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NID540- Is Universe Cosmology a Caste System?, Circuits, Who Gets A Thought Adjuster?

2008-12-02.  Is Universe Cosmology a Caste System?, Circuits, Who Gets A Thought Adjuster?

No Idaho #540

Topic: Is Universe Cosmology a Caste System

Group: N. Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Divine Parents, please join us in this attitude of gratitude that we have for assembling here together under this banner of the service project. Join with us as we partake of this service opportunity together. We invite your participation and Monjoronson’s participation in this process that we create and forge in this very moment. We act and extend ourselves in faith that we know that this is so, thank you.

Monjoronson: Greetings my friends and teammates, I join with you in this exercise in faith and of service. I will support and uphold this connection as you will as we proceed forward with this, the questions of your brothers. Let us proceed.


1 – Is Universe Cosmology Just a Caste System?

Mary: Question #1: Good evening Monjoronson, I am going to make an effort to synthesize some of the basics of some rather involved questions here so I hope I that I can do justice to the questioner by synthesizing some of the statements. There is a question by someone who was reading the Urantia book and was struck by the many levels of beings in the universe and their take on it was that it seemed to them like a caste system. They are struggling with feeling that equality is an ideal to be longed for and to strive for yet the universe is structured in a way where it does not look like all beings are equal, that some are superior. They are concerned about that on several different levels and hope you can address the equality of beings in the universe or lack thereof. Thank you Monjoronson.

Monjoronson: I thank the questioner for their expression of concern over the apparent discrepancy in fairness as they perceive it, but I will have to come around to that aspect of how they see it as being an important determining factor on their question. As a result of life lived on Urantia, it is easy for you to make judgments and assessments based upon your perceptions of individuals and circumstances around you as being either greater or lesser.

You would attribute the actions of a floor washer to be less significant than the actions of say, a preacher in the pulpit, but this is not at all how these two separate individuals are viewed in the eyes of the Creators. Through the perception of the First Source and Center, these are equally cherished, valid and appreciated individuals regardless of the relative position of stature they are perceived to hold during any individual circumstance or even any one individual life.

When you read the descriptions laid out in the Urantia book of the cosmology and the myriad of orders of beings, you follow your similar patterns of assessment and judgment and declare this order superior over that order and these beings lesser than those when in fact, once again they merely share different positions and have different functions, they are nevertheless cherished individuals. It must be brought to mind to be wary of bringing these earthly tendencies of judgment into the arena of the Father’s creation for we are truly unable to perceive the true worth of any individuals or orders of being as seen through the eyes of the Creators.

So in answer to your question, all individuals are known and cherished and yet all individuals are unique and diverse. Even orders of individuals are diverse and provide great variation to the equation, and it is not ever a matter of who is better or favored or lesser; rather, who is a member of the spiritual family and all family members are cherished. I hope this addresses your question.

2 – Is Eternal Service Really Slavery?

Question#2: Another aspect of life that this questioner addressed, after having read the Urantia book was the feeling that our universe career ends up sounding like a lot of work and serving and this person is concerned about balance between service and recreation or respite from work. They feel that they were wondering what it means in the Urantia book, when finaliters have a career of eternal service, perfected service, because when this questioner read about this they felt like it sounded like slavery and they want to know if finaliters take vacations or seasons of rest.

One other way they asked this question was, how do you balance the enjoyment of life with service?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question, it is a noteworthy question and in the leading up to this question I observe the presence of a fundamental shift in perception and awareness. From where you look at life it may not be apparent to you that service can be so enjoyable. You speak of a balance between service and pleasure when in fact one of the greatest pleasures to be had in this life is to be of service.

It is not at all a punishment or a condition imposed in any way upon you. It is as a direct result of your feeling about the connection to your Creators, and how the gratitude that swells up from such a realization then bubbles out of an individual in the form expressed as service. It is a desire to join in to work for the overall good, and it is never demanded of any individual, only offered as an opportunity before you. You will never be forced to render any form of service, but you must realize that this striking a balance means that you must be exposed to some contrast that will provide you with the individual experience of what it is like to serve the self in contrast to what it is like to be of service to others.

As mortals on this planet, you are distinctly out of balance and do not have enough exposure to what it is like to be of selfless service else you all would join in to such a good thing and support such a positive thing. There are too few examples on your world for you to have any significant appreciation of what loving divine service is and how it might be considered the best vacation one could take.

What we see here in these discrepancies of understanding is the difficulty encountered in trying to bring across values and ideals into different paradigms and awareness levels, and it is easily misunderstood when trying to translate from one level of awareness and its understandings into another level of awareness with its more limited understandings. But trust that all will be made known to you, as you seek you shall find. Keep up the seeking and you are assured of the finding, thank you.

3 – Why Don’t All [non-human] Ascenders Receive Thought Adjusters?

Question #3: Monjoronson, why is it that not all ascending sons and daughters get thought Adjusters. For instance; why don’t midwayers, or material sons and daughters or angels, why don’t they get thought Adjusters and what is it that guides them to Paradise? Thank you.

