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NID542- Womb Death & Mansion World Potential

2008-12-09.  Womb Death & Mansion World Potential

No Idaho #542

Topic: God’s Pre-knowledge-Womb Death and Mansion World Potentials

Group: N. Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Henry Z.


Prayer: Divine Parents, Michael and Nebadonia, bring us into your circle of love. Bring us into the circle of spiritual light this evening. Guide us in the wisdom to understand spiritual concepts as they pertain to human consciousness. In human consciousness may we be connected to a greater receptivity. This evening we ask for Monjoronson to join us and other celestial personalities who chance to be in this immediate circle.

MONJORONSON: Greetings this evening, it is I Monjoronson. During this season on Urantia of the celebration of peace, may the spirit within man begin to reveal a greater dimension of himself. We are ready for the questions this evening.


  • 1 – How does God’ Use His Pre-Knowledge?

Question #1: Good evening Monjoronson, thank you for being here. Our first question concerns the subject of God’s pre-knowledge. The questioner states that it is written in the Urantia book that God cannot experientially know what He has never personally experienced. God’s pre-knowledge is existential. What does this statement mean? Does God know what I am going to do before I do it and if He does, how does He do that?

MONJORONSON: Thank you for this question. When it is spoken of the Father that He has pre-knowledge, understand that in the primary aspects and divisions of the Father there is the unqualified part, the Unqualified Absolute and the qualified part, the Qualified Absolute. Both of these aspects of the Father encompass tremendously different perspectives. The Unqualified Absolute prepares the Thought Adjusters originating in Paradise; having no experience and knowledge except they contain the divine essence of the Father.

The Adjusters which come to indwell man have been prepared in your sense of understanding to work within the minds of men, yet the Universal Father knows and understands everything. On a certain level of existence, creation evolved because of the Father’s complete understanding of reality for that dimension. When the Father created Paradise, the Father created an environment capable of housing the grand universe of beings which could be produced in the grand universe’s age.

When the Father created the grand universe the Father sent His sons and daughters out to procreate and co-create universes and myriads of beings attached to the administration of those universes, creating finally the evolutionary worlds where animal origin evolutionary beings become realized. In the great wisdom of the Father, He sends Adjusters, Unqualified Absolute particles of Himself to inhabit these evolutionary animal origin beings and prepares a grand universe education to qualify the co-creation of a new being created by the fragments indwelling these humans.

This great wisdom attenuates into a seventh stage being of supreme nature, qualifying first hand the experiences of a far flung universe, qualifying these experiences every step of the way back home to Paradise. In this way the Father’s pre-knowledge accounts for His great wisdom and His understanding. Therefore it is not necessary that the Father which is qualified, understand the unqualified parts until they have been qualified with a genuine life experience beginning on a human level and ascending to a spiritual sonship status whereby man and God become pure spirit. This new being becomes absorbed into the bosom of Paradise. Thank you for this question.

  • 2 – Does God perceive me as only finished from the beginning?

Question #2: Thank you Monjoronson. This same individual asks if God knows me or us as the complete finished real personality, then the purpose of my or our life is to experientially live out all the many potential possibilities of this complete self that God sees as me. So in that, since God does not have need to have a pre-knowledge of the detailed twists and turns of my life, He sees only the finished me from the beginning. I would really appreciate it if you could offer more insight into this mystery.

MONJORONSON: Thank you again. As has been stated, the personal qualified aspect of the Father creates a complete universe with tremendously few variables in terms of organization. One of the purposes in creating the universes of time and space and their particular relationships to man is such that man and God can personally experience the minute and finite details of all of the vast experiences which a creature of time and space must experience before reaching Paradise.

In this way the Father creates a new expression of Himself, the Supreme. The Supreme becomes a qualified and bonafide expression of Deity when all of the Thought Adjusters sent out to indwell the mortals of time and space have all returned to Paradise with their creatures of habitation. The universe is neither linear or polarized. God is not black and white, and He cannot be understood just from one level or one aspect. God is a complex concept involving Deity, primal Deity, that must be understood in its myriad relationships with other aspects of Deity to form these core bonds which . . . [attend] the manifestation of realities both in Paradise-Havona, and the universes of time and space, those that are inhabited and those universes that are, as of yet, uninhabited.

The problem for the human is to see . . . the indwelling aspect of Deity as a challenge to become responsible and understand what it is to bring this concept [i.e., sonship] into a reality as the actual grasping [recognition] of the Father’s presence . . . [as the] reality of sonship. These concepts [indwelling and sonship], when brought to the level of awareness within the human psyche, reveal tremendous possibilities for God to manifest an experience within the realm of the human psyche and the human’s life.

Life is designed for all humans to show forth the divine in human nature. [This is] the ideal [reflection of God in] the evolved part of man’s life and man’s duty. In understanding God’s pre-knowledge, understand that God’s pre-knowledge accomplishes everything [known]. [The known] …is conditioned because it is in the qualified aspect of the mind of God. The unqualified part is the substance of God, not the mind of the Universal Father.

The mind of the Universal Father exists in the grand personality of the First Source and Center, the one true God of all creation. Understand that it is the wisdom of the Father which allows for the intermingling of the unqualified part of Himself with the qualified aspects of His universe, the plan whereby man and God become partners.

The Sons and Daughters of Father have created within the animal kingdom, a sapient species to grow up on a planet to become recipients of these Unqualified Absolutes of the Father. These fragment [Thought] Adjusters join in a creative effort . . . to find a way back to Paradise. [Their co-creative efforts] . . . qualify them, upon their return to Paradise, to exist as an aspect of God that brings in new knowledge.

