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LVP30- Long View Project-Dialogue 30

2010-10-31-LV Project-Dialogue 30
Long View #30


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Dialogue #30
o 1.2 Group: Long View Project
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael
o 2.2 TR: LVP
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Dialogue
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Dialogue #30
Group: Long View Project
Teacher: Michael


LVP: Thank you for this opportunity Christ Michael.

CHRIST MICHAEL: Thank you for allowing this exchange once again. We’ve been “dialoguing” over the last few days and as you know I wish to have our discussion formalized in this manner.

LVP: I appreciate this. I guess I should say in starting out that I’ve shared some confrontational ideas with You since Your last update on current events. It has taken a bit of emotional force for me to get these ideas out, my fear of being counter to your Divine Will or detracting from the creative energies so important to what is transpiring on the larger scale.

CHRIST MICHAEL: You may have to issue this “disclaimer” for our readers but not for Me. Your thinking and Kumara style are often of the “in My face” style, and personally I find that more welcome in these moments of challenge then the applause of a fan or the devotion or an acolyte.

LVP: I can only speak from the perspective I have here in mortal life. I could assume a loftier and more detached point of view but in a way that detachment defeats the purpose for my incarnation, which is to be here and now in the place of Earth where I live and move and have my being.

CHRIST MICHAEL: As you indicate , such detachment would be a denial of sorts, although I would also support your engaging that type of intellectual practice when necessary in order to strengthen your on the ground perspective.

LVP: Thank you Michael. I deeply admire and appreciate You as Creator Son, my most intimate and Beloved. However, I am not finding resonance at present with the executive decisions ascribed to you in various “messages” on the internet.

CHRIST MICHAEL: Say more about how you distinguish between My Creative Presence and what is being revealed by these various “messages?”

LVP: The field of Your circumference is vast beyond imagination, with all things You create becoming more beautifully detailed the closer the magnification as well as the further in distance. You are a true Sovereign and hold Earth and each one of us in the depth of Your loving attention. This I know and count most precious.

However, You are also engaging directly in the affairs of Earth at this time, not only as Creative Son and Lord of Lords, but also as Chief Executive Officer of a complex and completely innovative process, the ascension of Gaia and Her people, and in this process it is difficult to see that You are achieving the results or desired actions we need on Earth.

CHRIST MICHAEL:  You’ve formulated a useful introduction; now perhaps it’s time to go to the core of your concerns.

LVP: Get to the point, eh (laughing). In a recent update ascribed to You, You are said to assert a number of items that have little or no substantiation on Earth including movements in regard to various planets.


LVP: You are also said to have indicated a great deal of uplifting in the earth’s surface below the Gulf of Mexico and other potentially significant earth movements which have not as yet transpired or I should say become apparent to the greater population.


LVP: You are also said to have indicated that the mass of pollution that occurred during the BP oil spill was allowed because “those in the oil business must learn some tough lessons.”

CHRIST MICHAEL:  A difficult consideration at best, but now to your concerns.

LVP: I believe the sum total of “lessons learned” among those who control the oil business is Zero. There is no indication whatsoever of any repentance or new direction on the part of the oil extraction and exploitation business. The ones who have suffered the “lessons” of this travesty are the working people along the Gulf Coast whose livelihoods have been eroded and personal well being compromised by the continual poisoning of the Gulf environment, and the entire aquatic world below the Gulf which has been devastated by the mass of oil, methane, neurotoxins Corexit and other horrific dispersants.

The most difficult “lesson learned” once again in the tragic history of our planet is by Gaia, Who has suffered this abuse along with the more innocent of Her population, animal and human, who have little or no control over the industrial complex which is depleting the Earth to a horrific end point.

As far as potentially significant earth changes, how is this information to be applied to any of us in our daily lives? What use can we make of this other than like the comedic figure who used to portray Noah running around trying to collect two of everything on the demands of God? In this perilous situation on Earth of financial debacle, military aggression and horror, suppression of human and animal rights, environmental degradation, how does the knowledge of some future event over which we have absolutely no control or input supposed to help?

CHRIST MICHAEL: I would suggest that knowledge is far better than ignorance but I understand your frustration.

