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OSC120406- The Main Goal

2012-04-06. The Main Goal

Alabama, US of A, April 6, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Main Goal.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The main goal of life is to come closer to the Father, to know Him and to start the journey towards perfection. This goal should be what determines the efforts of a creature during his or her life in this planet. This goal is the base for the decisions of eternal value that human beings must make using their free will.

“However, it is also true that in this world you must serve two masters and the efforts to attain eternity must be balanced with the efforts to survive in this world. The problem arises when material survival acquires such importance in the life of a person that everything else is forgotten.

“Once your material needs have been satisfied, you no longer need to invest more effort and resources pursuing material benefits. The problem is that many among you are not able to decide when you have enough and as such you stubbornly keep searching and wishing for more. Sometimes this impulse is so strong that many feel they are not doing enough in their lives, just because they haven’t obtained enough things. Yet, they lack a clear idea of what ‘enough’ means for them.

“You would be better off leaving behind this heavy load. Instead of trying to fill this bottomless pit, would it not be more reasonable to search for the true satisfaction of the authentic desires and needs of your spirit? This is where true joy and enduring peace can be found and where the feeling of real success in the struggles of life can be experienced.

“As you search within for the direction wherewith to steer your life, your path will become more aligned with the path through that the Father wants to lead you along. It will be then when you will find yourself exactly where your Father wishes you to be and you will be able to perform the tasks the Father would do if He were in your place, because those who follow the impulses and the inspiration of the Inner Spirit become the tools of creation, the hands and feet of the Father and His expression and manifestation to all other beings.”

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