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LVP15- Correcting Time-Dialogue 15

2010-06-04-Correcting Time-Dialogue 15
Long View #15


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Long View of Correcting Time
o 1.2 Group: Long View Project
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Esu, Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: LVP
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson

Topic: Long View of Correcting Time
Group: Long View Project
Teacher: Esu, Monjoronson


LVP: The recent dust up on the internet over Monjoronson piece #117, What Will NOT Occur raised a few questions for Monjoronson. I thought this could offer a positive moment for the community if we engage Monjoronson with these issues in a dialogue.

ESU: There is a field you know as your creative “pyramid” that includes Myself and Monjoronson as well as Christ Michael and Gaia and more recently Adama. This field is present now for you with Me and Monjoronson taking lead points for this dialogue.

LVP: My heart feels heavy approaching this. It is bringing up the fear of disloyalty, shame about being childish questioning you and Monjoronson, other sludge elements on the waters of my consciousness.

ESU: Perhaps these elements of sludge are reminders to you of your true positioning. You took the initiative to turn the questions noted into positive statements. How did that feel?

LVP: I was hesitant to engage the ongoing debate but the positive statements had a transforming effect on my own consciousness and seemed to help in clarifying the field, settling the dust a bit.

ESU: This is the power of creative thinking and creative action. This is what I’ve been guiding you in these many years and more recently through our co-creation of these dialogues.

LVP: Yes, and I guess I’m wanting to keep us (me!) on the high ground here and not down in the weeds. However, I also feel that the discussion of these ideas, questions, in a good manner, can be one of many ongoing positive teaching moments for us all in the new creation which is beginning to birth.

ESU: That is why I am present this morning!

LVP: Ok, well that is why I’m here too, only a little wobbly.

ESU: Wobbly because you did a big chunk of “work” yesterday with your shamanic counselor in terms of clarifying your creative field for what is before you. You had many entanglements, some of them with extremely dark potential, which you had been engaging in hopes of bringing those in dark more into the light. You found that those entanglements needed to be let go, relinquished, your end of the “rope” dropped so that you can move forward.

LVP: Yes, and that work is still integrating in me, in some ways just beginning to integrate.

ESU: This I would suggest is the overall experience on Earth at this time. The entanglements with the dark energies have been manifold. Every conscious entity on Earth is entangled with the rebellion in one form or another. To use the Gulf oil travesty for an example there are the dark minions in charge of the blowout and all the devastation it is causing but down through the ranks of their hierarchy there are many good intentioned, intelligent people, working with every ounce of their intelligence and strength to bring closure to the well. Continuing through the matrix of your culture there are the users of oil, the industries, public works, employment of tens of thousands even millions, the economies of oil and all that it provides in terms of manufacture and distribution, then the end users of all those products, the gasoline for your cars, lubricants for your toys. The system is a matrix that includes every person on Earth.

LVP: We are all intimately involved in the blowout and its effects; we are all part of cause in this sense.

ESU: I am not assigning responsibility as yet, rather pointing out the intimate connections, the matrix of mutual use and abuse that is spread across the Earth as much as the poisonous slick of oil upon and within the oceans of Mother Earth.

LVP: The entanglement of that matrix is part of what is hopefully coming undone through the correcting time?

ESU: How could it be completely undone without “undoing” all the people involved? Whole countries, civilizations, would need to be washed beneath the seas, as has happened before, for this matrix to be concluded. No, that is not the purpose before us, not immediately. In the long term, which is very long and will demand you rise above your daily concerns and look to the Seventh Generation as your native brothers and sisters hold, in the very long term yes the dependency on oil and the resultant pollution will cease to be a part of human culture on Earth. However, our short term intent during the correcting time is to dislodge those who created and manipulate this matrix for evil intent. This is part of Gaia’s ascension, Her coming birth as we have been terming it, and is being accomplished largely because of the rising vibration of Our presence more intimately in your dimensional fields.

LVP: This was the long view that Monjoronson was pointing to in his comments?

ESU: Exactly, which you affirmed in the internet community. This is a “long view” project. We are not here for a momentary slam bam – light off the cosmic fireworks and be gone event. There is plenty for human beings to look at without the gee gaw of our ships in the sky!

The oil matrix is just one example of the entanglement of the human race with the dark forces that remain from the Luciferian rebellion. They have positioned the human race for slavery and have no compulsion against horrific violence and depredation. The recent murderous events of Israeli forces against those who would break the barricade starving the Palestinian people is just one example of the violent and predatory matrix which works to subject those of good will and intent. However, this controlling matrix, like the oil matrix, like the many matrices of evil abuse, are being unwound in these days and the intensity of that dissolution is evident on every page of your newspapers if you would but look.

