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LYT160618- The Power of Belief in Prayer

2016-06-18. The Power of Belief in Prayer

Urantia, June 18, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “The Power of Belief in Prayer.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Since you don’t as yet know what the coming message will be all about, allow me to enlighten you. Your mind is at present very busy with the mysteries of the subconscious. And rightly so, as the subconscious hears everything you say and is familiar with all your thoughts. Most of all it also remembers all the experiences you went through, even from before conception when in some sort of mysterious way, you became familiar with the vibration of your soon-to-become parents.

“This idea really boggles your mind as your thoughts never went in that direction. In future times many mysteries will be revealed which at present would be a little hard to take. Only just recently did you find out that there can also be inherited trapped emotions from forebears embedded in the subconscious. So, where does one start to clear these emotions and release them for them to never return?

“The greatest healer is forgiveness, for in this manner a great deal of inner peace can be obtained. A lot of niggly issues can be laid to rest and therefore a lightness of being ensues to take possession of a person, who is thoughtful and motivated to learn that the body is actually capable of healing itself, as ‘Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind,’ and ‘As above, so below.’

“However, there needs to be a willingness to work on clearing oneself of old issues. Jesus, in all cases, is your greatest ally. He said on occasion: ‘All these things you see me do, you can do also, only believe.’ And ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.’ This is a proven fact. Many studies have been done with people who went into prayer and meditation and when calling on Spirit truly believed and received ‘spontaneous’ healing.

“You see, dear one, many mysteries abound because the words of Jesus are so very seldom taken seriously. If people would only take his sayings to heart and sincerely put his words into practice, people would be on the way to heal themselves as there is so very much that can personally be accomplished through earnest prayer and belief.

“The saddest thing on this planet is that humans don’t often enough avail themselves of prayer. They don’t sincerely trust and believe in prayer, not for themselves, but neither for another and therefore they miss out on the greatest blessing that prayer can bring in the form of radiant health. Increasingly more people start to depend on unnatural substances.

“Instead of taking the time to get to know their subconscious and resolving a lot of things that await a solution through simple forgiveness, they haven’t learned to make peace with themselves, which would otherwise result in increasing peace with others.

“Life is made unnecessarily hard by their not using their precious capacity for deeper thought and through their not making friends with themselves. Forgiving, loving and accepting oneself would open the way to inner peace, which would greatly benefit the health of the physical, mental and emotional systems of the body, not to even speak of the possibility of their making spiritual progress, which would result in a more pleasant demeanor and a happier life.”

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