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LYT160703- Learning Life’s Lessons

2016-07-03. Learning Life’s Lessons

Urantia, July 03, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Learning Life’s Lessons.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Thank you for listening to my prompts. It was almost a near miss as your mind was suddenly waylaid by a different proposal. Needless to say, there is thankfulness on both your and my side for your listening just in time. It is very important to keep certain appointments once these promises are made.

“Life consists of lessons as choices always present themselves followed by decisions where one decides how the curriculum, which contains all of life’s experiences, is to unfold. Decisions are often made and not followed through with. This leads to regret as there are certain opportunities that cannot be repeated due to unforeseen developments. Deciding moments can be life-changing. Therefore, life is filled with disappointments as missed opportunities slip into the past.

“Then follows the lament of “If only…” (Yes, fill in the blanks). There is not a person alive who has not experienced an occasion like this. Often it is a lack of not being in present-centered awareness, as the mind was not fully engaged.

“What I am trying to convey to you is that the mind is brilliant but hardly ever used to its full capacity. This is a great waste of the mental creative ingenuity as humankind could achieve so much more than is being accomplished at present. Looking around the planet the mentality of humans could be greatly improved and this starts by being aware in the present and making the right decisions from moment to moment every day.

“I am simply stating that being alive at this time in the evolutionary history of the planet is truly too valuable a chance to be squandered. Many things can be improved upon. There are moral decisions to be made at every level to help the planet go forward in her evolutionary journey to her destiny of Light and Life. Or even to catch up, having been held back during the 200.000 year Luciferian influence which is now slowly coming to an end.

“Life is not a hamster-wheel turn to be repeated over and over again. Right now in every present moment is where it matters for every individual, how he or she behaves — with integrity, honesty and by living the golden rule — gathering many fruits of the Spirit in the process. Therefore when arriving at an advanced age it can be with satisfaction of a life well lived or a life filled with regrets and of lost opportunities due to wrong choices and misinformation.

“The point is to truly endeavor to live according to your inner truth compass. Everyone has one of these. Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t have one, because you are not smart enough. I am telling you right now that God doesn’t make any junk. He/She has placed a perfect Spark within all of you with the capacity to think, in order to help Guide you in the right direction. All of you have the Greatest Blessing from the Creator companying you through life. All it takes is to prioritize some time to brush up on your inner listening skills and you are good to go endeavoring to make the right decisions.

“Just remember that everyone makes mistakes, however, it is also expected that you learn from them.”

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