LVP: This is the reading between the lines that you’ve encouraged, connecting the dots of world events to see the pattern beneath or behind things.

ESU: Exactly, and if you look in this way you will see dissolution on every hand. It is true that your stock market remains up and down and sideways, but the structure is being weakened and is trembling. All the volatility and unpredictable rise and fall is much like the geophysical happenings that are occurring worldwide but are still seen by your world press as distinct and unconnected. The truth is that all these occurrences are intimately linked, connected to the coming Presence of Christ Michael and the ascension His Presence is providing for Gaia and the EARTH AS A WHOLE.

LVP: Shopping at Target after Stasis and using credit cards doesn’t seem that important right now.

ESU: They can be useful considerations, not to be mocked or disregarded, but must be held within the larger outworking with which your core being is intimately involved. The disentanglement of our beloved Gaia and Her people from the dark matrix is a project and is being handled with exquisite intelligence and sensitivity. Every allowance is being made for compassion and forgiveness. However, the tides of Creation will not wait upon the intransigence of human beings. Their structures are falling apart around them and will continue to do so as the vibration intensifies. This is the essence of the Correcting Time and “beyond these rapids” as you put in your beautiful poem, a “green valley” of new life and promise.

However, even that will only be a world of cleansed potential, one in which the elements that are oblivious to the decrees of Love will no longer hold sway. Cleaning up the mess, unwinding the ignorance, rebuilding human culture upon the foundations of Christ Michael’s Being will be the work of human civilization for years and centuries and ages to come. The Correcting Time will jump start your work and it is a jump start you and Gaia sorely need, but ultimately the work will be in your hands and it will be an awesome endeavor!

LVP: You’ve set the stage now my brother. Perhaps we can give Monjoronson the opportunity at this point for His perspective as the Adjudicator for the Correcting Time.

MONJORONSON:  Good morning to all who read these Dialogues. Well, you are off to a great start here with Esu! He’s covered the field to the point where one wonders what more needs to be said!

LVP: I’m not really a Q&A guy myself (as You know) but perhaps we can look at the questions or the process or whatever You would wish in a more general or specific way as You choose.

MONJORONSON: Thank you. You are working through your “wobbliness” this morning in a most admirable manner. It is still hard for you to receive our encouragement, our praise, is it not?

LVP: Yes, really hard. We all say we want to “know” such things but when they arrive we/I get busy ASAP with my “problems” again and give so little time to the field of support surrounding me.

MONJORONSON:  That “field of support” is subject for a dialogue in itself, but for this morning let’s consider My recent comments and the resultant questionings. My role on Earth is a very long term one. I didn’t begin yesterday and I won’t be finished tomorrow. The decrees that set the Correcting Time in motion originate beyond Christ Michael, at the Center of Centers, and no amount of human intransigence or opposition will deter what is to come. However, the ascension can be made more difficult by such forces and demands of Us Who are on the Celestial side of the equation to be most careful in what We are about and how We administer this outworking. To you it appears that We work in fits and starts, that the creative opportunity rises then falls and you feel the desolation of what to you is an unfinished business?

LVP: Yes. The rise and fall although understandable is very discouraging.

MONJORONSON:  From your perspective that is reasonable. However, from the long view as Esu so beautifully put it, this is but the pulsation of Creation working in coherence with Christ Michael’s Spirit, with the very Tides of Source manifesting clearly now in your little corner of the universe!

However, to be more to the point in terms of My recent statements, I am here for the long term project. My encouragement through the paper entitled What Will NOT Occur was an attempt to encourage those reading My words, a VERY SMALL percentage of the human population after all but ones who are open to our counsel and guidance and could be in position to more accurately effect our coming Presence, to take the long view. There is no quick fix except to the human addict and I am hesitant to say this because it will be likely prove offensive to some, but hope is one form of human addiction. Your US President rode that horse into your White House because hope is such a fundamental aspect of the human spirit in face of the millennia of evil and darkness that has enveloped the Earth.

Hope is a quality of faith but it is no substitute for creative action. You will be rolling up your sleeves BIG TIME in the days and years to come and although you are in a very obstructed field at this time, there are ways and means and opportunities for rolling up your sleeves NOW, engaging the creative field now with what you know and envision for the future. You’ve created several of these opportunities through your various websites including now the Inner Earth chronicles and these Dialogues. Where did all this come from? They didn’t exist ten years ago?

