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LYT160515- The Love of a Mother

2016-05-15. The Love of a Mother

Urantia, May 15, 2016.
Teacher: Mother Spirit.
Subject: “The Love of a Mother.”

Message received by Lytske.

Mother Spirit: “At your request to hear from me — the Mother of this universe — I am happy to hear and answer a request from any of my children, young or old. Age never matters; only the sincerity of the request. True requests are never denied as even any true mother on earth would be happy to oblige when her children pay proper attention to her, as this makes her feel respected and appreciated.

“Let us begin with a message to all the mothers of this world and include the many fathers, who out of necessity often must share a double burden because the mother of his children is not around due to many different circumstances. Too often the raising of children is left to one parent; this tends to create an emotional imbalance in the offspring as both male and female energies are needed to raise balanced children.

“It is not a well-known fact on this planet that at the head of this magnificent universe there is a set of divine Creator Parents whose evolving offspring you all are. Christ Michael (aka Jesus) and I — the Holy Mother Spirit — are your heavenly parents and without exception we deeply care about the welfare of all our children everywhere.

“It is known to us how many of our children on this planet are grieving. Life especially on this planet has been much harder than necessary due to the nefarious actions of a few heavenly beings who went against the Great Creator’s Will and who are no more. They created untold misery and havoc here many millennia ago, which has begun to be rectified, starting with Michael’s coming here over 2,000 years ago.

“The love in my Mother heart is reaching out to all my children to let them know that they are not cosmic orphans; that there is a Celestial Mother to invite them for a little chat and some nurturing. This is why my name, among many other names, is the Comforting Spirit. Come to me also, like you go to your Father. We are both equally concerned about your welfare.

“My motherly love runs very deep throughout this universe of both our making. The more often you come to me with your ‘bruised knees’ or other hurts, know that I am listening and am ready to comfort you. Feel blessed in getting to know me better. I am longing for your recognition of me.

“My created daughters — the angels — are watching over all of you and ever faithful they tell me how you are faring in your daily lives. You simply never lack celestial over-care. We truly desire that you keep this in mind. We are all-loving and very interested how you are all doing.

“My relationship with you could truly stand some improvement on your part and whist you think I am far away, let it be known that I carry you all in my heart and there is always room for more. Michael and I have never turned away any of our children and we never will. It is up to you to do your part and show some interest in our existence.

“Just remember that you always have access to a heavenly Mother’s Love. You do not ever need to feel bereft.”

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