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LVP16- Gaia Difficulty-Dialogue 16

2010-06-07-Gaia Difficulty-Dialogue 16
Long View #16


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Gaia’s Difficulties
o 1.2 Group: Long View Project
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Esu, Michael, Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: LVP
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Dialogue

Topic: Gaia’s Difficulties
Group: Long View Project
Teacher: Esu, Michael, Monjoronson


LVP: Christ Michael, You wanted to dialogue on the difficulties Gaia faces and in particular the nature of the shift She must make.

CHRIST MICHAEL: Yes, that is the essential discussion. I’m inviting Esu and Monjoronson to participate as well for We all have something to contribute to this discussion.

LVP: We’ve talked in circle before but never with me typing and keeping up my end of the discussion, so my “internal software” may get challenged but I’m game.

CHRIST MICHAEL: As always brother, as always. This is your Kumara nature front and center and the spirit required in these very difficult times.
In the manner of “full disclosure” as it is often said but rarely done in your media I’d like you to tell your story to begin our dialogue, of your time with your Higher Self and what realizations came. You weren’t aware of how this applied to Gaia then but will allow you now to set the stage for what I wish to convey.

D: I woke in the middle of the night last week with my Higher Self in full force. He was telling me about my life story, the incarnate part of myself, while He was speaking from the immortal part; of how all people are born into their lives from their biological parents and mature most often in attempts to please their parents. Even the rebels are often attempting to “save” their parents from ignorance and in an odd way this is also an attempt to please. Further along in life one may relax in the parental pleasing but then shift to pleasing the boss, the wife or husband or the spiritual teacher or guru. In my life a spiritual teacher took on the role of spiritual father for me and my purpose became pleasing him and serving his mission.

CHRIST MICHAEL: When you grew past that level you came into conflict with your teacher, your spiritual father.

LVP: Yes, and so the next step became beyond that mission, toward You as my true Spiritual Father and to Gaia as Spiritual Mother.

CHRIST MICHAEL: Gaia is not your Spiritual Mother in that sense but it is a path you walked.

LVP: Yes, and when I did after some years I found that Gaia was not interested in the parental role with me, that She wanted a relationship, more of a lover for Her Self.

CHRIST MICHAEL: You wrote a beautiful poem about that progression.

LVP: What I also discovered was the closer I got to You I found You didn’t want the parental role either!

CHRIST MICHAEL: This was a disappointment?

LVP: No (laughing), You know it wasn’t. It was a shock, took quite a while to digest, but I realized You were speaking to me as a Brother, inviting me into a co-creative role with you, not “under” you.

CHRIST MICHAEL: Exactly, and this is a relationship you have nurtured with Me and with Gaia, with Esu, Monjoronson, even Mary Magdalene who is a dear friend and ally for you.

LVP: Yes, You are the Spiritual Treasures of my life.

CHRIST MICHAEL: This leads to what I will convey to you and to your readers about Gaia. This evolution from child relating to parent, to adult relating to parent also includes the parents who develop the role of parent to child, but often remain in that role well past it being beneficial to the young or matured adult. The parental role should change at every stage of the child’s development, at each significant milestone from birth to ages 7, 13, 21, etc. There are changes required in the parent at every stage until the parent and child are side by side as full and respected equals.

LVP: This isn’t always the case, to put it mildly.

MONJORONSON: I will interject here that what Michael is outlining is a long and trusted evolutionary path. The relationship of father and mother to son or daughter is a privileged and beautiful context. It is the manner and means of physical, mental, social and spiritual development if rightly encompassed.

CHRIST MICHAEL: I used the concept of Father in My bestowal Presence on Earth those few thousand years ago, to encourage alignment in human consciousness with what is at Source, Origin, which should command human awareness. I did little with Mother, sadly, because at the time My progress was interrupted as you know. Mother was the “nice to have” in terms of My objectives but Father, the Christic Mission contained in a singular concept, was the “must have.”

LVP: And so Gaia lost out even then.

CHRIST MICHAEL: Yes, She was not considered as She might have been and rightly should have been in the fullness of what I would have brought. She suffered in that way and continued to suffer through the ignorance of the church structures which followed, almost all of them intent on elevating the male and subordinating the female, a way totally incongruent with My intent for the Christic Mission.

ESU: This prejudice was founded within those who were later erroneously seen as Our spokesmen. Peter was not chosen by Me nor was Paul who was a peripheral character to our ministry. The Magdalene was a true presence and spiritual adept. Her wisdom and leadership were known to all who followed us at the time but the ignorance of others shunned her and the wisdom she carried which when institutionalized led to even grosser injustices later in history when the Sophia schools, the Druidic culture, the original people of the Americas all came under the sword of church and state sponsored violence.

