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LVP28- Discernment-Dialogue 28

2010-09-12-Discernment-Dialogue 28
Long View #28


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Dialogue #28
o 1.2 Group: Long View Project
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Esu, Germaine
o 2.2 TR: LVP
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Dialogue
 3.1.1 Discernment
 3.1.2 Correcting Time
 3.1.3 Family
 3.1.4 Evolution

Topic: Dialogue #28
Group: Long View Project
Teacher: Esu, Germaine


LVP: Good morning Esu. An introduction please before the Dialogue moves to Germaine.


ESU:  Good morning. I appreciate your decision to continue in dialogue with Germaine after your recent contact and time in counsel with Him. These dialogues have a unique purpose as does all of the varied and growing number of interactions and plans We have for and with planet Earth. There are many messengers and some of what you read are obviously copycat versions of other “messages,” some are the portrayals by individuals of what they’d like Higher Intelligence to say but really just their own limited version of truth, some the disinformation so rampant on the internet media, and some authentic to the Tone of Source. This is a broad mix and requires a great deal of discernment on the part of each individual of the few who dare to engage this field.

In the authentic category there are differing reasons and purposes for the transmissions. Some are to carry specific Personalities from the higher dimensions into the Earth context. Some are “news” oriented in terms of description and analysis of your planetary condition. Some are “predictive” in the sense that trends in and for the Earth, the geophysical and worldwide cultural context as well as the many profound influences from beyond Earth to which We are privy. The Dialogues have carried a mix of these possibilities, with more emphasis on building blocks toward evolution of the individual and collective consciousness.

Correcting Time

ESU: I outline these various possibilities in order to clearly state these are not children’s games We are about. The demands of the Correcting Time, the reordering of your planetary context and experience in all ways spiritual, physical, mental and emotional, is the most significant event in your recent history, and by recent I mean tens of thousands of years. You are on the threshold, in fact in process, of a transformation in every level of perception, awareness and experience. In order to participate in this process you need every tool available and the provision of such perspective and tools is what the Dialogues are about.

We are preparing not only for the period of transformation which you are presently experiencing, but the time beyond when there will need be a new order and structure for human and in fact all life on Earth. Germaine is an “expert,” a teacher and visionary for the new systems that must accompany Earth’s ascension, and so with that I ask that you provide a more detailed explanation of how your contact with Germaine came about and then Germaine will provide His perspectives.

LVP: Thank you Esu. Germaine made Himself known to me for the first time only recently, during a morning meditation in which I was struggling with family issues. His presence provided a unique look at the factors of family life and my particular role in the family structure I was born into and furthered with my own children and grandchildren. I was surprised to find Germaine communing with me as I had no prior experience of His presence, but I was thankful and found His counsel very wise, immediately helpful for the conditions I was contemplating as well as laying out a vision for how the present structures of family could contribute in the days and years ahead. Germaine, I welcome you into the Dialogue space and welcome your counsel and perspective.

GERMAINE:  Good morning. Well this is another first is it not? During this time of planetary ascension We will all experience many “firsts,” new thoughts, formations in consciousness, physical and emotional transformative experiences, opportunities to be changed and to offer change to the worlds We and thee inhabit. This Correcting Time as it is known in some circles, is not a passive activity. It requires the active participation and openness of every individual because the creative actions that are occurring are both happening upon the human and every other life form but also originating from, particularly in the human context, and so active and guided participation is imperative.


LVP: I would invite Your thoughts on the family dynamic this morning Germaine, because Your perspective on this opened a new and comforting vista for me and I believe will for many others.

GERMAINE:  What I presented to you was a fairly simple picture of the matrix you are both part of and have created in this present lifetime you have chosen on Earth. You in fact chose the family in which you incarnated, with all its limitations and potentialities. The potentials were factors you desired in the hereditary mix to begin your conscious life experience once again, many of which would not be available to you or seen for their value until later in your life. What you desired as a child and young man were quite different from what you desire now, is that not true?

LVP: Certainly. The desire for physical adeptness is not as acute nor the difficulty as painful in navigating the human world which is so contrary to the laws of love and truth.

GERMAINE:  So as you have matured and made more use of the tools you chose rather than striving for what you were not, you found a peace within yourself and more facility at navigation as you put it.

LVP: Definitely. The peace came from a continuing practice and the investigation and development of what talents I had at hand.

GERMAINE:  This is the way of incarnate progression. You begin with a set of parameters, some welcome and some not; some of immediate value, some of long term potential. For too many individuals they “die with their music in them,” a sad condition of unrealized potential. Others strive too hard against their limits or take their talents too far and suffer those consequences, often found in the creative personalities of art and music. However, our consideration together was from a mature perspective in your life experience, reflecting upon the family structures which you still must “navigate.”

LVP: Yes. You advised me about the possibility of using the given family structures to prepare for the way ahead and in fact create context for the new life to come.

GERMAINE:  In this sense I am advising you and those who would read these Dialogues, that the “new life” must be an extension of what is present, not some totally new and different overlay on your current Earth experience. How could you or anyone possibly relate or interact with something for which you had no understanding nor active participation in creating?

The family structure you have is one that you have given much love and care to throughout your life. It has its foibles and faults but essentially it is a creation into which you stepped and to which you gave the love of your heart. It therefore has rich potential for carrying the Tone of Source which is the essence of what is to come in terms of evolution. There are a number of broken parts to your family of which you are painfully aware, a condition similar to so many on Earth where there are broken agreements, what you term dysfunctional relationships, errors in judgment and procedure which have cost you and your family members a great deal of heartache.

