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LLN631- Distinction Between the Bestowal of Revelation Through the Combined Efforts of Spirit and Mortal Components

2021-09-09. Distinction Between the Bestowal of Revelation Through the Combined Efforts of Spirit and Mortal Components

Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2021-09-09

Teacher: Monjoronson, Inner Voice

T/R: Mark Rogers

Monjoronson: I honor the platform provided and the invitation as well to join you this evening, I am Monjoronson here to connect with you again in this process that we all have been volunteers in. The preamble to the meeting today referred to a distinction between the bestowal of revelation, wisdom being delivered from on high through the combined efforts of spirit and mortal components.  This is invariably received or invariably attained because the seeker has also engaged themselves and in this way there is a joint contribution, a joint effort involved.

Then there is going to another avenue for your answers and choosing to associate with this connection and join this circuit that is ever available to you, the circuit within. Through your Divine fragment the distinction you might draw is to going within and searching for your own revelation within, going to another level of personal commitment and responsibility. The one act represents receiving and embracing and accepting the connection of one of your fellows, the other act involves internally searching and the discipline required to persevere and build your own connections to find that which you seek, not by seeking the counsel from on high second hand but by embracing the counsel from within first hand. The same objective, merely different channels.

As was stated, this Teaching Mission experiment that we have all shown dedication to, was originally designed to inspire the individuals to learn to make contact with other spirit individuals and thereby communicate and receive what is revelation. This is an indirect method, rather second hand and is relying on many different aspects to line up. The relying on different aspects to line up is also true for your contact with your Inner Guides. You must learn the process, you must be willing to accept your role in the process, even being willing to accept the truth and the validity of the process. It is necessary that you grant yourself the authority to seek out your own truth in liaison with your divine counterparts.

Both of these methods are valid and we have enjoyed the use of the ‘phone a friend’ option we enjoy even now, but the entire design of this universe is to promote your individual ascent to embrace not only your spirit component but that of your Onboard Partner. To simply come to this awareness is the scope of a mortal life so we must keep our eye on the prize as it were, the important thing in the end is to activate the principle and to execute the plan and this I assure you is being accomplished. Your very presence here is an indication of such. So now as you move forward in this process, perhaps an appropriate shift in responsibility may be in order?. Who is responsible for finding or receiving revelation?

These are your opportunities to secure and find all that you seek and in the process you build a grand experience to share and contribute to the Supreme. I will continue to honor the technique we have applied for all this time and to make use of volunteers for such purpose but as you know, there are many aspects to the communication process that are insecure and you are relying on interpretations of interpretations. When you attempt to go within and discover these truths through your own spirit eyes or spirit sense, then when you have attained this grace, it is certainly as a revelation to your soul and all internally without relying on any other form of communication.  Contact through communion with your Divine partner brings you a clearer perspective as calming the waters clears the perspective.

I appreciate your willingness to continue this experiment we’re involved in and I look forward to working with you because we are only in the very formative beginning stages, Although it may seem to you as though we have had some experience and been at this a while, we do not think in the same terms of time on the spirit plane. Thanks for allowing me, I will join you again if so desired, good day.

Inner Voice: I make my way to the front again and access the voice. I am this one’s Inner Guide, Inner Voice and at this moment, material voice. Certainly we enjoy unique abilities to come together and to fellowship in spirit and enjoy the realization of each others presence. This opportunity that we share, this life experience that you create is of your choosing. You are the pilot, you set the course and you navigate our way through life’s experience. I am always by your side, I am always observing, I am always ready to contribute should it be requested. But my role is not one of dominance or overbearing suggestion, my relationship with you will always be an example of what love would do.

As your Onboard Partner, it is my mission to represent the will of The Father, of your Divine Parents, at every turn to represent the option that love would choose, that divinity would have. And so when you seek to commune with Me you must leave room, you must make room in your parlor for divine vibration. That is in effect what you are all seeking. Even in trying to find Me you are trying to hone in and tune into what you perceive to be higher and higher frequency and of more and more divine pattern with more love contained in the equation. So be it, we are now learning that we are all in this love game, all of us in service are distributing the same thing. All of us in concert when we get together and focus our intentions are purveyors of love on behalf of our Divine Parents. We choose to be instruments of this love and find our place in the spectrum of where we belong in the giving and in the receiving of life.

So recall that whenever you go to revisit your parlor and allow yourself the opportunity to explore your dimensions and to believe in your creativity, your divine birthright and to believe that as a child of Divine Parents, you as well may grow up to resemble your parents and choose divinity. And that is where I am here to help and that is where we come together around this notion that we should develop the pathway between us, we should build the circuitry and create the portal so that we may have, as was mentioned, perhaps a constant opening, a constant communion, a constant sharing because we both will it to be so. I have stated my intentions by choosing to sojourn with you through an eternal voyage and you now signal your intentions as well, having gained some awareness of my presence. This is the miracle of growth, this is the miracle of your Parents divine plan for your ascension through the mortal plane and your embrace of your eternal component.

I invite the participants of this circle to once again charge the circuit or fire up the grid or throw the switch and focus the intentions to this well that we create that has the nourishment, the calm, the peace, the grace to quench the thirst. This is the well from which each one of us transports this water of goodness to others in need, to situations in need, to smoldering fires in need. You become very active and busy in serving and in being the instruments of peace. All this is well and good, however the servants must take their drink of the well and must provide for themselves just as they are so earnest in providing for others. I invite you all to consider tonight going for your nourishment to the well and taking a large well deserved drink of the goodness and of the love that you are purveyors of because you so choose.

Certainly it is important that you provide adequately for your own needs because you are the only one that can. You may go about helping others, but it is up to you to be a good steward of your vehicles. I assure you that your Divine Parents desire that you receive such grace as much as any others. Their desire is for your peace and your love quotient to go up and for your embrace of your eternal aspect to be whole and for the gift that all this brings to your conviction and your faith. Let it be so even now, that you drink deeply of this well that we foster and maintain for such purpose. All acts of service are cherished, are sacred. Whether they are an act you do for others or whether they are an act of love for yourself, these are both significant important acts and they are the will of your Divine Parents, that you nurture not only others but the very life, the very vehicle that you inhabit.

So be it as it is even now. Breathe in now this wavelength, this place, this circuit that you have built and enjoy and are creating with your very intentions. I assure you that this energy field we’re enjoying is connecting all of the sacred spaces, all of the spirit chambers, the citadels of spirit, the churches within. You are all sharing through these, your inner portals and we will meet here again on this frequency, this wavelength, through these chambers that we have created to allow. I appreciate the opportunity to dialog further with you about elements of what we are discovering as we move through the process. I look forward to working with you at the next meeting and flexing more spirit muscles together. Farewell, good night to you all.

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