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LLN635- Envisioning Success

2021-10-07.  Envisioning Success

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2021-10-07 #635

Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek, Inner Voice

T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: I’d like to give voice to gratitude. I am grateful for this gift of grace, this opportunity, this potential, this that we create here and now in this moment. I am deeply in gratitude for being a member of this spiritual family and I look to enjoy the connection of spirit once again. Let it be so.   

Machiventa: I am happy to avail myself of this opportunity as you mentioned, I am Machiventa Melchizedek returning to the classroom to entertain some notions. Let’s unpack this notion of creating that which you desire through the process that you have discovered of changing the environment by changing the frequency and the vibration and therefore creating the necessity of the universe to respond to match your creative frequencies.

This is your greatest potential as a mortal of the realm. You have been granted this trait as a matter of your birthright. The children eventually grow up to resemble the parents and are able to manifest the traits of the parents as they are so able. Among the greatest traits is that of the act of creation in partnership with divine frequency and mortal intention which is spirit intention applied or spirit intention manifest. When you fully embrace your potentials as creators, you realize that you wield great power in your simple thoughts, words and deeds, that all of these are your intentions applied and all of these are an instigation of the creative process. As a creator, your will is supreme and if your desires are coupled with the master creative forces, then anything may be possible because you are expressing a trait of divine characteristic, you are demonstrating your attribute as a member of divine heritage.

A key to the success of creativity is to be active in going about this business with intention and purpose, to not take it lightly, this gift of grace and therefore this responsibility of purpose. Rather than react to a situation or an illness or a diagnosis, one can condition the environment and prepare the route for bypassing the negative emotions which are so preventative of growth and experience by going to gratitude, going to the end result and rather than continuing the energy present, create your own, your own vision, your own purpose, your own creation based upon the highest vision of truth, of beauty and of goodness and make this your offer to your Divine Parents.

Make this your petition to serve should you so desire but recall that your biggest role, your greatest function as a mortal of the realm in this chapter of your experience, the greatest task before you remains your own personal spiritual growth, your spiritual well-being is in your hands. The depth of spiritual receptivity is under your jurisdiction and control. The discipline of stillness and conditioning your inner environment to receive is a choice you must make. But I call you all to witness that when you do invest this energy, when you do put it into the equation, that there is always the sense of receiving the grace of connection, of enjoying the vibration of love having made the connection. So be it, as it is even now, as we have all connected to this circuit of love and therefore a divine pathway.

I invite you to create the experience before you by envisioning the end of your projection, the healing of the ailment, the finishing of the project, the attainment of deep stillness. I invite you to see yourselves as having finished, as having come to the end of your voyage. See yourselves arriving home safe and secure and in this way you have conditioned your  environment, your entire journey has been envisioned, has been created in advance of its arrival. This is how you manifest healing, you change the environment to one of a higher frequency in which the energy must conform to the frequency and matter must conform to the energy. It is the energy that you are sharing, exploring, directing and connecting to in liaison with divine creativity, certainly when the mortal creator aligns himself with their Divine Parents when in the act of creation and manifesting that which you are aware of.

Remember, that as a part, you have the attributes of the whole. You have the potential of the whole and you are a reflection of the whole just as a wave is a reflection of the ocean. You are the universe manifest and becoming real the closer you get to divine frequency. Such a process on such a planet at such a time and here we are together at this juncture where we can even discuss such principles as these, spirit principles which must be interpreted through the ears of spirit, with the experience of spirit and that is what we are about developing at these times and that is what you are seeking in your process.

It has been a delight to have been involved with such a group. There is so much to be grateful for with such a group that it is easy to fall into the groove of gratitude for all the success we have had in our process, for this that we have created together that we share, even now. I join you in gratitude for this gift and offer my willingness to support this platform as long as we shall both have the desire to do so. We have much to do on our journey forward. So be it, farewell for now, I allow for others.

Inner Voice: I am in gratitude as well for this gift of grace that allows this opportunity to be granted mortal voice through the willingness of my partner to allow such connection. I am this one’s Inner Voice, here to once again join in further exploration of our connection, the connection I bring and offer to your matrix, to the switchboard of connection that you are learning you have.

We have been discovering in our process the importance of this projection of environment, this flow of a wavelength of energy which is charged with intention, charged with creative prerogative, charged with spirit growth. And when, as has been mentioned, there has been sincere desires of spirit expressed, then they may be manifested, they may be chosen and supported and grown. It all comes back to the same repetitive process that starts with the creator, with the thought. Then it seeks expression. What is it? What is the thought? How is it defined? It may be defined as a petition, a divine petition for creation of a vision, of a thought. Then, this thought is formulated into something that can be defined and shared by word or by image but there must be the expression of the vision and this expression then may  be preplanned, may be conditioned into existence with the simple application of the appropriate energy, the appropriate wave length as designed and executed by the creator.

