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NID809- Relationship of Part & Whole

2013-12-01-Relationship of Part & Whole
No Idaho #809


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Relationship of Part and Whole
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Teacher Gorman, Jonathan
o 2.2 TR: Henry Z., Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Relationship of Part and Whole
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Teacher Gorman, Jonathan
TR: Henry Z., Mark Rogers


GORMAN:   Greetings to you my friends, it is I Gorman. It is good to be here in this circle of friendship, circle of concern, circle of intention, the eternal circle of love. Listening to your conversation about the completeness, the wholeness of a situation, a condition, an experience, the connection, a wholeness which both supports, nurtures and resources each part, it is like being aware of the wholeness, the completeness of an experience. Many times this does not happen until you have had a chance to process and digest the experience and at a later time of insight, see the more subtle and intricate nature of the experience, its strengths, its weaknesses, how things can operate without you being aware of them and what it is about you that makes you aware of what you are aware of in any experience or situation.

Sometimes one must adjust to fit back into the whole, the part which you are. Many times you become more than the part that you are required. When you lose sight and begin to listen to the ego part of yourself, [you] will drift further and further from your humble stance which is your total connection to the wholeness which is your life, which is you, which is the experience, which is everything. This wholeness is complete in each moment whether you are aware of its completeness, the infinitesimal-ness of its ability to connect, the amount of service that each part renders to each other part in its relationship to form the whole, because the wholeness is the unification of the parts. If they are not unified they are just a conglomeration of parts.

So what unifies all of the parts? Is it each part recognizing the sovereignty which does unite all of them or, is it each part adjusting the relationship tension to accommodate conductibility, to accommodate a wholeness of relationship in which each part is nourished by every other part and the completeness is an experience the wholeness each part has to offer? When you are not consciously connected to spirit you think your part is whole and when you connect to spirit you become aware that your part is tremendously small and to be complete, must become as a grain of sand on a beach.

In a spiritual sense, each of you is the same. Your egos want to tell you different, but spiritually, in the mind of spirit, you are all the same. You are of the same substance, you are of the same purpose, you are of the same value and I’m not talking about the uniqueness of the individual which defines the connection, defines the relationship of all these parts, to become whole. The greater experience lies in its wholeness. The rest of the universe is experiencing the wholeness of the relationship.

Don’t lose out, you too can experience this wholeness, this completeness, this oneness. When things come together and become complete and whole it creates something completely new, a relationship which has not existed before and in the realm of the mind and personality of God, the Father of relationships, this mere human experience does extend to that wholeness and completeness as in the Father’s mind.

Enough of the wholeness and part-ness of life and your experience of it. My friends, stay connected in the love because love is the relationship glue that brings all of the parts and makes them solid. I thank you for allowing me these few words. Have a pleasant week, go in peace.

JONATHAN:  [Mark] Good morning my friends, I am Jonathan here to throw my two coins in, as it were. I would provide a quick analogy of some of the material covered here this morning and that would be the use of the toss of a coin. The nature of a coin is that there are two sides to be brought up when it is tossed, the yin and the yang of life. The life experience may be likened to one side of the coin and adding this life experience adds to your cup that is you. One may continue to add and add to their vessel.

But the other side of the coin is the seeking of spirit, the spending time in stillness, the seeking to identify the part with the whole and this aspect actually grows the vessel. So it is necessary to spend time on each side of this coin, to feel free to add life experience which makes you confident and strong and inspired and then as well to spend time growing your capacity and increasing the ability to take on more life experience.


JONATHAN:  This is the way to stay fresh with it, to be ever willing to add more to yourself because you have greater capacity, ever willing to be inspired by life’s experience so that you may experience it even greater. Just a quick analogy of the above pattern I was amused by. I appreciate the opportunity to be here with you here today. My love stays you, always and forever. Thank you and farewell.

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