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NID808- Fear

No Idaho #808


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Fear
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: LIGHT, Jonathan, Michael
o 2.2 TR: Henry Z., Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Fear
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: LIGHT, Jonathan, Michael
TR: Henry Z., Cathy Morris


LIGHT:   [Henry] Greetings to you this morning, it is I, Light. I am here this morning to take the opportunity you have offered to shed some light on this human fear notion. Yes, it is peculiarly distressing to humans because fear is one half of your legacy as human animals. Spirit has no fear per se, spirit intends to understand fear intellectually but spirit can never fully comprehend fear as a human can. Nevertheless, it is the one part of your legacy which can completely dominate the whole system, the whole mind. Without realizing it you allow it to dominate and control you. You react out of fear, you act from a stance of fear. You make decisions based on fear yet there are many of you who are conscious of the need to bring this element of fear under control, to bring it into a neutral place, one in which it can exist without having a dominating influence over the whole system.

Fear is like salt, in small increments it has a lot to offer but large concentrations are dangerous. Large concentrations of salt are used for fermentation, for pickling, for preserving things. Too much fear does the same thing. It wants to preserve intact this false sense of self with the ego sense of sense of self which in small increments is fine but in large increments becomes false, unreal, it works against you. It begins to make decisions which are not for your best interests but its best interests. So yes, in the area of the mind and elements which you allow free rein within your mind, this element of fear can interfere with the overall intentions of the individual to move past these barriers, these levies of fear and allow the water of life to freely flow throughout. The water of life is the combination of spirit and the nurturing aspect of your mind bringing in elements of curiosity and inquisitiveness, adventure, searching, seeking. Fear pulls out all the stops, keeps you in line.

But what happens when fear begins to restrict heavy influences, when it begins to restrict the further movement of the individual, the spiritual [growth]. Too much fear, like too much salt, is bad for the body. Too much fear and the nervous system starts to stuff fear in areas of your body, sometimes in the glandular system. It gives rise to the acidic conditions in the body, the food you eat, fear holding all of this chemistry that begins to deteriorate, begins to weaken because yes, fear is a low frequency and it will move into any high frequency functioning healthy area and weaken it because that is its nature. It is a powerful weak system of low frequency vibrations which will gradually deplete [systems] energetically and begin to shut [them] down.

Over long periods of time, yes, you begin to notice that things which at one time were termed psychosomatic are actually very real, that [what] you hold in the mind transfers into your body and if you hold it within a certain concentration, will have a tremendously negative effect on your body. Just like if you hold the amount of light in your body, this will also have a tremendous effect by raising and increasing the vibration of the body, of the mind circuits, of everything. Fear is like human life, it is something humans must deal with themselves, understand and help themselves bring this fear under control. There are many disciplines already in existence, meditations, yoga which stretches and relaxes the nervous system. Relaxing the nervous system therefore releases the stress in the nervous system held by fear within the mind.

Notice how quickly a pang of fear will transfer into a release of adrenaline in the body and take over the whole body, seconds, nanoseconds. If this can happen instantly in an extreme accidental situation, just think of what it does by slowly grating over time in some mundane experience that isn’t accidental or dramatic. It still has an effect on the whole body. One of the most challenging concepts to grapple with as a human is to understand that thought always precedes what follows. Thought always comes first. The quality of your mind is like a room. If you have this wonderful light filled, colorful, fragrant open room as opposed to some dank dark cell that you are locked into, this is what the quality of mind is like in fear. It is like a cell that is cold, dark, crude, restricting, no light, wants to shut everything down, off. It just wants to satiate the individual ego mind, the mind of the alternative person.

Stillness and meditation speak to the quality of the mind. Stillness is like opening the window,removing the curtains and allowing the light into a dark room, fresh air circulating. This is what stillness does to the mind. It intends to replenish the quality and nature of the mind, its sharpness of discernment, its quickness of decision, its responsibility to action. It is in those moments when you are brought to the extreme of fear when you finally suppress this fear, that a certain quality is revealed, it is a sense, it is a knowing-ness, it is a re-connection with the light, a re-connection with spirit.

Fear not for I am here says a tremendous faith, a tremendous faith in the love of God and the fellowship of mankind and humankind. Overcome fear, rein fear in control. Fear is like a leashed attack dog. It is something you want to keep on a leash, something that does not socialize well and yet in the advancing sociological stages in the human drama on your planet, fear inter-plays in all aspects of this drama outworking. These are why times of peace are sought after and should be worked towards because peace reduces the need for fear dominating and controlling. The times of the fearful actions taken on your world fifty years ago have passed but the mental state still exists. This element of fear which inter-plays within the social consciousness, when brought under control within the individual can exert a tremendous influence on others. By holding forth in the light and bringing light to bear upon the quality of mind, you help to bring fear under control through social consciousness and it very well may come down to a scenario of those who are afraid and those who are not.

So in dealing with people, help to respect their burden of fear by helping them lift this burden by giving them a sense of ease, of being able to sit down and talk and take off this leaden cloak of fear which they carry by giving something that people are not afraid of, quality of time, listening, helping others to ground into something other than fear, helping them take fear out of gear and keeping it in neutral. Thank you for allowing me to share a few thoughts this morning, shed a little light on the earth dilemma, fear alert. So I put fear into the light and I send you off to have a good week, be in peace, be of good cheer, thank you.

JONATHAN:  [Cathy] I am joining you in the discussion of fear and methods to adjust yourself to manipulate your perception of fear. On this plane, I have found the bliss and absence of fear that some have described. When I was with you on the planet, I had moments of great doubt and fear. This was indeed a gripping animal experience. I had studied many philosophies and views of life but the moments of fear recognition would appear that seems from this viewpoint that they were brief flashes of intellectual perception. They were more of a mindal image that the body embraced on a basic level. I am so blessed to be free from the attachment that produces the sensation of fear. On this side it is recognized that love is the reality, the love is developing and continuous.

It is true that we are all in the Creator’s care, it is true that we are all connected and love is the essence of this universe. Fear cannot persist against the light and love that is reality. Darkness and fear are the remnants of past error on Urantia. As the darkness is eliminated, by application of light and love the fear will disappear. You have the ability to embrace and use the light. You have the ability to focus the light where needed. You can be an instrument of enhancing light to shine away fear. You can be the light. I see this so clearly from my perspective. You can be the change that is needed. Will you help? I will be with you. I am always a part of your action.


MICHAEL:  [Cathy] Peace be upon you my children, there is no need to fear.

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