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LLN97- Be In Your Heart

2006-11-16.  Be In Your Heart

Lightline #97

Topic: Be In Your Heart

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D’Ingillo


Donna: I’m getting an image now to prepare for Michael and to receive him, of everyone sitting down in a circle. We invite him to join us. Just imagine that Michael is in the center of the circle that we are all sitting in, and you are just with your heart center opened, allowing him to draw into you, or to feed into you, what it is you need. And you are feeling how much you want his essence to be inside of you. So as you fill your mind, I would ask you to be in your heart center, and open that as much as you can through your intention, and to receive Michael. (Pause.)

Michael: Good evening, my children, this is your Father, this is Michael. As you are all aware, there is an unmistakable upswell of spiritual current moving through Urantia that is changing your world, even down to its deepest foundation. This is all part of the plan that your Mother and I have implemented for the restitution of the divine will on Urantia. And your participation in this glorious undertaking is so precious and touches me deeply. I am so very proud of each one of you who has stepped up to receive what it is that we wish to share with you, so that you may indeed flourish and prosper in your spiritual development, and to be a way shower to the brothers and sisters whose lives touch upon yours. Truly, you have the capacity to change lives. And it is in keeping with this thought tonight that I wish to instill more of my being into you, so that your lives continue to change and improve and unfold according to your own Father’s will, that you will also feel the groundswell of the desire for service moving through you to help your brothers and sisters in need.

So, my children, relax and take a deep breath. Focus on me in a visualization as I stand before you. Invite me to enter you through your heart, through your heart center. Encourage your mind to relax. Breathe with rhythm and mindfulness. Invite your body to open fully to me, as your Mother weaves more of me into you. Receive this now, my beloved children. (Pause.)


As I move in you and through you, focus a portion of your desire to receive me to also be pointed in the direction of unifying with your indwelling Father Fragment. This is a very opportune time to engage with your Father Fragment, for there is a great harmonization and unification that is able to be catalyzed when you are in this receptive state of mind, receiving me. There is more unification and harmonization between your indwelling Monitor and the numerous circuits of mind that your Fragment can overlay and impinge upon.

So as you feel the desire for me, also feel your desire for union with your Father Fragment. Be united with the very source of life and love, and know in a deeply intimate and a profound way the degree to which you are loved and are becoming love. Feel this now, my children, receive. (Pause.)

As the circuits in your mind open, and as your body attunes to receiving these higher emanations of spirit, you will notice that there is an increase of some of the thoughts of shadow that are still lingering in your body. I encourage you to be not disconcerted by these, for they reflect the outworking of both me and your Father Fragment to help you move past, move beyond these endowments from the past that are losing their control in your thinking and feeling. Focus more on being in your heart, for there is new information that is being coded into this part of your being that will give you greater emotional stability and new ideas to consider that will indeed replace some of the old thoughts that continue to mar the purity of the love that is flowing into you. Focus as much as you can on being in your heart and your desire for these new endowments to move mightily through you each day. It is important that you receive this as much as you can, that you can indeed be able to be used to serve your brothers and sisters who are in dire need of spiritual help.

So again, feel your desire to be filled with me. Breathe and relax, and allow me to move within you, filling my presence into you wherever there is need. (Pause.)

Now ascend your thoughts up to your crown center, the very top of your head. Invite this energy center to open and to receive that which pours forth from the highest sources of reality into your being. And as you receive this, invite the energy to flow down into you and out your feet. And know that you are being woven into the fabric of love even more closely and securely, and it is all good and highly beneficial for you. Focus now on your crown. Invite your body to receive that which is pouring forth into you now. (Pause.)

As you invite this energy to move down through your feet, invite any debris within your being to attach itself to this energetic flow and to move out your feet. What negative thoughts are you harboring? The feelings of doubt or confusion or concern may still be gnawing at you. Invite these feelings to enter into this flow of energy and send it out of your body into the earth. Your Mother Earth knows what to do with this, and it is no longer necessary for you to carry these energies within you. So allow them to flow out through your feet as you release them. I will fill you with something more useful. (Pause.)

My children, I ask you to take time each day to receive me, to invite me in, into the core of your being, and to ask for energetic changes to open you more to the boundless love that re-keys your being and makes you so beautiful, so glorious and radiant a human that you will indeed be highly attractive to your brothers and sisters. This is your time to receive me, and there is no time like the present to do this. Call upon your Mother and me. Open your heart and ask for our presence to fill you wherever there is need. We know where your needs are. You may not always see the various places within you that harbor shadows, yet we know. You direct the light into you by your desire for it. We fill you with light and love when you ask us to enter into you.

