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LYT160724- Breathe in These Words

2016-07-24. Breathe in These Words

Urantia, July 24, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Breathe in These Words.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Thank you for listening for my prompts. This is truly an excellent training you gave yourself — to always have a certain time in mind when we will not be disturbed and so you can give me your attention. It is still difficult for you to keep that mercurial mind of yours focused. Still, all your efforts are appreciated as I will treasure any moment in your life when you remember the eternal Companion the Universal Creator-God gifted you. In this way you are making attempts to grow closer to the Creator and to discern His Will for you, from day to day and moment to moment.

“Let this be a message for all who take the time to read it with their heart and not with their head only, which would no doubt lead to criticism since, supposedly, it is ‘simply not possible to listen to God’ in daily life. I would advise anyone to listen with the heart, to take the time to train themselves to listen to their still Voice from God within and be pleasantly surprised. Yes, anything is possible for those who have the faith to believe.

“Faith and belief are two necessary components together with the willingness to dedicate the gift of giving something back to God. The Creator has specifically given each mortal born on the worlds of time and space the option to respond to Him in kind. It is always a joy to the Creator to be recognized as the Giver of life and to receive in return a heartfelt response from the depths of space and from a soul who feels utterly blessed in having experienced unconditional love and acceptance from the Creator.

“It is a blessed moment when a two-way connection is established because another human child is recognizing the Father/Mother-hand of the Creator. What a momentous occasion it is when heaven’s light begins to shine in that seed-soul and that soul responds in kind! How wonderful it is when more little lights begin to shine on dark Urantia, so close to the periphery of a mighty universe deep in space.

“Each mortal is just as lovingly administered to as if he or she was the only living being in creation. God’s heart is unlimited in size and He will accept all souls from the totality of creation of all past, all present and all future times. There will always be more room for the weary, the disillusioned, the disappointed, the sick and seeking souls, who seriously endeavor to search for and then do God’s Will in whatever way, shape or form.

“You humans were all designed to have love and peace in your hearts, to develop and evolve into stalwart dependable beings and it is within you to do so. Please remember the specific divine blueprint you were given as part of your personality. This has been made easy by your receiving a Spark from the Divine Creator, for this Spark to become your partner on the road to perfection.

“Breathe in these words and make them your own.”

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