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LYT160612- From the Deepest of the Deep

2016-06-12. From the Deepest of the Deep

Urantia, June 12, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “From the Deepest of the Deep.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Once again we meet at the portal of the deepest of the deep, where I reside. It is totally up to you to figure out where that may be in your physical-body temple. However, you know very well that I am with you in every thought and every moment. In fact, I know more about you than you know about yourself.

“I am privy to every intent and motivation before they even register in your mind, therefore there are no surprises for me even when you chance to lose your temper with someone, who has been annoying you for some time due to a behavior you find hard to tolerate. Keep in mind that this person may be your mirror and therefore the annoyance is also directed at yourself.

“Let these issues, when they come to the fore, also serve as a lesson to you, and show you where you err in interrupting others when they try to relate to you.

“The mind is so very fickle — especially when you’re in a touchy mood. This then is the exact moment that calls for some patience and deliberation with your higher self to speak or hold your tongue. You well know and have realized on several occasions that it is far better to exercise some discipline as the tongue can become a very unruly member and always needs to be watched.

“To be able to build a stalwart character it is actually required to behave as if God matters in all things. Therefore there is never a time when I am not approachable as I live and work in everyone in the deepest of the deep or wherever anyone thinks where I am located in them. This truly matters not. It only matters that I am being called upon.

“The time or place is not important either, for wherever you are, I am. This is my function and also my destiny. For this the Infinite Creator included me in His unending Being, and sent me to each human as a Guidance throughout the earth life, to make it easier to attain eternal life; if the humans are so willing to give some time in their busy life to listen to what the still Voice of the Creator has to convey to them, as it is God’s way and interest to be in communion with all thinking creatures everywhere.

“All it takes is some dedication on the part of you mortals, so the Inner Pilot Lights can point the way to immortality. That is, whenever you make that choice. Listening to the still Voice within is actually so simple, you can gain valuable insights as to how to behave yourselves through this earth life called an incubation period.

“The truth is that I call to each one willing to listen, from the deepest of their deep; and all that is required is turning your inner ears towards the stillness that resides within you. Each mortal has that deep space within them where the All-Knower resides and who is always waiting to become your Pilot on the rough seas of life.

“Please ponder this possibility at length.”

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