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OSC120403- We Are One

2012-04-03. We Are One

Alabama, US of A, April 3, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “We Are One.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “In your life as a person and as an individual you are searching for your Father. You are discovering a path to escape the chains of your animal nature to become what your Thought Adjuster (TA) has dreamt for you. This experience is highly valuable for your TA and even if you fail in the task of attaining eternal life, this experience will be valuable for the rest of creation.

“However, if you are successful in your endeavor to reach eternity, your experience will still be available not only to you, but to all through the Supreme Being. Thus your experience can be used to illuminate the way for others, regardless of your presence and your personal reach. For many ages you will be busy in the task of reaching God and the Supreme Being will be able to use what you have learned with no limitations in time or space. This is one of your greatest contributions to creation. Each one of you is creating a new and unique way, an original illustration of a life that first searches for God and then is consecrated to Him.

“Each decision you make can bring you closer or pull you apart from your TA’s design for your life. Each decision has the potential to make your Father’s plans for you a reality. In the end, we are all one. This statement doesn’t imply the loss of personality of the belief that you will somehow lose your individuality to become an inert entity within a larger being. All your decisions will affect everyone else. You are the creators of your own reality but this is not the product of a single mind, but the collaborations from all of you. When you align your will with the Will of your Father, you learn what the Father intends to create through you. Therefore you become an active participant in the development of the universes. This is a responsibility and a distinction that is available to those who choose to participate in His plan. The progressive ages of Light and Life — in the planet, the system, the constellation, the universe and the super-universes — will be an achievement of all, your collective creation, the product of your understanding that you are all, individually, working for the same outcome with unity of purpose. This is the true meaning of the expression ‘we are all one.’

“The increasingly clear understanding of this universal unity will fill you with appreciation and gratefulness for your own life and the lives of your siblings in the universes and beyond. Divine wisdom and the plans of those with perfect intent will conspire to place you in the right place and the right moment in which you can exert the greatest influence to direct the course of creation. As you learn to decide with the help of your TA, you will find yourself in the right place, just where your Father needs you the most.

“A life well-lived, a life consecrated to the service of the Father — to listen and follow the plans of your TA — is a life that extends beyond the confines of a human personality and as it is the case with everything our Father does, provides benefits and service to all of creation.”

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