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LYT160710- Do Not Worry About Tomorrow

2016-07-10. Do Not Worry About Tomorrow

Urantia: July 10, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Do Not Worry About Tomorrow.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “To lighten your dark mood this early morning I gave you one sentence to uplift your mind — to ‘chew on’ for the rest of the day and hopefully for longer. It will remind you of Who is in charge of all creation and therefore also of human affairs, even though the present situation on the planet seems quite dark to you.

“Remember this saying I gave you: ‘Do not worry about tomorrow, worship Me today.’

“Hearing this immediately changed your thoughts to thanksgiving and a mental state of gratitude, thereby creating a remarkable change in your cellular system and giving you more energy for the day ahead. All of a sudden your every-day duties were found to be lighter, not drudgery. This one sentence created inspiration in you to sing songs of thanksgiving.

“The reason for this was that a proverbial load was lifted off your mental shoulders, like a freeing of dark emotions. As well it made you realize ever so deeply that the unchangeable Creator-God is now, still and will forever be in charge of the totality of the cosmos.

“Only mere humans in their small minds can scheme as much as they want. Even though some may think that they are going to live forever in their present state, a day will come with the realization that their whole life was a fake dream filled with fantasies of their glorifying themselves, hardly giving a thought to the One who gave them life and a precious free will to choose how to live.

“Eternity is forever and that has never changed. Mortal life is only short, marked off against the wall of eternity. Each one has their own place to write the story of their life of progress or lack thereof; this is what makes the difference of how the rest of each one’s eternity shall be spent. Each one is judged according to the value and service content of their story; and the use of their freedom of choice.

“You know very well that thoughts held in mind produce after their kind and as above, so below. Recently you came across the little book: The Power of Your Unconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy. It is no accident that this little book came into your hands, for you to learn how it is in your own power to change thoughts of sickness to thoughts of health and healing, with many more gems of wisdom to learn from and make your own.

“Life can be as simple or as difficult as each mortal, often subconsciously, makes it. That choice is always available. The choice to change your mind from ‘dark’ to ‘light’ is always there, too. Opportunities abound from moment to moment. It is the becoming aware of those, as thoughts held in mind have the habit of ruling either a happy or unhappy life. The way one thinks and lives determines how everything in life will turn out.

“The most precious thing after life itself and the power to choose is the priceless Spark from the Creator living in each one of you as your Partner and co-Creator on board: To help guide and inspire you, if only you would pay IT some mind in your day to day life and heed its prompts for guidance.”

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