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LYT160807- Everything is in Divine Order

2016-08-07. Everything is in Divine Order

Urantia, August 07, 2016.
Teacher: Christ Michael / Jesus.
Subject: “Everything is in Divine Order.”

Message received by Lytske.

Michael: “Are you surprised to hear from the Ruler of this Universe? (Yes). Well, dear one, anyone who has a willing ear to hear and is attuning to their soul-self in the quiet hours of the morning, is indeed in a good space for me to come to and have a little chat with. I so enjoyed the camaraderie when recently people were gathering here in carefree celebration and everyone contributed some of their bounty to the festivities.

“I was gratified when for a few moments in time world affairs took a lesser place and I was also pleased to hear the expression during the conversation that ‘everything is in Divine Order.’ Indeed this is a glorious fact, albeit this most important fact is practically drowned out by the visible signs in the sky. I would very much like to relate to this world at large what you experienced recently while you were swimming in your pool in the early morning hours and you surveyed the sky and saw three chemical trails fanning out.

“All of a sudden you saw the colors of the rainbow appear in one trail. You were overcome with emotion and expressed them to me. Next you saw that the first rainbow colors had disappeared but appeared in the second chemical trail, fanning out, and again you became emotional and you expressed that to me. Then a third time it happened after the second one had disappeared and rainbow colors showed up in the third chemical trail. You then understood, that never mind what will happen, everything will always be in ‘Divine Order’.

“This is my solid promise to you and please, do remember that whenever you see those nefarious signs in the sky, to pray for those perpetrators and those in charge behind the scenes and forgive them, for they truly do not know what they are doing.

“I would like the world to know that there is an invisible celestial government to see to it that the Will of God shall ultimately triumph. This is the planet of my birth as Jesus and although at present much ‘travail’ is happening, this planet shall eventually be the crown jewel among my ten million inhabited worlds.

“Puny men are scheming for world dominion, but they have not yet tasted the awesome powers of my creative abilities. They do not realize that they stand to lose their chance for eternal life, unless they turn away from their errant behavior. They will have to learn to forgive themselves for all the grief and sorrow they brought down upon innocent heads.

“I would caution each one who might chance to read this to ponder this, my message, and then truly begin the grasp the meaning of the saying: ‘May God’s Will be done, in me, by me and through me.’ If this saying would be practiced, this world could be turned around in the blink of an eye and my dear and beautiful planet could finally grow up and take her rightful place among her sister planets. It would no longer be so callously mistreated by those still living in ancient cave times with all their cruelty and in ignorance about the true reason of having been given life.

“Remember that everything is always in divine order and God’s Will shall ultimately prevail.”

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