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LVP23- Changes Amid Predictions-Dialogue 23

2010-07-08-Changes Amid Predictions-Dialogue 23
Long View #23


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Changes Amidst Predictions
o 1.2 Group: Long View Project
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael, Esu, Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: LVP
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Dialogue
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Changes Amidst Predictions
Group: Long View Project
Teacher: Michael, Esu, Monjoronson


LVP: We’re going to extend our conversation into a Dialogue?

CHRIST MICHAEL: Indeed. I’d like to provide what I can of clarification for some of the viewpoints that have come out over recent messages, particularly the update I provided on July 4th concerning current plans. I do this with the understanding that each clarification is likely to cause twice its weight in added confusion but this is the nature of the beast on Earth at this time and I will continue.

LVP: The first question that seems paramount is timing for ascension, stasis and other major events, and what I described to you as my perception that the goal posts or targets keep moving. To use the most recent example, Gaia’s energetic progress was described as the essential to a major move forward. We all concentrated our energies in Her direction. She made the move in progression required and now the plan requires “planetary citizens wake up and CRY out for our help, known to them as “GOD”” before further large scale action will occur.

CHRIST MICHAEL: And you see this as “moving the goal posts?”

LVP: I do, in the sense that we are being asked through various messages to begin immediate preparations, evacuate certain areas, tell our loved ones that earth cataclysms are imminent, and in other ways put our lives into a blender when after a few days the whole sense of imminence goes poof and we’re told another variable is required. Meanwhile wars continue unabated, the stock market remains intact as international financial criminals continue their depredations and Gaia continues to hemorrhage in the Gulf of Mexico.

CHRIST MICHAEL: All of the activities you describe are accurate but I would suggest that from Our point of view Intent remains the same and Our strategies, though ever variable and altering to the circumstances, remain steadfast and forward moving. It is true that there are significant opportunities that continue to present themselves and We adjust to those circumstances.

One of the elements you disregard in your analysis is the effect you and many others are having on the equation. At times there has been a need for a critical mass to move a certain condition and when called upon, in terms of a red alert or alarm if you will, many Light workers responded. Often what could have proved catastrophic in unnecessary ways has been avoided by such actions. Should you and others regret such an intervention? Was it not Our purpose together, Me and thee, that we should be co-creative partners in this enterprise? Is it wrong to bring your attention to possibilities? Is it inaccurate for us to strategize, energize and otherwise bring Our cosmic influences to bear without fear of later reprisal from our partners in creation?

LVP: I don’t see my questions as a form of reprisal Michael. I’m inquiring and I think that is a fundamental to our agreement in this project.


LVP: So my inquiry concerns the amount of energetic investment we are being directly asked to expend in directions that are constantly changing. I’m not saying I refuse or won’t continue but I am disconcerted when there is no acknowledgment of the REASON WHY plans have changed.

CHRIST MICHAEL: That is reasonable and the point of our Dialogue today: the REASON WHY. I enjoy the capital letters in the “reason why” by the way. You are looking for BIG REASONS I gather.

LVP: Small, medium or large will do!!

CHRIST MICHAEL: Well, We need to keep a good sense of humor about Us. This is a universe class endeavor as you know and We are constantly faced with poor choices, not the better of two evils but often the worst. We continue to counter the various moves that are made by the forces of iniquity and We call on you to assist, to provide a strong current of spiritual, mental and often emotional energy to aid in the progress We/we all desire.

At this time the immediate surge in earth changes We had “predicted,” which would have taken but a lift from the solar dynamic on Our side, have been held in abeyance because of the already catastrophic occurrences in the Gulf of Mexico and the cascading series of disasters that are potentially ahead due to that awful set of humanly created circumstances.

In Esu’s recent message He referred to My desire for the harvest, a harvest of souls. This is what is occurring in this latest catastrophe. There can be no blame by the dark side upon the Forces of Light. The destruction of the Gulf and potentially the oceans of Earth far and wide through the unchecked and likely un-checkable nature of this travesty is pointing the finger in one direction only, which is to human greed and ambition. Is this not why the story is finding so little interest in the corporate controlled world press? Yes, it is present and stories continue to eke out but where is the focus of attention? Where is the direct action an event of this magnitude requires? Is there any real mobilization to address this horror at the level required in order to be effective?

