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LYT160606- Paying Attention to the Inner Voice

2016-06-06. Paying Attention to the Inner Voice

Urantia, June 6, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Paying Attention to the Inner Voice.”

Message Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Thank you dear one for beginning to pay more attention to your God-given Inner Voice. This means that you are serious about strengthening that most valuable connection to The All That Is. It is truly a joyful sign for the celestial hierarchy when more humans on this planet are actively seeking a more solid personal connection to The All That Is.

“In truth and fact, that is all that is required. The eternal Creator loves to hear from all His evolving creatures on the worlds of space with His Gift of free will to do so. None ought to be enslaved to a worn-out religious system with their do’s and don’ts and with their pomp and redundant ceremonials, even though too many of you seem to require some sort of sign to hang on to the past, because ‘things have always been done this way and that is good enough for me’ type of mentality.

“When in earnest you truly start looking at the religion you were raised in, especially the erroneous law you had to abide by with confessing your sins to another mortal, who is supposedly ‘holier than thou’ to forgive your sins! This is God’s domain to forgive sins and He forgives only in so far as you forgive yourselves and others.

“The crux of the matter here is: ‘How many truly love themselves as a worthy child of God to make that level of forgiveness easy for themselves?’ Do you feel that loving connection with God and let it flow through you and then pass this love on to others?

“Start thinking seriously about this as when Jesus spoke about the Golden Rule, which is embedded in all the world’s religions to love God first; and thy neighbor as thyself.

“Establish that important personal connection with God by prioritizing some time to listen within to your personal Gift from God, who after all had chosen you ere you were born and personifies the life-plan for your eternal life together, if you so desire. Therefore you can make great ‘inroads’ already in mortal life for that is what your Pilot-Light and Guide desires of you. Such advice is extremely helpful during mortal life!

“We, Thought Adjusters, are all volunteers and also go by names like Pilot-Lights, Lights within or Mystery Monitors from God, and are always ready to adjust the thoughts of the vessels of our indwelling. We truly endeavor to establish clear and understood (by you) communication lines. We live in you as God’s representatives, as we are part of God. I cannot spell it out any clearer than this.

“Therefore, please hear our plea to you to pay more attention to the Still Voice Within you to lead you towards a higher level of living and a more joyful way of life, with increasing heart, peace, trust and faith in God.

“And when the end of mortal life is nearing, you can then look back on your life that was filled with meaning with a minimum of regrets, having been able to establish a solid connection of communication with the Creator of your being by paying attention to your special Gift from God within.”

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