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LYT160517- Some History of This Planet

2016-05-17. Some History of This Planet

Urantia, May 17, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Some History of This Planet.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Dear one, allow yourself to take in another morsel of knowledge. Trust yourself to put your fingers to the keyboard and count on words to appear on the screen of your mind. Let me assure you that your innermost thoughts are known to me. It cannot be otherwise; furthermore anything of substance is instantly reflected to the heart of the Universal Creator God on Paradise. Yes, it is well known that many scoff at the existence of God, even Lucifer did and that was his downfall.

“In time he became so irrational that even his outward beauty was marred beyond recognition from what it once was. This same fate also overtook his lieutenant, Satan, as did it Caligastia, the planetary Prince of your world at that time, Urantia.

“The Ancients on High — the Super Universe Rulers and Judges — have spoken and the evildoers are no more. The same will happen to anyone who lives his or her life in an evil and iniquitous manner. Judgment may be slow, but unerringly certain to those who refuse to follow God’s will. The law of cause and effect is an immutable law in creation. It has existed from the beginning of time and always will exist.

“Creation includes the law of evolution in time and space; it is immutable and therefore changeless until this present time/space creation is fulfilled according to the plans of the Universal Creator. Creative evolution is always ongoing; providing the lessons for those who are willing to become perfect like the Creator is perfect. Therefore, every evolutionary mortal is at birth given a divine blueprint to fulfill, according their freewill with a functional mind that with some effort can be enlarged upon.

“Life can be wondrously beautiful even in the mortal estate on the planets of space, which function as incubators of life. Humans, after they have developed the power to choose, are to become the caretakers of the planet they call home. Urantia is a decimal planet; meaning that it is a planet where improvement of life is attempted according to the plans of your Spiritual Parents; Michael, (aka Jesus) and His Consort the Holy Spirit Mother and the Father Melchizedek. These plans were formulated in the Life Laboratories and refined before the Life Carriers obtained the ‘green light’ to proceed.

“Nothing is random anywhere in creation as everything has the power and energy to develop from tiny seed beginnings. However, puny-minded men on this planet have seen fit to throw a ‘monkey wrench’ into God’s carefully laid plans, by following the iniquitous plans of the above-mentioned threesome, who brought God’s plans of evolutionary creation into disarray with the result that very many convoluted and erroneous superstitions arose and settled in the minds of humankind.

“However, a much-needed change has been set in motion with plans beginning with the Correcting Time mandated by Michael, ruler of this universe, with plans to bring this blighted planet more in line with her sister planets. No projection as to time limit is given as no time exists in eternity.

“Only small-minded humans are impatient, but Heaven’s Rulers are very patient as it took over 200,000 years to render a verdict against Lucifer and his comrades. All three have now become as if they had never been.”

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