It is also true that it can be argued that the Universal Father has a working knowledge of the possibility of a particular human life yet the knowledge is not such that it passes judgement on such a human life until that human life has been revealed of its divine nature. God has a working knowledge and understanding of all which takes part in His great and grand universe. The action of the Supreme Being; the collaboration of the Creator and the created, is the great experiment of this universe age.

It is why the universes were created, that God could share a part of Himself with what has been created, in this sense meaning human life. For a human it would be a tremendously challenging perspective to view the universe in its complexity as a system set up specifically to entertain the relationship between animal origin beings and an aspect of the Divine Father in a complex dance of life, a relationship based on eternal trust; that the road is paved all the way to Paradise just for the asking.

Again in viewing this concept of the universe it is important to view the wisdom of the First Source and Center in accommodating this, the greatest variable created in the universe. The potential of man and God to become one is therefore the faith and trust and love of the Divine Father which places such a delicate aspect of Himself in jeopardy in entrusting to the uninitiated a treasure of divine magnitude within the minds of a human savage.

It could never be argued that God is not just, or not merciful, for the Father is also just and merciful. I know in answering this request I’m dealing with large concepts. In reference to these concepts, again I would like to shed light on the importance of the responsibility of man to begin to comprehend the tremendous potential of the divine aspect which indwells the humans of Urantia. May you be blessed in your journey, thank you.

  • 3 – Is the Holy Spirit a person or a circuit?

Question #3: Thank you Monjoronson, we have another questioner. He sends his greetings warm and sincere and asks if the Holy Spirit a person or simply a circuit?

MONJORONSON: Thank you for this question. In answering this question it is important to bring the questioner into an awareness of the Divine Mother, the other half of the divine partnership which created the Universe of Nebadon of which your world is a planet in. The Holy Spirit is the human name given to the circuitry of the Universe Mother Spirit; her energy is the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of Truth is the spirit of Michael fueled with the circuitry of the Mother Spirit which is the Holy Spirit.

On a human level all spirit acts as one. The Holy Spirit comes to a human mind as the divine gift; the divine gift bringing both acknowledgment and acceptance. Whatever name is given to this universe energy, it is part of the spiritual circuit which is based in the personality of the Universe Mother Spirit, Nebadonia. So in answer to your question, the Holy Spirit is both a personality, that of the Mother Spirit and the energy of her circuitry. Thank you for this question.

  • 4 – What Is the Potential for human cloning?

Question #4: Thank you, this person asks another question. Has human cloning been perfected, is it being implemented and is it being kept a secret by those who do make use of it? If really some individuals are presently being cloned, what is the purpose and what is the Father in heaven doing about such activities?

MONJORONSON: There is a part of your question that I can answer, the part about what the Universal Father is doing about human activities on Urantia. The answer to that is, the Universe Father is not interfering in what humans pursue. The reason this is so is because the Universal Father has sent pre-personal aspects of Himself to indwell man so that God knows firsthand what mankind is doing.

Mankind will always attempt to be as creative as the Universal Father, this is part of the aspect of indwelling man. What man does with his creativity, man also experiences as a consequence. God allows man to experience the consequences of his or her own actions. The Father does not interfere in a social way, the Father only interferes in a personal way, within a humans’ mind. What is challenging during these times is to perceive the result of mankind having been allowed to go astray. When mankind begins to discover the greater secrets of himself will he have a nature which can insure self-perpetuation, that he can bring the ideals of living to the greater brotherhood of men.

As long as mankind continues to struggle in the human and divine conflict will man continue to experience the results of that conflict. When man begins to synchronize his actions with the divine will which indwells him, will mankind begin to experience the benefits of a greater aspect of sonship, the true aspects of brotherhood. What you refer to is the ongoing concern of a spiritual universe. How long will it take the humans of Urantia to wake up and see that they are in a cage and that if they look up they will see a whole universe watching them, waiting to help them, treating them with love and concern and affection?

God has purposely kept the establishment of human life quite simple on Urantia because from ages and ages man must evolve and become transformed through this internal conflict between man and God, between what is right and what is wrong. What may be right for one may be wrong for many. Man has reached a sociological development where the many things going on are having such varied effects which mankind cannot control. Because mankind has not been wise in the use of the resource that he has been given, he must reap the results of an inadequate resource.

Now, your earth is challenged to accept the consequences of default and if you think you live in perplexing times, wait another one hundred years. Thank you for this question.

  • 5 – Does the womb death of a child have a mansonia repercussion?

Question #5: Thank you for your response Monjoronson. We have one more question tonight. This same questioner refers back to some prior transmissions on the subject. He asks if a child dies in its mother’s womb say at six months of pregnancy, would it continue its life in the nursery worlds in heaven or mansonia? If yes, by what technique?

MONJORONSON: Thank you for this question. What you ask has a great ramification in the spiritual universe. The reference is to the amount of spiritual activity around two people getting together and procreating a new being whether consciously or not. The intention of a being is enough to create the being. The development of a being in the womb of a human prior to birth is a process which goes through many transformations of life to produce a being ready to face the world outside the womb.

When perchance one of these beings does not make it to the final stage of birth, these beings are not necessarily personalized on the next worlds as of yet. Upon the attendance of the parents to these mansion worlds, and it be their genuine request, then procedures can take place which insure the re-personalization of this child as a baby which gets indwelt with a Thought Adjuster at some point.

This has to be the genuine request of the child’s parents. Once life is begun, whether it is life of a planet or life of a human, in the bigger picture this life is allowed to continue once it is begun. It is understood, the confusion of different stages of termination of human life on Urantia. Rest assured that nothing worthy is lost and the creation of life is one of the greatest of human gifts. It is much treasured in a spiritual sense for it insures that the divine experiment will continue.


I thank you for this question, until a time that there are further questions, thank you this evening.

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