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LVP24- Ascension Events-Dialogue 24

2010-07-18-Ascension Events-Dialogue 24
Long View #24


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Dialogue #24
o 1.2 Group: Long View Project
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael, Esu, Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: LVP
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson

Topic: Dialogue #24
Group: Long View Project
Teacher: Michael, Esu, Monjoronson


LVP: Good morning Christ Michael. I ask for Your Presence, for our Council with Esu and Monjornonson, to consider recent events in the Ascension process.

CHRIST MICHAEL: Good morning. We’ve been discussing this particular Dialogue for a week and are welcome and inviting to this discussion.

LVP: What I’d like to consider is a different slant on recent events, a different vein than what has been offered by You and others through various messages.

CHRIST MICHAEL: This is understood. Let’s begin. I will say that your inquiry over the last days has opened quite a “vein” in My and Our thinking, so I want you to know at the outset that although your thinking on this matter will disturb many readers (has even disturbed Me!), the line of inquiry is positive and will contribute to a greater cohesion between the Celestial and mortal sides of Our evolutionary equation.

LVP: Thank you Michael. I have been disturbed myself, following the path of our Dialogues, the many messages of Celestial intelligence, the confluence of current geophysical and geopolitical events on Earth. There was an intense build-up of expectation through the numerous Updates that began in May and continued through June of impending large scale acceleration in the Ascension process. We were led to believe that significant changes to the geophysical landscape and to the international political and economic frameworks were imminent.

CHRIST MICHAEL: Yes, this is a reasonable outline of that sequence of messages.

LVP: Then there was a stoppage that was ascribed to Gaia, Her being “stuck” to use that phrase, in Her process of lifting with Your energy. This occurred within the context of the Gulf oil blow out and resultant massive pollution of Earth’s oceans. The corps of light workers on Earth were called to focus on Gaia, to assist Her process, and indeed there was a breakthrough and significant forward step by Gaia in Her evolution and union with You.

CHRIST MICHAEL: Good so far.

LVP: Then, instead of the expected global events occurring there was nothing. There were the continuing earthquakes, the ups and downs of the stock market and ever present political corruptions, but no significant event of magnitude. This was followed by several subsequent Dialogues, messages through others attempting to ameliorate the disappointment and to suggest You were waiting upon a further openness in the hearts of humanity before the accelerated process we had been led to expect would begin.

CHRIST MICHAEL: All accurate to this point.

LVP: I followed this line of thought, accepted much of it that seemed to be on tone, filtered out what seemed out of joint, resolved what I could and continued in my own personal process of integration and soul evolution. Yet I was left with a continuing sense that something was off in this sequence that had not been revealed. I puzzled over it for many hours, exploring the various messages and patterns of events and realized finally that I was allowing for everything I could in my limited consciousness but the one conclusion that was obvious but contrary to my preferred belief.

CHRIST MICHAEL: And that was…

LVP: That You and our forces under Esu had not succeeded. That indeed You had marshaled your efforts in a very strong forward movement and You were setback. The forward movement had not achieved what was hoped for, and we and Thee are back to the drawing boards.

CHRIST MICHAEL: This is a simplistic summary of conclusion but accurate nonetheless.

LVP: I’m not trying to go into detail, just wanting to outline the basic steps.

CHRIST MICHAEL: Understood, and as I said accurate to this point.

LVP: Why haven’t You been forthright in this? Your latest messages avoided this hard truth and led the corps of light workers in a tangential direction. You’ve always been concerned with the harvest of souls, this is nothing new or added to our mission, but to stress this as a new component and not address the failure in the field is to me unacceptable in terms of our co-creative partnership.

CHRIST MICHAEL: You are calling Me to task then?

LVP: I’m asking you to confirm my inquiry and resultant conclusions, which You have, and now I am asking You why You were not forthright with me and our ground team.

CHRIST MICHAEL: I’m not going to gloss this over. As I said earlier this line of inquiry has put pressure on Me because of Our close relationship and communion. I had not wanted to be “forthright” as you put it because of My concern with morale in our corps of light workers as you rightly describe them, but there is a dis-functionality in My approach, an approach that you and many are quite aware of in your earthly parentage, and one that We are about to set right through this Dialogue.

The dis-functionality has to do with a father and or mother’s desire to protect the children. You do this with your grandson ; you do not expose him to your thoughts or understandings if you feel that such understandings will defeat his young spirit.

LVP: That is correct in a parent or in this case grandparent to child relationship. But that is not the context You have invited. You’ve declared and we have agreed to co-creative work with You and it is not right for You to share part of the mission, the planning and expectation and requests for our assistance, and then hide the results.

CHRIST MICHAEL: This is what is clarifying, what I am seeing through your passion and through the passionate inquiry of many in the ground corps.