LVP: I spent a number of years carrying the commission of Christ Michael in my heart but struggled to find a means for expression, for enactment. I’ve been really happy of late to find these creative outlets.

MONJORONSON: You didn’t find them, you created them. I’m not puffing up your ego here but using you as a small example of the opportunities that are present for all. I also note that since you initiated the Dialogues there is a lot more dialogue occurring! I could say that the questioning process was in part a result of the Dialogues and I welcome these questions just as I do the questions from the Urantia Book community, the CMGSN community, all those who seek to be a part of our team on Earth for the Correcting Time.

LVP: Is there something more you’d like to say in reply to the specific questions?

MONJORONSON: In this venue I would just reaffirm Esu’s Long View. There are no magic wands! And I would also say that questions are good if We together retain the proper orientation of the Correcting Time in this process.

Stasis is not My immediate responsibility. I am here in the Adjudicating role, to administer the Final Settlement if you will upon those who oppose Source and to re-establish the Fundaments of Source in the new creation. Stasis is an aspect to the Correcting Time which is under Christ Michael and Esu’s direction. The ultimate direction is for Machiventa, Who is to assume the role of Planetary Prince. However, are the names so critical or how intimately WE ARE KNOWN in human consciousness that is of true import?

Where I live and how I live on Earth at some point is My choice. You’ve already helped me with my acculturation, leading to many jokes on Our end about Monjoronson listening to LVP’s Nano, attempting to dance to your music which I do like, often finding very strange yet inviting! We have provided for quite a bit of laughter among the Celestials but you and I enjoy our times together and your willingness to be who and what you are with Me rather than some sanctimonious presentation is very good for My heart, for my Being in how I am coming on Earth.

The matrix of Earthly activity will not disappear as Esu outlined above. If it did the entire matrix of human society would need to go with it. It will still be present but by Our Intent without the malicious ones who turn this matrix to their own nefarious purposes. The industries and economies will be reduced by the transition envisioned in the Correcting Time, but will still be present and require all of your intelligence and care to uplift and transform into the world of tomorrow, the world of love and light that may be millennia away but which must be fired in the crucibles of your consciousness, your intent and YOUR ACTION this very day.

I will address the rest of the questions in My time with those concerned, which I hope will find rest in this dialogue and a subsequent release through others. However, I will reiterate that the frustration many have felt about the “slow pace” I envision is something for all to consider. There will be some more effective results of the Correcting Time that will be known in a more immediate sense, they must be for Gaia to survive and ascend, but the work we are about is the long term creative work that Esu outlined. We will not see a sudden and complete transformation of human civilizations. There is a tremendous amount of work to be done that will take many, many years to accomplish. Some of you may only see the initial phases of the Correcting Time, some who helped to make this a reality are already gone from Earth and may or may not return. Some who will be most significant to what will be created are yet to be born.

This is a Long View project which carries the majesty of Christ Michael’s creative stamp. We have waited thousands of years for this Transition Time and we have many thousands of years of creative work before us. The Machiventa Schools are already being established. There are schools of thought promulgating on Earth in many places which are allowing a manifold increase in the Light of human consciousness. This is occurring in many different fields by the way, some of which are not so “spiritual” in their language or practice, some are more technical, some sociological, some economic. However, the Machiventa Schools are finding their original imprint through the work originating in the Urantia Book circles, through the Phoenix Journals and other spiritual schools previously, and these schools, universities of higher consciousness if you will, will flourish in the years to come. Again, here is a long term project which will not occur overnight. Some of those reading these dialogues will be a part of this university; you for one are certainly going to play a role, are playing a role right now!

Here is something to affirm in closing. Each person of good will and intent IS PLAYING A ROLE AT THIS VERY TIME. Let that role be clarified and nurtured. Let the awareness and passion you have for Christ Michael, for Esu, some of you perhaps for Me, be articulated in ways that support and lift both your own consciousness and the creative fields in which you participate. Let your vision for a New Earth find a place of birth in yourself as you join Gaia in Her birth. Let what you think and feel and say and do be an inspiration to those around you, a rebuke to those who oppose the power and beauty of Source, and a foundation for the world that is to come. In this work we are joined, now and forever!

LVP: Thank you my brother. I am so happy for this time together, as always. Your counsel is so appreciated and though I often skip the Q&A at CMGSN that you seem to have infinite patience for, you know my love and blessing are with you. Thank you, and thank you Esu for this beautiful dialogue.

ESU: Thank you for moving through your “wobbliness,” letting your own “axis” be more securely set, and moreover, providing this opportunity of an increased steadiness in all who read the Dialogues as we move forward together.

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