I would suggest NO, and no because there is no one upon which to point blame but the very characters who control the government, media and corporate cartels. The Gulf event is heading in a very bad direction, one which is already undermining the sea floor, involving huge clouds of methane and the release of a plethora of extremely toxic gases, rupturing fault lines in the Deepwater vicinity that are breaching oil miles from the actual well and a toxic stew of oil and the nightmarish dispersants being poured into sea without restraint that is all a witches brew of toxicity, poison and lethally charged elements in the onset of the hurricane season.

LVP: Your portrayal of this is as ominous as any of the end game scenarios being played out over the internet.

CHRIST MICHAEL: And well they should be! What level of catastrophe is required to gain humanity’s attention and begin their turning away from the modalities of greed and corruption into patterns of sustainability, community and love?

LVP: I’m not sure Michael. In my lifetime I’ve seen a number of awakenings, inspirations and accelerations of the Light only to then witness nefarious and corrupt elements degrade and corrupt whatever good has taken root. The sixties in America was a wonderful time of awakening that ended for all practical purposes in a drug induced haze, a political and social entropy that caused more social regression than progression.

CHRIST MICHAEL: Isn’t this discouragement at the core of your perception that I am “moving the goal posts,” a fear that I will prove an impotent God and that there is no resolution or salvation for the increasingly apocalyptic state of affairs on Earth.

LVP: It is certainly a part of my internal stew.

CHRIST MICHAEL:  And so there We must begin dear one, despite your feeling of dread at reducing all these matters to the merely personal.

LVP: I believe I am intent on my personal work Michael, and I’m certainly happy to look at this and root out the issues that are mine. However, it also helps to have You outline the strategies You have in mind rather than issuing changing directives without reason.

CHRIST MICHAEL: My strategy, if that is the correct term, remains Mindful of the current fault lines being activated in the Gulf. Why should We further activate this mess? Why not let it proceed of its own destructive and violent force so that there is no place for humanity to look except in the cosmic mirror. I believe there is indeed a potential at hand through this horror for more to awaken from the slumber of the parental support they expect from their utterly corrupted governments and see that if there is to be salvation they must look to themselves and their own communities.

This is not to say that individuals or small communities can contend with this magnitude of tragedy but such events do provide the opportunities for looking within and to each other for strength and resource, fundamental skills for the days ahead. And as people being to find their own footing, alone and together, they may well perceive the rather insoluble nature of these problems and if they but look, turn their attention in the slightest way in Our direction, there indeed We will be.

LVP: Well, I’m glad to have your thoughts on this and I understand. I think the suffering consequent upon this will be devastating to the earth, to the sea and birds and fish and to the human population beside the Gulf but it is a mess we profited from, enjoyed the benefits of and so it is truly our mess which is something for us to grasp.

CHRIST MICHAEL: I suggest that people can take responsibility for the state of affairs without casting blame upon themselves. There is an extremely corrupt agenda being enacted at the highest corporate and financial circles that produced this horrific nightmare. The intent upon greed and gain as the sole and admirable purpose of the financial structure of your society is not the product of a south Louisiana fisherman. He or she may profit by the use of cheap oil in his livelihood but he is hardly to blame for the immense degradation that is caused by the maniacal obsession with wealth and profit that controls your Wall Street agencies, international banking cartels and worldwide oil conglomerates.

Who set the one minded agenda for profit that prevented the proper safety practices upon Deepwater Horizon? What corruption controls every agency of the United States government which is supposed to serve the people but instead serves their corporate masters at every level from state to federal to your vaunted White House?

This is a delusionary and programmed state that humanity must awaken from, and though those who seem to be stirring are few and far between We continue to call, to provide the Celestial influence while you and many others continue to shine the Light in your personal and community affairs. There is the continuing opportunity for a further harvest of souls dedicated to the higher Mission which is the birthright of all humanity would they but awaken from their self induced nightmare.

LVP: This promise is very beautiful Michael and I don’t feel this only in Your words, though they are encouraging, but in my own spirit, in my very DNA which seems to house an unfailing source of optimism despite the dark clouds and desperate conditions.