LVP: Eve’s recent communication seemed to pull Your heartstrings. It certainly did mine, and the innocence of her thoughts and open communication with You was the final clue in my inner exploration. When You put her very good questions back on her by asking for her unconditional love, then I knew that You were avoiding the real question and something was awry.

CHRIST MICHAEL: I agree and there is more I will say in this direction but at this point I will ask Esu, Who is in charge of our Forces to speak to this recent cycle of events as you outlined in the outset of our Dialogue.

ESU: Good morning . Well, you continue in true Kumara fashion! Putting pressure on the Creative Son! This is another unique hybrid to add to our already unprecedented mix! I will say this presents a positive response to the direction Christ Michael has set, in which the co-creative aspects of Our mission have been given priority and true value. You are requiring that this value be expressed in real terms rather than lip service.

LVP: Exactly.

ESU: Thus Our participation today will not be esoteric or philosophical, although our brother Monjoronson will have some teaching to ascribe most likely.

MONJORONSON: There is always teaching and further understanding in the paths of evolutionary creation, but there is also a time for candidness and honesty and I support your inquiry and will not water it down with what may be abstraction or sidestepping his central thrust.

ESU: So let Me give you and the ground corps a brief and specific update. We did make a very powerful forward attempt to advance the Ascension and resolution process on Earth. The Updates as recorded were reasonably clear outlines of what We were about and Our expected timetable of opportunities and actions. We offered these messages and moved forward with absolute certainty. However, We met with an intransigence in Gaia, an inability for Her to take the next steps required without an overcharge of force on Our parts that could have put the well being of the planet and the mission of stasis at grave risk.

LVP: You called on the ground corps for assistance, for our collective focus on Gaia. She gained the momentum She needed through the reception in Her own Self of the No energy She had been lacking through Her maternalism for the planet and people. Thus She moved forward. But by that time the forward tide You had been moving upon was rapidly diminishing and there was not the energy to take another forward step. Is this correct?

ESU: That is correct in summary. As Michael mentioned earlier your brief comments are somewhat simplistic because the Energetic Equations are an elevated and precise science which require a level of observance and understanding that are beyond the mechanics of your present thinking. However, much like your own earthly inventions, you only need to know to push the start button to make a photocopy, you don’t need to understand the photovoltaic processes, and for your awareness of what went on in Our recent setback, your summary is sufficient and accurate.

LVP: There is more I’d like to say about this Esu but I don’t want to distract You from the appraisal and outline You were in the midst of.

ESU: Thank you. As I said, We could not immediately continue without endangering Earth and Our mission. The Tide of Energy as you describe is a vivid metaphor for the basis of Our undertaking. Indeed the Tide had begun to recede by the time Gaia gained Her footing and the opportunity We had been working toward was lost for the time being. This is not mission failure by any means but it is a significant setback.

I use the term setback advisedly because We have not wanted to share our honesty with the dark brethren who certainly read what is posted and for their part are constantly filling the corps of light workers with mis-leading disinformation through a variety of new age confusion, traditional religious bigotry, and bogus political and environmental “news” to attempt to put Our ground forces in disarray. However, Our strategy of guarded honesty is seen in this moment as having proved a disservice to the ground crew and something We are intent on clearing up now.

LVP: I work in large scale projects and have for many years. It is not at all unusual for the direction or planned execution of a project to go awry. There is always the unexpected, the unseen pitfalls and failures in labor or materials that require a variety of project planning changes in midstream. Given the scale of what we are about in the Ascension of Gaia and life on Earth how could there not be screw-ups, failures of every sort and size, as we continue together in what is a most difficult and unprecedented plan? I think if we are to co-create with You and Christ Michael then we have to be prepared on the ground for difficulties and setbacks. It’s not going to be one perfect forward movement. Nothing we’ve ever experienced on Earth goes that way and I don’t think it goes that way cosmically either.

ESU: It is fair to say that the level of “screw up” in present Earth terms is unprecedented as well, as the forces that deny Life and Light are entrenched in a seemingly immovable manner. Immovable in the sense that many have made their decision to remain in denial of Christ Michael to the very end and are intent upon pursuing their plans of global domination and the irrevocable destruction they consider an option in their absurd plans and schemes. However, they and their forces are certainly not immovable in the larger sense and are already losing the footholds they have had on Earth for many millennia.

Their grip on events of which they have been so assured is running through their hands now like sand or water. The forces they have set in motion have moved beyond their control on many levels with wars and violence spinning out of control, a global financial structure rotten to the core and floundering like a broken ship about to fall beneath the battering waves of their own self set storms. However, they of the dark continue in their intransigence and believe themselves to be buoyed by Our recent setback.
In regard to this “setback” let Me say again, clearly, that this is not a mission failure. We are certainly assured of Our direction and progress but We are also being forthright today through this medium about a faltering in Our efforts which We had not yet put forward with candor.

