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LVP29- Drama-Music-Dialogue 29

2010-10-17-Drama-Music-Dialogue 29
Long View #29


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Dialogue #29
o 1.2 Group: Long View Project
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Esu
o 2.2 TR: LVP
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
 3.1.1 Individual
 3.1.2 Drama
 3.1.3 Music
 3.1.4 Creativity
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Dialogue #29
Group: Long View Project
Teacher: Esu


LVP: Good morning Esu. It’s been awhile and you’ve been prompting for another Dialogue.

ESU: Yes, you’ve been quite busy. However, I’m not sitting around twiddling my thumbs either!

LVP: (Laughing) yes, understood. I’m working on a website to hold the Dialogues and have taken a new professional position that requires a lot of attention. More than those circumstances though, I’ve wanted to let the pressure build internally before moving into the Dialogue space once more.

ESU: This is good strategy and conforms with the times. Part of what I wished to communicate through you is an understanding of the pulsations of spiritual energy and the way in which humanity may compliment those pulsations individually and collectively.
First though I want to underscore the importance of the many voices required to differentiate Spirit. You are providing a voice for Me today, with your own experience, knowledge, word capacity, cultural and intellectual constructs, etc. You are a multifaceted human, like every other of your species, and you convey My voice in a particular manner. It is your predilection to use the Dialogue format because you enjoy the development dialogue brings rather that acting as a scribe.

LVP: I don’t envision myself as a messenger. I am opening the door to intimacy with the Creative Spirit for myself first and now that I have some practiced success, for others hopefully. The practice of communion is something that has gifted and informed my life and is a practice far more evolutional in my view than being dependent upon the messages of others.

ESU: Yet you enjoy the messages that come through others and benefit from them greatly.

LVP: I do because there are qualities and characteristics and aspects of vision that I don’t personally receive because of the limits of my own capacities.


ESU: Exactly, and this is the first element I wish to communicate today: the importance of a multifaceted composition of many voices to embody Spirit. You have the old adage that “no man is an island unto himself” and I am underscoring this understanding to powers of ten! No single human being can fully embody the Creative Spirit of God. If so, why would there need to be a large and varied creation? This understanding does not limit the importance of the individual; in fact it brings emphasis and value to the individual, for if each voice is needed to compose the whole than think how detrimental it is for one to be missing.

I have been urging you toward another Dialogue, not because I did not appreciate or understand the pressures you have been under in beginning several new enterprises and the decision you had made to let your internal climate fill before engaging another formal dialogue. I have been prompting you because in these times We have so few practical and experienced voices to assist, and your voice is needed, not only in content or composition but in willingness. As one gives oneself to the process of communion the individual becomes an open door for others. This initiation into the realm of spiritual communion is perhaps the most critical endeavor of our time.

LVP: So just “staying in the game” so to speak has its value?


ESU: A value that may not be apparent to you always but is certainly evident from the larger perspective of Spirit and Celestial.


To address the pulsations where I began earlier, humanity has a preference for the dramatic. Your sports events are great examples of theater that involve tens and hundreds of thousands daily. The draw to such events is for the athletic performance, but I suggest more so for the drama, the theater that evolves in the dynamic of competition.

During the larger pulsations of Spirit there are dramatic creative signatures. The Earth responds to the pulsations often in the form of upheavals and earth changes. The human world responds in the manner of dissolutions, sometimes in creative and positive actions, more often in the chaotic and seemingly incoherent directions of international governance and finance. Without further descriptive in that direction, I simply want to underscore the passion humanity has for the dramatic primary pulsation. When something of a sensational nature occurs everyone is ready to hop on board and ride that train wherever it may go. What I want to underscore this morning however, is what happens between the beats, between the pulsations.


The greatest of your musical composers understood the phenomenon of this space between notes. The beauty of music lies as much in this creative void between sounds as in the notes of the music itself. The articulation of note and space is what gives drama and poignancy to the music and what evokes deep emotion in the listener. It could be said that the great composer provides the fullest of space for the audience to participate in the openness between notes. The space is not intended to be an empty void but an opportunity for the listener to anticipate, to participate, to allow the music to resonate in the instrument of the human body and soul, to resound there and to build so that when the next note sounds there is a complementary creative movement already established in the listener that furthers the musical expression.

If this creative space is not understood then the music simply plods from one note to the next in a flat un-dimensional manner that fills the air but does nothing to inspire the spirit. In truly masterful composition, the audience not only participates individually; the music develops a collective response, where the listeners are interacting individually in the “empty spaces” and more than individually, find themselves in a collective emotion which feeds back into the notes being played or sung and the entire score becomes a creative composition of composer, orchestra and audience. These are moments of magic that come from the genius of creativity with a keen understanding of the harmonics that are potential in the variation of sound and void.

LVP: I think this is leading to a greater understanding of what we do in the space between spiritual pulsations.


ESU: Exactly, and this is the direction I wish to point today. There may be an increasing perception of the pulsations of Spirit and an understanding of that movement in growing numbers of people, but what is vital is how people contribute in the spaces between the pulsations. Many are hoping for a clarifying event of cosmic proportion that will clear the field and allow there to be creativity on Earth without the discouragement of one step forward two steps back. There are many signs that the times we are in are leading to such a denouement and there are equal if not more signs indicating further disintegration.

However, aside from predictions or prognostications, the question remains, how intimately can you become in awareness of the pulsation of Spirit in your own personal experience and then, as I am suggesting this morning, how creatively will you become in the space between pulsations. What creative action will you undertake in the void rather than just waiting for the next dramatic note or overture?

The path from vision to action can take years. Those who have an awareness of Spirit are not just in the appreciation business but are intent upon understanding the steps of vision, planning, strategic action as well as openness to the creative field, elements vital in the space between the larger pulsations of Spirit if the fullness of the Creation is to be furthered.

Correspondingly, there needs to be a keen sense of what furthers and what detracts. In a worldwide sense there is more attention and energy given to self righteousness then to creative and complementary endeavor. Those who believe they are right, that their intent should prevail above all others, gather the attention of your crisis addicted media and chaos infused governments. It is quite easy for individuals to see this aberrance in others but I am suggesting to those who desire a resonance with Spirit, who have the inclination to further the Creative Spirit of God, to examine their own behaviors, their own prejudices, their mental and emotional constructs, their entrenched beliefs and above all their words and actions. It is not difficult to notice the speck in the eye of another while the beam obstructing one’s own vision goes unnoticed.


ESU:  Monjoronson will have more to say on this topic in a further Dialogue. For now I am introducing these thoughts and asking that the readers of the Dialogues ponder carefully and deeply. Do your words and actions truly invite another to be whole, to be healed in a spiritual sense, or do your words and actions add more bitterness and bile to an already overflowing cauldron of human acrimony? Are you taking advantages of the pauses in the creative impacts of Spirit’s expression to move forward your individual and collective contribution to the Lord’s symphony or are you waiting for the next dramatic note? These may seem like simple yes or no questions but they are not. They require a depth of reflection conspicuous in its absence but certainly available to every human being.

LVP: Thank you Esu. I take your words to heart.

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