CHRIST MICHAEL: We had originally purposed to have Esu and Monjoronson join us in this Dialogue and I would offer the opportunity to Them at this point.

ESU: This is a goodly discussion and provides some light for you upon the larger field of our endeavor. I am sympathetic to your condition and particularly to the paradox in which you find yourself.

LVP: Which is?

ESU: The paradox of the larger field which is beyond your ken within the human state, a human state you must occupy in order to be effective in your mission, and the impact upon this larger field We encourage you to be mindful of and embody. In other words, We are asking you to play upon a field that is far larger than what you can fully grasp within the confines of your consciousness and at the same time operate upon that field and co-create within its expanded parameters.

There are those who can describe this field in flowery terms with language portraying understanding, but the paradox remains: you are humans in a 3D world on a higher dimensional mission! You are called upon to act with a limited knowledge of the field of play and so at times you find yourself frustrated and wanting clarity at your level. The sad news is that there is no clarity at that level! But it is there you must continue to operate in order to be effective to the mission and purpose at hand. When I use the term paradox I do not do so lightly, and I do so with deep empathy for the conditions within which you struggle.

MONJORONSON:  Here is the essential and rather tedious field of evolution which Esu has accurately portrayed. You desire a “big jump” as do many others, and this has caused disagreement between several communities of Light workers. There are as many opinions of how Our work should proceed as there are people, but the important point is that each person find their own footing and voice. There is no value in constantly deferring to the Celestial intelligence for validation. You must find your own verification in the core of your own heart and soul, and with that bedrock foundation the waves of circumstantial change and alteration can well break without undue alarm.

In this very Dialogue there is a four part harmony if you will. Christ Michael is providing the Overview, in His inimitable and irreplaceable fashion. Esu is relating to you very much “on the ground” for His field of endeavor is grounded in Heaven and Earth and concerned with the practical outworking of Our Mission. I am yet somewhat removed, detached from the playing field for the time being, providing esoteric teaching for many groups who contact Me, counsel for those who seek My assistance in understanding and direction, while also building the platform for both adjudication and evolution that are at the core of the Correcting Time and Plan for Ascension that is being enacted.

The plan is not changing if you could see this from Our viewpoint. The subtle movements We are making are like the manifold adjustments you make on the wheel of a car as you speed down the highway. Hundreds of changes within a given mile of travel yet basically your central direction remains unaltered. This is the view I would offer you and those who will read this Dialogue. Many changes have occurred and MANY WILL CONTINUE TO OCCUR (I like those capitals too!), yet our central Mission and Purpose remain unaltered and un-phased as to outcome.

We are moving within the majesty of Central Source Which finds Expression Here and Now in Christ Michael, the Creator Son for this planet, this solar system, this universe. Evolution may appear to be halted or misdirected in the smaller blips and changes you will experience in temporal orientation but be assured that from the larger perspective all is indeed very well. We and thee are very much on track and there are indeed massive changes afoot.

CHRIST MICHAEL:  It may appear to you that We are offering a bit of a “pep talk” in response to your sincere inquiry and if so I suggest you enjoy it! You need all the support and encouragement you can be afforded and so can all of the Light Workers who find themselves in the harvest field at this time. Why waste your energy on efforts that don’t contribute to Our progress?

In the last Dialogue much was said about the balance of energy in both investment and detachment. These were not just philosophical words for a drawing room discussion. The energetic understanding required for what We and thee are about is vital. You must monitor every signal, every sense that you have both within the temporal state and beyond it to the Celestial influences which you are bringing forth right now, through these keystrokes, through the little ciphers on your computer screen and eventually to the internet. Every action, every thought, word and deed has inestimable value, and so my Word to you and to all is to choose them well, to make the very best investments possible of your precious energy.


CHRIST MICHAEL: Know that on Our side of the equation We are deeply in touch with you and focused on the Task at hand in ways you can barely imagine. As was said long ago in another time of massive planetary tribulation “Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord.” Look, with the spiritual eye, listen with the spiritual ear, feel with the spiritual heart, and you will know and see My salvation! It must be said in closing that it is Our salvation, We and thee, for We are in this together, from the deepest root to the highest branch, and it is in Our togetherness that the Work is truly done.

LVP: Thank you Michael, Esu, Monjoronson. Much appreciated, over and out!

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