CHRIST MICHAEL: The “history” is important to understand Gaia, the countless years of suffering for Her children, both the persecuted and the persecutors. They are all part of Her fabric, and though one embodies cruelty and the other suffers it, Gaia feels the suffering and torment of both. Many of the more modern understandings of psychology clarify the extreme suffering that the tormentor experiences to the point of literal madness and self destruction.

However, what I want to point out at this time is the challenge Gaia faces to release the parental role. This is the hurdle She is presently struggling with. She realizes that She should no longer be clinging to role of Mother. She realizes that I have released Her from the role of Daughter and invited Her to lift into the fullness of Co-Creation which has been Her dream and My intent for ages. Yet She has played this role for thousands of years and Her letting go is occurring now in fits and starts. This is the push and pull many are feeling these days, where the tide seems to surge then ebb without the desired effect.

MONJORONSON:  From an evolutionary point of view this process should be gradual and compassionate. It would occur “naturally” over an understandably long period of time. This should also be true of your human parental roles but the Earth is so filled with ignorance and depredation that “normal” is practically an irrelevant term. You (LVP) and many have had to make evolutionary jumps, in this and other lifetimes, to breach the chasms of ignorance that would have prevented the fulfillment of the Christic Mission. You’ve been willing to sacrifice yourself if necessary for this cause and to leap into the void as it were, with only faith to support you, in order to gain the further shore of what needed to be accomplished.

ESU: Faith being one of the underpinnings of the “field of support” We touched on in the last dialogue that still deserves a discussion in itself, but not today. Today We are endeavoring with you and your readers to build the field of support for Gaia, to assist in bridging the chasm which is much greater for Her than the human experiences you have had to meet and overcome.

CHRIST MICHAEL: What I am asking is that you and all who are present through the dialogue release Gaia from Her parental role as you hold Her in the circle of Light and Love into which Candace invited you. You may need to stretch in your imaginations but there is a fertile imaginative power among all who are conscious which could find many other ways to address Gaia than as Mother as you support Her in the release She must make in order to take the next steps.

This will surely seem incongruent because of the metaphor of birth We’ve been using to hold Her during this period. In fact it is a birth She is about, the birth of a new Earth in the ways and means She is responsible for. But She is also in a mature field of support that doesn’t require Her to parent the children of Earth at this time. She can release that responsibility to Me and to All Who hold this field presently. And here I would underscore once more the invitation to use your active minds, your power of creativity, and build this field with Me.

Imagine yourself as a forty or fifty year old faced with a most difficult transition. Imagine the presence of your grown child now, not holding you back with the chords of mother or father dependence, but standing in their own maturity, fully and brightly, and encouraging you to take your own next step, to go forward in maturity. This is the opportunity that I am inviting all who are conscious of this process to do at this time and to do this with courage, assurance, blessing and certainty!

ESU: There is much yet to do from the governance point of view but We must have this step forward in the geophysical processes, which are in fact much more than physical. How Gaia’s ascension is revealed in the Earth is only one dimension of the transition She is making. I have no fear She will not continue in this way. I know this is the Love of Her great Heart and I know She is already laboring with tremendous courage and strength. There is every sludge and hurdle thrown before Her by those who stand against the Light, but She will continue and She will triumph. There is a great Feminine Presence with Us at this time that includes Those Who understand Gaia’s travail and are in position to Mid-wife Her next steps in the wisest and most ancient of ways. She is blessed!

MONJORONSON:  All will move forward for Light calls unto light as it has been said and Light will respond. Gaia is lifting and Her ascension is the forward step for all of humanity, of creation, even the very rocks and stones of the Earth, to rise up and join with Christ Michael in the transformation of Earth into the planetary jewel it is to become. However, this is also a teaching moment if you will, in the Correcting Time. Perhaps some of you reading this will feel these words abrupt, perhaps you were only beginning to come into a feeling contact with Gaia as Mother and so releasing this may be painful.

Perhaps there are other ways you can find to create the appropriate release at the level you can accommodate. There is no one right dictum that is to be decreed and enforced. That type of authoritarian command is part of the very structure Gaia is rising out of! I don’t often speak with the passion of the Kumara, but I do say now that this is a most significant opportunity to step into co-creation with our beloved Christ Michael, and so in whatever way possible I encourage all to find a manner and means to join Him and our Team in this moment of support and transformation.

CHRIST MICHAEL: I think that does it. Your “internal software” held up pretty well!

LVP: You knew it would Boss.

CHRIST MICHAEL: As always beloved, and to all those who read My words now, My Love and Blessing are with you, now and always. The world of effects is going through the Big Change but My Love is a constant, and in that place of constancy I encourage one and all to find succor, faith and especially right action.

LVP: Thank you, all and Big Love to Gaia. She is a Babe!

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