Monjoronson: Thank you for the question, once again we find ourselves comparing orders of beings and subjecting them to relative values of these orders based upon, in this case, the particular criteria of Thought Adjuster endowment. In the paradigm we are focused on, the human beings are the real players in the equation in that this entire paradigm has been created for their benefit and this experience of living a life of a mortal of the realm, brings with it the attendant contrast that can only be properly gleaned by the experience of direct contact.

Many other orders of beings are in this paradigm, supporting crew, and have been created for strictly a different purpose and function, not a lesser function or purpose and not a higher function or purpose but distinctly a different and distinct purpose and function. So, from one perspective you could say the humans are the ones not favored for they have to endure many experiences and go through the journey of finding their Thought Adjuster fragment and uniting with it and all the inherent difficulties and opportunities associated with that.

Other orders of beings are not designed to have this experience of searching and finding their inner fragment, they are built differently and are self aware of this connection and therefore do not require the services of this fragment of the Father as do the mortals of the realm. So which of these orders is favored? I say again, through the eyes of the Creators, all these orders are as children in the great family and all are loved and cherished for the role that they play, for the function that they have. I hope that these questions and my reply will be food for future thought and contemplation of the value and where values are placed, thank you.

Question #4: Are you in physical form on this planet at this time?

Monjoronson: Thank you for your interest in my whereabouts. I enjoy the opportunity to be with you here today because I am not in physical form at this time, therefore I am available to be everywhere and anywhere. I know that there have been rumors of my manifestation on your world and I do not deny that such is a part of the grander plan but the observation at this time that I am [in] any one place in particular in physical form is premature, thank you.

5 – How May We Visualize an Energy Circuit?

Question #5: We have a question regarding circuits and many types of circuits have been discussed such as a mind circuit or a t/r circuit, a personality circuit of the Father. This questioner has been trying to visualize what a circuit looks like and they possess knowledge of electrical circuitry with electricity running on wires and they are trying to understand the concept of circuitry as it relates to things like the mind or t/ring or the personality circuit. Could you shed some light on this please.

Monjoronson: Thank you for your question, I understand you are able to visualize, even though you are not able to see the energy you call electricity traveling down the wires to a distant point. Perhaps you are also able to envision, even though you cannot see the phenomenon of radio waves or television waves which are unseen and yet may be collected by an antennae and used to harness this unseen energy which is out there in the environment.

If you begin to see yourself more as an antennae attempting to be receptive, to pick up the different wavelengths of energy that are out there you will begin to have a better visualization of the type of circuitry you are attempting to interact with. As you know, antennae vary greatly and their serviceability varies greatly, and so your attempt to become a good antenna will be an individual pursuit, and your ability to interface with the circuitry will be as a direct result of the attention you give in maintaining and orienting your individual antennae.

There are no wires required in this process for these circuits are as energy fields which merely await the proper receptors or antennae to be able to access them. The many circuits that you mentioned are all different wavelengths of this same style of energy– these overlapping energy fields. The same way you may tune your radio through many different frequencies; likewise, you may tune your own abilities to access many frequencies.

The key to establishing your own individual antenna is the practice of stillness which is the positioning of yourself to be receptive. I hope this imagery helps to further visualize the un-seeable, thank you.

6 – What Is the Make Up of Love Circuits?

Question #6: This same questioner was speculating about a love circuit that might exist when two people fall in love. They were referring to it as something like a living entity that is created when people fall in love. The overriding question in this section is that they were looking for you to perhaps give some insight into the power of love and why it makes men and women do crazy things?

Monjoronson: Thank you for the question, I understand that from your perspective it is observable phenomenon that people enter into this state where they are greatly affected by their affection for another and that they may even go so far as to do what are judged as crazy things. On your world you are well aware that you are dual nature beings, that you are animal in origin and as such have innate physical characteristics and effects on each other that are quite real and part of the equation when attempting to determine what this overall affect is.

There are as well other factors besides your physical plane which are at play in this equation and once a relationship has begun there is indeed an additional factor of the relationship as well as the two individuals involved. Every relationship, not just the one cited here of lovers, carries with it an additional presence or circuitry as you referred to it and as long as the individuals involved continue to contribute to that circuitry it will be as a living entity.

You know this to be true in your own lives with those whom you have relationships with, there is a thread between you that exists and it is as a result of your contributions to it that build this circuit of affection or love or dependence or a combination of a great many factors. So there are physical components, there are emotional components, there are spiritual components and all these can collide together as the ripples in a pond to come together in this act of love, as you call it, and if this perfect storm of conditions is right it will most certainly have a major impact on the individuals involved.

I will point out that it is not just this love relationship that is a powerful influence, but every relationship that you engage in has some effect, has some pull, has some string that is attached to you and all of these exert some influence. The love relationship that you cite is significantly compounded by the mating instinct and the physical aspects of life on a material world, and when you add those components in with the emotional ones and the spiritual connection then you have a relationship with potential to gratify on many different levels and therefore is so apparently attractive and causes apparent craziness to happen, thank you.


Mary: Well Monjoronson, I thank you so much for being here tonight and helping us to see a higher perspective on some of our situations and our thoughts and experiences. We will save a couple of these questions for the next time and bid you farewell this evening, thank you.

Monjoronson: I express my appreciation for all those involved in the process and the questioners whose intention to bring light into their arena of understanding is an admirable trait. I applaud this and will support it and look forward to our next opportunity to be of service, farewell.

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