I invite you to consider applying this process to your desires, to your desire to create and perhaps utilize your Inner Guide in this process. Fashion your petition towards your Inner Guide. Express your vision with Me, your partner and in this way I may join you, I may assist you, I may lead you in the right way. And while you may certainly go about this process on your own, or rather in liaison with divine presence on your own, you may also include my connection, my circuitry, the circuitry we share as the divine guides within. Same process, different focus, different manifestation, certainly a co-creative process that may be shared by a number of participants if so allowed.

So there is a lot of talk and at times like this there is an effort to take a walk. Let us apply the principles at hand, let us simply go through the steps together in fellowship and in co-creative capacities. I invite all the participants to breathe in the frequency of love. That is the most divine characteristic you may envision in the process, to breathe in this energy, breathe in this light, to embrace it and to express gratitude in your very breath thereby focusing your vehicle on the exercise as well. Express internally your gratitude, express your vision as you prepare to receive the gift of grace, the gift of connection and have this communication straight from the heart, straight even to your associate, to your partner on this fantastic journey.

Align all these frequencies and project your desire to be of service, your desire to project health and healing and then express your gratitude for your success, for your efforts having been received and do this because your faith enables you to so commit, your trust in the circuit in spirit, in love, in your Divine Parents is so great that you have no difficulty in extending your faith even to the end result and the conviction of such.

As you are engaged in service and projecting your desire to be of service to another and entering that co-creative process, use your gratitude to allow for the open mind of the healer, the willingness to go with the divine will of your Divine Parents and the willingness to accept the results that are in accordance with these divine wishes. Be ever ready to adjust your expectations to be able to embrace the answers to your petition and your prayers in the form that they may take, that may even be unfamiliar to you. This consistency of maintaining divine frequency and gratitude and a purpose of service all serve to keep you on the right path and to go where your seeking leads you, has brought you here and has brought you to these doorways that you may now open and explore, these connections that may be made and maintained and enjoyed are there for your discovery.

The fact that we are able to hold these meetings is a definite success, such awareness has not been in general existence, such awareness of a Divine Fragment within a mortal of the realm and a shared connection between the spirit and the mortal and the Divine Fragment. There is a great connection there that will be a unique experience with unique opportunities and yet as a unique individual, a unique combination individual, you are as a miniature of the whole. You are a mini-verse unto yourself, a part of the universe and yet a self-contained mini-verse of experience that you create as you go along, that you choose as you manifest, certainly a reflection of the whole, certainly a part but a unique pattern unto itself. Such is the vastness that you create, an entire universe of individual experience and such a creation is the grand gift that you give to the Supreme in your process of returning to the First Source and Center.

Having executed the steps, it is then possible for us to put into our screen, any vision of where we would direct our desire to be of service, our desire to heal, our desire to support, our desire to bring elements of truth, beauty and goodness into the equation that we are graced to be aware of. Then it is incumbent upon the co-creators to fellowship in gratitude for the entire process, the entire gift of grace that allows us to connect and transform and modulate and alter not only the individual mini-verses of the participants but to alter the course of the entire universal picture by your choices, by your actions, by your creations which then modify the pattern of the whole.

It’s always a pleasure to join you in these exercises that we both make to be here. It is required that we both put in the effort to try harder to connect and make the connection stronger each time. We are graced with the opportunity to use such a mode as we enjoy now and I reflect on the gratitude for the efforts involved of all the participants to maintain such a connection, maintain such a vortex of connection, a place where we can all connect. I remain in gratitude for the participants who must also condition their own internal environment, to prepare it by manifesting divine frequency and thereby creating the space to meet here on this circuit.

I assure you, great progress is being made and we are just beginning to see the results of these efforts. But the direction is sound, the pursuit is worthy, the challenge has been accepted and so we are about the process of exploring this  dimension and it is a pleasure to be on this journey with you. So many factors have lined up to make such an occasion possible. That in itself is a demonstration, a material manifestation of faith in action, of commitment to where spirit will lead because you have faith to do so.

I stand in gratitude for the participants and for the process and for this time and place in time and space for us to meet and enjoy this exploration together. Enjoy the journey, it’s just a journey, it’s meant to bring experience and growth. The destination of rejoining the whole is assured, it’s the journey that is to be created. So be it, as it is even now. I take my leave and assure you I will honor our schedule as long as you have desire to come back to the gym and perhaps even do some more walking. Good day to you all, farewell.

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