We placed Our various pieces on what could be likened to a global chessboard and when the dark forces said in effect put up or shut up We attempted to put the geophysical events into play and Gaia could not respond to the level We had expected. We’ve covered Gaia’s problem in previous Dialogues so I won’t further that issue today. However, it was a moment when the dark called our cards and when one of our down cards, the energetic movements of the planet itself, proved to fizzle or not respond as We had predicted. We were forced to retreat for the time being, attend to Gaia, and strategically reconsider our next moves. Our planning continues of course, with much in the wings, in what I will say is basically an unchanged overall map of action. However, in terms of our most recent efforts We realize Our underestimate of what was required and are recalibrating Our efforts accordingly.

LVP: Thank you Esu. I appreciate the honesty. I’m not asking for details of what is to come. In fact, I’d prefer not to have predictions and the like until we have a strategic plan in place that is updated for the next movements. I do feel though that this honesty on Your part helps the ground team, helps me certainly, to participate with You and CM in a mature way, not as little children along for the ride. It may be true that we often behave like ill mannered children but in this case I am certain we need You to take the high road of co-creation with us and that Your honesty and candidness will be matched here on Earth with a reaffirmed direction on our part.

CHRIST MICHAEL: Perhaps I will come back in now and speak to this “reaffirmed direction” as you put it. I asked you yesterday to consider something in poetic form that described your vision of how the land and sea work together in the energetic exchange at the ocean shore. I ask that you put that poem in here and I have a few comments to offer then in closing.

LVP: Here it is:

Receiving the Pulse
The incoming waves with force and fury
gather in a singular pulse to shore
yet when vision softens, opening
to the scope between land and sea
long slender fingers of desire
appear before the coming wave
reaching out from tree and rock
with a passionate welcome
to the incoming energy
meeting the ocean, receiving
and drawing the color and sound
to the bosom of land
to the root of tree and stone
of energy rising, flooding
the earth with ocean life
before reaching out again
with the same delicate fingers
for the next great pulse
of power and light
renewing again and again
the undying genesis
of creation.

CHRIST MICHAEL: Thank you. This poetically captures the energetic mixture that is at the heart, at the root as you describe it, of Creation. There is an incoming “pulse,” but there is at the same time, even preceding the pulse, a reaching out to what is incoming, from the land, from the receptor toward the wave of incoming energy. This equation is at the heart of Creation and the very signature of the co-creative efforts We are inviting and signaling at this time. We are part of the “incoming tide” if you will, and you and the corps of light workers are part of the “delicate fingers,” the hands reaching out toward the energy of love and light. We are all One energy, One body as is coming clear on Earth in this time of Ascension and conscious evolution, yet We each and all still have our roles to play in any given movement.

My hesitancy in being completely forthright about Our recent setback was a concern for this larger equation. To discourage people about Our efforts or worse to encourage through a sense of defeat that they sit back “on shore” and just wait for the incoming wave is to promote an attitude which will never allow for the co-creative efforts that are essential to our plans for Ascension. We must have you “reaching out” as it were, extending your energy on the shores of mortal life toward our Celestial Tide, for it is at the breaking wave, where the inflow of Our energy and the receptors of your capacity meet, that the magic occurs and Ascension is known.

MONJORONSON: I will add that here in Michael’s words, offered in such poetic simplicity, is the essence of the evolution We and thee are about. There may indeed be many setbacks along the way, and the path of mature acceptance and understanding you are calling for is admirable and well taken. What I particularly admire is that in your call for candidness you are not doing so from a cynical perspective, casting blame upon what has occurred or denying your part in how We and thee must continue.

Here is the core of our evolutionary partnership. I am being continually asked for instruction, often upon topics that have only vague relevance to the essential matters at hand. However, what is required for forward movement is most perfectly summarized in Michael’s description and invitation to an energetic equation revealed in your poetic metaphor. The advice and instruction many request are contained in these few words and with that admiration stated I suggest that “students” have sufficient material here for a few millennia of practicum!

CHRIST MICHAEL: Thank you Monjoronson. I think We have covered enough. This is a few pages longer than the format you have set over time but I think Our efforts are well taken today and will provide much food for thought and hopefully useful response from our partners in co-creation!

I will add that the manner in which you “reach out” with your “delicate fingers” of welcome and inquiry, is greatly pleasing to My Heart, a Heart which includes all on Earth and far beyond, but is still learning and growing with you in this process. We have much to learn and understand, to forgive, to appreciate, and above all to create, and with this invitation I send My love and blessing to all.

LVP: Thank you Michael. In this renewed candor I find my love and appreciation magnified. Hopefully this will be the case for those who read the Dialogue. However, whatever the result, this honesty is setting our course right together, and for that I am most thankful.

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