Yet enduring through these misfortunes as well as through the simple goodness of your remaining together and interacting on the basis of loving respect, there is a continuing harvest and potential for the future that should not be underestimated.
In simplest terms, the Divine Presence that is becoming increasingly known on Earth is a Fire that is searching through the human experience for what will pass and what will hold. In your case the different parts of your family structure are resonant with the Tone of Love and yielding thence to the Fire of Source.

Therefore, what may have been broken or compacted in unpleasant ways can become the renewed vessel of Spirit in the presence of those who are open to Source and who employ the energy of Love and Truth. This is not to say that there is some golden road open in such cases, in your case, of ease and delight; far from it. However, what is open is the potential to utilize the structures at hand to create and transform in the crucible of the growing Divine Fire into the vessels to accommodate the evolved Truth that is surely coming.

In your case you are a clan leader for your family. This made your early life extremely difficult because even your parents were in this way subject to you although you had not the maturity or practice to carry that responsibility. However, you have that maturity now and though the way you hold this position is unique it is important that you don’t underestimate its potential. Because you have cultivated spiritual understanding with your children and grandchildren you cannot operate from the older structures of human hierarchy.

You have come from a place of respect with your children since their infancy and their lives reflect that influence. Thus, now that you are a “senior” in life span and an elder in understanding, they do not defer to you in an arbitrary manner and you do not demean them or yourself by requiring such. You stand with your children and grandchildren, your sister and her family, your cousins and kinsmen, with the substance of your understanding held quietly in your own heart and soul, letting your influence primarily be one of presence, and counsel when and if requested.

LVP: One of the more helpful counsels you provided for me during this family time was of clarity in regard to mistakes and emotional misgivings.

GERMAINE:  My counsel to you was that what you were interpreting as personal mistakes for which you had deep emotional misgivings, were most often the fault lines revealed by your presence and the spiritual presence of your family members, sometimes painfully, that were and are being remade in the fire of your personal love and the Fire of Source as I have indicated. What you were experiencing as “mistakes” and painful emotions was the very work to which you and your family members are dedicated.

The clan structure which you center has great potential in this way and by extension I am advising those who read the Dialogues as well. Do not underestimate these structures you have built or inhabit. Do not judge yourself so quickly in regard to what is painful or problematic. The very elements you struggle with are the fundamentals you are creating for the evolved life you envision and if you give your deepest attention to these relationships there are elements of transformation present that will not readily appear elsewhere in your life.

LVP: I also found your counsel on not expecting too much, keeping a balanced sense of what could be in any given situation, very helpful.

GERMAINE:  This is the flip side of the perspective I am offering, for as surely as there are potentialities to every circumstance in your clan structure there are also limitations. Not respecting the limitations can be as destructive as overlooking the possibilities.
Lest this seem all too personal, My desire in the Dialogue is to shine a light upon these opportunities in a broad manner. I am not limiting My comments to your immediate field although in a way you have again provided a laboratory of experiment.

You were actively engaged in your family structure and through the practice of morning meditation you were open to counsel and so I had the avenue of approach. You welcomed Me although without precedent in your previous experience, and together We were able to consider the right use of your family dynamics for the highest possible use while still maintaining a conscious and careful respect for the preferences, predilections and limitations of all concerned.

This has application for the Dialogue readers because it can easily be transferred to each person’s circumstance. Family is one area, and I cannot underestimate the importance of this structure for what must be built in the days ahead. If one is in a situation that is intolerable or hopeless in its destructiveness then certainly it is foolish to continue. However, if there are components of love and respect, even dimly, then there is reason and purpose to enhance those and even if only for oneself, use them to establish the building blocks for the structure of relationship and family that will prove essential in the ascended world.


GERMAINE:  However, there are other easily applicable fields beyond family. Vocation and employment are obvious areas to apply this understanding, neighborhood and regional associations, voluntary endeavors, artistic efforts, any and all sorts of experiences with which the readers are engaged. What you are about is the manner and means of planetary transformation. Evolution is not going to arrive as a preformed package on your human doorstep. It is a process that is centered in Source and influenced in every nuance by Higher Intelligence, but it is a process each individual centers in their own experience and by extension then centers for the collective.

How you make use of the structures at hand is vital to the work We are about and my encouragement to you and to all who read this is to take great care with what you have entered through your incarnation; know the fullness of what you came to experience and give yourself to the process of not only developing your talents but enriching the platform you have created with the fullness of your vision and love. The greatest scientific statement of transformation which you have at hand was given by the Master Teacher: “love one another as I have loved you.” Here is the fulcrum of evolution for which you have come and the pinnacle of experience to which you are dedicated. This is My deepest counsel and with it comes My blessing.

LVP: Thank you Germaine. I found so much value by putting this counsel into practice, so much personal ease in navigating the often turbulent waters of family and friends. This may be my personal preference, but I believe simplicity is at the heart of the mystery school, the Melchizedek University as we have called it, and in this simplicity the Spirit and transformative power of Christ Michael is known. I thank you and look forward to our continuing interaction.

GERMAINE:  My coming to you at this time was for this “experiment” and growth in understanding. Extending your metaphor of university, perhaps what you are coming to understand is the Library of Higher Intelligence and the Faculty ready to assist. We are not “one size fits all” any more than you are to the varied experiences and requirements of life on Earth. On the Celestial side We each have areas of expertise in which We desire to contribute. The structure and utility of family is a particular relational science with which I am very concerned and for which I am thankful for your openness to receive counsel. As you continue to open you will surely find the Faculty there and the Library open!

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