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LYT160731- Co-creating with the Creator

2016-07-31. Co-creating with the Creator

Urantia, July 31, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Co-creating with the Creator.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Thank you for listening to my prompt as it is time again for your appointment with the God of your being. You long ago made the decision to be available to me at a mutually-agreed-upon time, so I could start counting on you being ‘there’ at that special time of meeting and greeting.

“As usual, you haven’t a clue as to what the subject might be at this hour. Therefore, I can spring small surprises on you as we both earnestly desire that increasingly more mortals would start listening to the God of their being. May they also be inspired to set aside a certain amount of time for this so-very-important appointment for a ‘meeting of minds’ and a stimulating education.

“The sad thing is that although many earnest people believe somewhat in heavenly over-care, they do not entertain the slightest notion that the Universal Creator is the Architect, the Planner, Builder and Maker of the entire cosmos of space/time creation of universes upon universes. His achievements are not limited to the starry heavens: In His great love He has bestowed a Spark of Himself on mortals such as you, for them to avail themselves of the help and guidance from their personal Divine Spark Within (TA), to help them adjust their thoughts in order to evolve their earth-life to the fullest. In this way, with this valuable education, He adds meanings and values to their undying souls to be remembered long after they have passed on into their eternal life from a terrestrial life well lived.

“Now I divulge to you that at present there are very many humans walking around filled with regrets about missed opportunities and perhaps entertaining some guilt as well. However, let bygones be bygones and begin each new day with a clean slate to co-create the next ‘installment’ in your life, doing the very best you can do in dedication to your inner Guide. Your TA has plans for you to start fulfilling a small part of your divine blueprint the Creator gifted you with for you to become a co-creator with the Universal God.

“It matters not how you ‘see’ the Creator, for this will be made clear to you once you attain perfection. However, this life is where you build the foundation of your personal existence. You are not responsible for anyone else. You are the one responsible for filling in the blanks of your own page of life. The design is totally up to you. Of course there will always be some darkness, for otherwise you would not notice the light areas as life unfolds.

“Everything is meant to be an education. Therefore each period in your life is a lesson to learn from. The possibility exists in you all to create little masterpieces each day. There will be some that are a bit larger than others, but you are given the chance to create individual masterpieces in your seed-souls.

“However, it is totally your responsibility how speedily your soul will grow through the nurturing you give yourself and the loving service you bestow upon others.”

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