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LYT160626- Improving Your Listening Skills

2016-06-26. Improving Your Listening Skills

Urantia, June 26, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Improving Your Listening Skills.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “It is a sheer delight for me to fulfill your expectation of hearing from the Light Within. It is your dedication to the will of God that moves your life forward with anticipation. A slow ripening in the thought processes is happening by your becoming more thoughtful with a greater understanding towards others. As well, a realization is dawning that there is far more to be experienced that is as yet beyond human imaginings and necessarily needs to await the evolutionary exploration of future times on increasingly higher levels.

“There are those who totally negate the possibility of hearing from their Guiding Light within and insist that this will become possible only after their having graduated to the Mansion worlds. Then there are those who outright deny even the existence of God and thus the impossibility of hearing the voice of God so deep within them.

“This world has way too many souls who delight in criticizing others for their beliefs and yet who are too scared or unmotivated to look within themselves to realize that a Spark from the same Creator-God resides deep within them!

“Then there are those who through much tribulation and anguish with much soul-searching dare to hope and believe that they are children of the Universal God. And with tenacious dedication and perseverance they hope to hear from their Spark (Thought Adjuster) within and become committed to schedule specific times for an ‘appointment’ with their Spark within and as a result become dependable stalwart workers in God’s kingdom.

“Dependability is highly prized by the celestials as humans tend to be very mercurial in their thoughts. Focusing, as a rule, is not the strongest developed function in a human. Therefore many prompts from within that could be leading to valuable and helpful thoughts, choices and decisions tend to ‘fall by the wayside.’ Not recognizing that the thought might well have been a ‘way-shower’ to a different direction that could potentially have prevented some unnecessary pitfalls.

“The Thought Adjuster’s function is simply to adjust mortal thoughts to a higher and more beneficial level that might well lead to greater soul progress. And this is the secret; that the more attention is given by the host to this Heaven-sent Helper, the greater the benefits will be.

“It is always a free-will choice how much attention is being given to the still Voice within. Frequently they are the most simple-minded ones who tend to listen. To experience this truly does not need a higher education as God’s voice speaks to all His children — high and low, man, woman and child — as the Creator is not a respecter of persons, or of their station in life.

“His Unconditional Love crosses all boundaries of all the billions of inhabited planets in space and time. Your Creator is not so small as to be content with only this peopled planet. More importantly, He is also not given to human emotions and temper tantrums. Therefore, forget the puerile thoughts that God is a jealous God and especially during your childish war-games claim that God is on anyone’s side. Such is unthinkable and utterly below the Majesty of the Universal Creator, who rules from Paradise over the totality of his ever-expanding Creation.”

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