My children, it is this simple. It is this simple, yet it is sometimes challenging for you to allow the light to melt away all of your inner resistance. But I say to you, is it not comforting and soothing to receive Me? You can have me almost all day long if you are willing to focus your intention and attention upon Me. Receive me, children, and know that you are indeed growing closer to God each time I move in you, and open you up to the potential that has been seeded within you. (Pause.)

Take a few moments now to center yourselves back in mindfulness, being together as a group. I will address your questions for a time this evening, and answer any concerns that you may have. Take a few moments, and you may speak when you are ready. (Pause.)

Who would like to begin?


Student: Well Master, as always I am so grateful for you to bring your light and love and energy to us. And I do feel the upstep. There are more circuits, there is the heart opening to more people and interesting opportunities, and it is an enthusiastic time. I pray your and Father’s help for dealing with the changes, as they are a lot. Sometimes it makes me want to retreat, but then it makes me want to go out through the Correcting Time, the Father’s love and the brotherhood of man and the kingdom of heaven here within. They do so much for being by, and I am grateful for the instruction.

Michael: You are most welcome, and you are growing in me, my son, and this is all good and as it should be. Be in my peace.

Student: I thank you, father Michael, for giving us that great and wonderful experience of your love filling us. As I receive that, I am compelled to find ways to share it and express it to others and with others. In our circles of loved ones, family, friends, and even in our study groups, I believe that the highest thing we can do is share this love and our experiences of truth. But sometimes words fail in attempting to do that, but it is still a tool that we use, especially in a study group where we are discussing ideas. But I believe there is something greater, a greater method of communicating. Perhaps it is soul to soul, in conjunction with using our vocabulary and words that we choose through our understanding of the Urantia book, or whatever words we used to convey that love and truth. My question is can you give us some techniques or methods that we can convey that spiritual experience, that truthfulness, that truth experience to others in our communications as we are talking to them?

Michael: There are a number of methods that you can use to be more effective in sharing with your brothers and sisters these wonderful gifts that you have been given. To say that words are effective is sometimes rather limiting, because even though you may use all of the right words, so to speak, you do not know the mind of the recipient, and you do not know how that person will interpret your words. Therefore, I encourage you to learn and to eventually master what it means to be in your heart, to live in your heart, to perceive with your heart. And in this exercise that I led you in this evening, it was designed for you to have a more expansive awareness of the numerous energies converging in your heart center, and how they move through you and open you to truth, to spiritual currents, to information.

The idea of communicating soul to soul is a deeper level of communication than happens from mind to mind, or even heart to heart. And it is very helpful if you go through the various stages, so that you can understand when it is appropriate to use, for instance, the pure intellect, and at times when it is appropriate to use more feeling to convey, and at times when you are in deep communion with another person, where that person’s soul is resonating with yours. All of these things occur over time the more you desire to be an open conduit of love. And you will start to become more familiar with what it is to be in your heart, and to perceive with your heart. It is a very different way of recognizing information than that which is captured through the intellect or the mind.

When you are engaging with another person, I would encourage you to first take a moment to breathe and set the intention of what you would like to see happen between you and this individual or individuals. And it could be something as simple as I just want to be loving towards them and to help them feel safe around me. Once you set the intention, focus on your heart center and call upon me, and asked me to lead you into the communication that is necessary for this intention to manifest itself. Focus on your feeling of me guiding you, and then allow what will occur to occur.

It will take some time for you to practice this, and to become very trusting and less controlling in your thoughts about what is happening. Am I doing this correctly? Will this be a heartfelt exchange with these individuals, or how will it all come out? I would ask you to put these thoughts aside, and be only in that space of allowing the intention to manifest. In time, with more regular practice, you will engage in that deeper soul to soul communication, and it will seem to be more natural and even effortless. But for now, practice what it is like to be in your heart, to perceive with your heart through this simple exercise, and more can be added as you gain mastery. Is this helpful to you, my son?

Student: That is beautiful. Thank you, thank you. I look forward to growing in this technique, and growing in a service tool to our Father, and to you, Master Michael. Thank you.

Michael: And you are indeed growing, and you will continue to grow. And should you desire to become the server to your brothers and sisters in the highest way, that is to achieve selfless self-mastery, you will find the most thrilling joy you have ever experienced in your life. And I say this to each one of you, for it is within each of you to achieve this, just as I did as Jesus of Nazareth. The way is open, my children. It is up to you now to continue to walk this path to reach this wonderful destiny.


Are there any other questions before we conclude for this evening?

My children, speak to me through your heart of your desires. Allow me to teach you what it is you need to learn, so that your growth can continue to delight, surprise, and bring you great joy. I leave you in my peace. I hold you in my arms, and your Mother and I shine our love upon you. Good evening, my beloved children.

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