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NID541- Projection of Your State of Being

2008-12-07.  Projection of Your State of Being

No Idaho #541

Topic: Projection of Your State of Being

Group: N. Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Elyon, Lantarnek, Lester

TR: Mark RogersJonathan


Elyon (Mark TR): Greetings, this is Elyon here once again to join with the circle of friends. It is a great pleasure to observe the dialogue that happens prior to the recorded portion of these sessions and to perceive that you all who are gathered here today may consider that the important aspect of this sessions are to be found in this more formalized and recorded part of this session. But from our perspective the important part of a meeting such as this began with the first gathering of the first two individuals and has grown into a marvelous spectacle to be witnessed of mortal sharing and the reference to increased levels of awareness in individuals that then is brought to the group and is used to facilitate the increased awareness of the other members of the group.


While you may consider this more formalized portion of the meeting to be most significant, it is rapidly becoming evident that you all are becoming each others’ best teachers. But when you bring your aha moments and your examples of breakthroughs in understanding and awareness, they are quite effective in being accessible by your peers, even more so than lessons that may be presented from an outside source such as myself into the group. Nevertheless it is seen as a rather circular process as was just mentioned, for many times you go away from a meeting such as this and give much thought and contemplation to the content that was offered. In the course of your week or weeks following some of the truths that were offered and shared begin to take hold and find root in your individual experiences. then when you return at some point later you come to share just how meaningful this truth has become to you in your life experience. Truly this is the success of this program. It is not just that messages are provided from on high and broadcast about, but what becomes of these messages and how they are taken up by you individually is the true measure of success of any endeavor such as this Teaching Mission that we are both engaged in.

So it truly does provide us with great inspiration when themes that we offer are nurtured and developed and sprout in the fertile environment of your being, because it is always uncertain as to whether any seed will find a nourishing environment or will fail to germinate as a result of the conditions not being right for its survival. Once these seeds find suitable environment and sprout and have roots to sustain them, they may be nurtured all along with subsequent truths and become as the beanstalk in your fairy tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. They can grow to unimaginable heights and provide you with a vehicle to climb to new perspectives, and it all began with a seed that found a favorable environment and then has been nurtured to manifest itself as a healthy plant.

I would say a few words about your discussion and how happiness or any human condition is portrayed in many different manifestations ranging from your vocal expressions, to your tones of song, to the way you carry your physical vehicle. Are you upright and tall or are you bowed? Are you patient when engaged with your fellows or are you in a hurry and not fully present in that moment in anticipation of another? Your entire life is a projection of your state of being. Everything you do, your personal vehicle, its appearance and condition, your voice, your choices and subsequent actions, they all are manifestations of your individual being, and each one of these projections can tell a great deal about the one who is projecting. If you are innately happy and content then you will express this condition in all manner of ways. You will be more patient with your fellows. You will be kinder and gentler.

Your voice may be more lyrical and uplifting. And your choices will certainly reflect this state of well-being. Likewise if you are oppressed by some physical or mental malady, signs of this condition will be apparent in every aspect of your life. You become short tempered. You may have less patience, less kindness towards others. Your voice will indicate a certain strain or stress, and every choice that you make in life will more accurately reflect this impingement upon self that you are experiencing. But as your conversation stated, this is a two way street, for it is possible to change your inner state and condition through the impact of things such as tone, light, stillness, and the conditioning of your environment to promote wellness and peacefulness within, which then becomes emanated in your expressions without, though you are all realizing that this is a circular pattern and one that you have influence over by virtue of the fact that you can step into this circular pattern and insert your will and your desire.

If it is your purpose to uplift this equation then you may use all these aspects to send feedback to yourself that this is what your true desire is, and soon enough in this circular pattern you will begin to see the manifestation of that which is your desired purpose.

Once again I offer my appreciation for participating in this circle of friends and for witnessing the growth that is well evident in the sharing and conversation that takes place before we have even begun the lesson, or so you think.

I now step back to allow this forum to be used by others. Farewell.

Lantarnek (Jonathan): Greetings, Lantarnek here.

You know of the explanation for the action of God in the creation of the universe by means of the expression of thought to word and word to action, that that which was within God became creation. Jesus often said, “He who has ears to hear let him hear”, or “eyes to see, let him see”. He also said, “He who has seen me has seen the Father”. You know very well that an ordinary person standing before him would see one who appears to be an ordinary man with sandals, travel bag, and robe, common for his time. So, how is the Father seen? And how is what he said heard? It is because of the inner connection between souls.

Your language speaks of the mind’s eye, the song of the heart. These become metaphors for your external senses of eyes and ears that, from the perspective of God, your external senses are the metaphorical extensions of that inner state of seeing and hearing and feeling. Those who look upon Jesus and see the Father have looked also within themselves and have seen the Father, though sometimes with very little faith and a great deal of uncertainty to the validity of their sense. Therein was Michael’s ministry in that he brought confirmation to those weak in faith. He bolstered their drive to search deeper.

The many activities of your day flash by you, and in between and all around these activities is the movement of spirit. You are learning to discern that spirit movement in your ordinary actions, and you are taking it one step further; you are learning how to make your actions foster the movement of spirit.

I will reflect once more upon the life Jesus lived. You know of the many stories wherein he, to the religious authorities of his time, presumptuously forgave that individual of sin. While that may seem to be over the top for what appeared to be a mere mortal absolving another mere mortal of their sins, he went one step further. He said, “Your sins are forgiven. Go and sin no more.” That too is shocking, for how can any mere mortal ever fully comply with such a request, even apparently a demand? It is when you make that deep inner connection with spirit that you sin no more, for every action you take is the action of a growing soul learning and exploring and becoming skilled as a spirit personality. There is no sin in effort and failure; there is only sin in deliberate distortion.

When the soul is right the eyes are clear and the complexion soft and relaxed.

You have the story of the seeker who searched the world for truth and found it in his own hearth in his own home. Every event in your life is a manifestation of spirit. The clues are there to make the contact, but once you have made that contact the world stage is wide open for the manifestation of spirit by way of your being.


So I will leave you with what may be considered a demand, but I assert it as a request, to go and be God. As difficult as that sounds, you can do it. Farewell.

Lester: This is Lester. Breaking news! God loves you. We will keep you informed minute by minute as this story unfolds.

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