spent to be at this place. I recognize your accomplishments in this realm and desire to work with your creative prerogative for the benefit of your world and the benefit of you. Let it be so, good day to you all.

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