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LLN98- Distinct Relationship Arenas

2006-11-23.  Distinct Relationship Arenas

Lightline #98

Topic: Distinct Relationship Arenas

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers


MONJORONSON: I greet you all assembled here tonight. I accept the invitation of your intentions. I am Monjoronson, pleased to be present among you.


I bring to this environment that you have created my energy signature just as you bring yours and in time you will come to identify living beings by their energy signature even more certainly than you can identify them by any physical characteristics. As you make your ascent into the realm of spirit and infinity you will grow to become well versed in the identification of another energy signature as being separate and independent from yours.

You are in the process now of learning the relationship between your various associations in the material realm and your relationship to the spiritual realm as well. You have grown from children to accept larger and larger groups of association and you have registered your relationship to the various groups of parents, family, community, nation, and species. You have grown to accept that each time you have expanded your awareness you come into a new arena of association of relationships and now in this hour we discuss the relationship between yourselves and your divine parents and the relationship between yourself and the fragment The Father has graced you with.

These are two distinct and separate arenas of relationship but the topic of relationship applies to all that you are learning in these new realms. You are beginning to identify yourselves as children of divine creators and as you are these children so you are entitled to certain birthrights. The children do eventually grow up to resemble the parents so as children of divine personages you have a destiny of reaching divinity. This relationship is yours by virtue of the fact that you are a son or daughter of God. In this time we should attempt to recognize and register the implications of such a relationship to our very individual lives. We must begin to ask ourselves if we truly embrace who we really are in this process.

Do we truly register and embrace that we are children of the one God and as such we are destined to grow up and after we have matured we will come to resemble the parents. Likewise have we really grasped the significance of the partnership that has been granted us by virtue of the fact that we have onboard with us throughout this journey a fragment of the Eternal Father as our partner. We must begin to accept that this is who we are. These are our component parts; this is our relationship to divinity and to the cosmos. We are about this process of becoming who we are, of realizing who we are, and of allowing who we are.

So therefore I bring you an invitation. Consider the greatness that you perceive yourself attaining one day. Consider the advancements that you will make in this process and consider what it is that separates you from where you can see yourself being one day. There was a comment made in the beginning that we are moving towards or growing towards a distant place or a time when something might happen, and I seize upon this statement to illustrate that that preconception has brought with it its inherent limitations. If we always see ourselves as getting there someday or perhaps making it after a lengthy amount of time then we are placing those limitations around us.

I would invite you back into the moment, back into the now. We are in fact doing what we have come here to do in this moment. We are in fact sharing between us as we have desired to do so with the assistance of our inner voices. We are in fact in this moment present with all the potential that is before us, so when your thought patterns project you as having to undergo a process of linear progression I suggest that you seize this opportunity to realize the distance that is between where you are in that moment and where you see yourselves in the future. The more you can realize that you are distancing yourself by your own construct of understanding the more you can have control over closing the gap between where you are and where you would be in this process.

This is a potent tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, this coming into the moment, this returning to the now and if you can practice catching yourself going somewhere else and bringing yourself back then you can make appropriate decisions for the moment at hand. This not to say that we do not project ourselves in the direction of our desires. We certainly direct our intentions beyond this current moment but it is to say that each current moment has within it the potentials that we yearn for throughout eternity. If you can see yourselves as riding on the carrier wave of your partner, your inner voice, your thought adjuster, then you can in very real terms free yourself of the limitations of time because your inner voice is not restrained by time or space in this process and can bridge the distance between where you are and your projection of where you would be.

Your inner voice can receive instantaneous communication from the First Source and Center and in this way you can have access to instantaneous communication from the First Source and Center. As a result of your relationship, your cosmic relationship with your Divine Parents and your Father above all, you have the connections you need to access those enduring and timeless components of yourself and project those out in the direction you would go, then through this awareness you can identify your process and act to circumvent time through your alliance and partnership with your timeless fragment. In this way it is true that each moment can be timeless, each moment can be eternal because connected to each moment there is a timeless eternal you and once you accept and embrace your partnership you can begin to command control over those universe principles that you are coming in contact with in these processes. The first step in all of this that we undertake is awareness. You are here as a result of your desire for increased awareness. You have in this hour been provided with more reference about awareness and your relationship to all things.


Q: If we are to live in the now, now it is difficult to project into the future and if we live in the now [will we] be able to go into the future? Do you have an answer for that?

Monjoronson: What you refer to was the added dimension of projecting yourself from the moment you are in, in a direction that will alter the course of your future and this is exactly what you are to do as co-creators in this process. In each moment determine where your next moment will go, what your next moment will contain and project yourself in that direction. Rather than being reactionary beings we need to shift in our awareness and allow that we are in fact co-creative beings, not merely observing and being affected by all that goes on around us but projecting and affecting all that goes on around us and it all begins with the realization of the potential of the moment that you are in. Does this response help your understanding?

Q:  Yes thank you.

Monjoronson: So I would encourage you to undertake to come to awareness about where you project yourself at any moment in time. Are you there? Are you here with me right now? Are you in consideration of what you will do later? Have you embraced that you have vast potential in this moment or do you await a future time where you will avail yourselves of vast potential? Have you arrived at a place where you are worthy or will you arrive there one day? Will you be ready to unfold who you are or will you wait for a few more lessons? What is it that separates you in this moment from the greatness that you can perceive that you are, from the divine creature you will become? You see all of this in a linear fashion and project yourselves at points along that line. I invite you to remove the linear concept from your preconceptions and place yourselves in the only time that matters on your timeline, the now.

It is in the now that we are participating and doing what we should be doing and yes, we will advance beyond this point to other points but in this moment we will embrace all that we can of the potential that exists and we will grow in our awareness and understanding to embrace more and more of the potential that exists in each moment and eventually we will step out in front of this process of potential and project ourselves to the potential that we would have, that we would be, that we would become. That is the goal of this process of shortening the distance between where you see yourselves today and all that is before you. If we can shorten that distance or the concept of that distance we can make great strides in understanding and embracing who we are in this process.

Would there be any other questions or comments at this time?


Well then I would release this T/R and send you all my appreciation for gathering on a holiday and coming together to share this experience. I treasure this experience as I know many of you do and that is another unique and precious relationship that we share. I thank you for your attention. I bid you happy holidays, farewell.

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