LVP: Other points were made that pertain to specific “messages” on various internet websites. What follows is an “update” on 9-18-2011 with Christ Michael.

LVP: I don’t think it would be worthwhile to continue with the older “information” Michael. It has taken longer than expected to create this new Long View Project website. Many of my older questions had to do with “messages” transcribed by others, which do not now seem worthwhile pursuing.

CHRIST MICHAEL: Today is a new day as it is often said, and to berate or discredit another’s perceptions is not in keeping with the tone or tenor of what you’ve long sought to establish in these Dialogues or in your personal living.

LVP: It seems that communities of similar interest always require a certain percentage of shared acceptance or belief and when beliefs differ then the shared intent is also lost.

CHRIST MICHAEL: No one can deter your intent. Neither can anyone truly require another to accept their beliefs or opinions. The espousal of belief is just that, belief. What one person believes may be of value to them in their growth and evolution; shared in a community of others it may also assist similar evolution to a point, but eventually each one must establish their own sense of the truth and move beyond belief.

Of course most don’t consider their “beliefs” as beliefs but as truth. However, time reveals much and when the beliefs of an individual or community do not hold up under scrutiny then those beliefs need to be retired. As your community science friend so wisely put: if science establishes X but a walk on the beach reveals Y, Y trumps X! This same verity could apply to many of the “messages” ascribed to Me and Others. Keep walking the beach and discover your own Y!

Rather than plough through the questions posed earlier let Me just say that the Creative Process continues. Dissolution on the economic front continues unabated. No amount of the ignorant garble that passes for economic science will keep the machinations of those who are motivated by greed afloat. In this time all the unhealthy and often depraved structures will dissolve under their own bloated weight.

Environmental catastrophes continue, the latest being the horror of nuclear collapse at Fukishima. Earth changes are evident but in a rhythm and timing in accord both with Gaia’s needs, with the solar projections that envelop the Earth, and with the larger pulsations and impulses that surround this solar system and beyond. To put a human timetable on this Process would be to limit something grand into the tiny thimble of human consciousness, and although the “time” is indeed at hand, as you and many are aware, the exact nature of that timing will not be limited to human concept nor subject to emotional or mental prejudice of any kind.

LVP: Staying in this flow Michael, is it fair to say that we each must edit what we hear and perceive, think and believe ourselves, to stay open to what is arriving new in the cycle of today.

CHRIST MICHAEL: I would say that humility and an open spirit of inquiry are commanded by all that is arriving on your planetary shores. As I’ve shared previously, but worth repeating, what is coming is indeed a vibration, My vibration, replacing the older planetary grid of Earth which has been damaged by fear, greed, violence and all the aberrations of what could simply be described as the “fall,” the fall of human consciousness.

What is new is coming on the carrier waves of My Spirit, unique and true and without the blemish of ignorance and the wide array of human prejudice. It is the very vibration of Earth that is changing, the grid that sustains and maintains life as you know it, and because All that you presently know will indeed by transformed and made new, as it was said long ago, then it would benefit all to keep their hearts and minds open to what may be imagined or perceived but is in fact NEW to human experience.

Stay open to what is true and do not be deceived by those who garner fear or promote violence. Their collective day is coming to a close and My day is at hand. Forces of cosmic influence are coming to bear on this small jewel of a planet and despite the apparent trauma and difficulty at every level something new is being born. Stay in the flow of My Spirit in this sense; let the Truth of Love enter your hearts and minds. Do not become subject to hatred no matter how it is rationalized or justified. There is no truth in hate, no truth in blame, no truth in accusation of any sort.

Let the radiation of My Love fill your being and you will indeed know the Spirit of Truth and in that Spirit you will be free to experience Life! This is the Coming of My Spirit, so long prophesied and longed for, by Me and thee! Behold I come quickly dear friend, in cosmic time, in fact Here and Now. Behold, I am with you always, even to the end of time as you know it!


LVP: Thank you Michael.

CHRIST MICHAEL:  Monjoronson has asked to continue with you in these Dialogues and I expect much will come of this vehicle in the days ahead that will benefit many. I look forward to all of that potential realized in the days ahead!

LVP: Thank you again Michael. This is very good for today and I will establish a steady pulse with Monjoronson, You and Esu, moving forward.

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