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LYT160814- Always in training

2016-008-14. Always in training

Urantia, August 14, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Always in training.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Do not mind the countless time lapses in life when nothing seems to happen whilst you humans are in fact constantly in training for soul-progress, in stagnation or even in regression. Ever since conscious life began and humans finally attained the power to choose and began to explore and exercise the power of will, not many realized at first, or do even now, that they were born for the specific purpose of soul-enrichment.

“The point I endeavor to make here is that even in the dawn of time humans have always been in training, albeit mostly unwittingly. With the gift of free will to choose and with a precious mind to think, your angels have kept a close eye on human spiritual progress which they continue to measure against the wall of eternity.

“Through the eons past and ever so slowly mortals have moved ahead. Among you there always were those who stepped ahead of the ‘pack’ to help, warn and lead the masses, so social progress could make its way across the globe to ensure that equality would be established. This was already in some measure obtained before the outbreak of the Lucifer rebellion. Everything proceeded for about 500.000 years; according to the plans of the Universal Creator God and the planet became ready for a celestial ruler to aid the then civilization. Slowly everything was being up-stepped for advancement in evolution.

“After the arrival of the Planetary Prince everything proceeded well for nearly 300.000 years when the then Sovereign of the System in which your planet is located; began to entertain thoughts of being above his Creator/Father as well as more intelligent than He. In other words, he became proud of himself and persisted in this nefarious line of thinking. He also infected other able minds with his ideas of total ruler ship over the system in which he had been placed in trust by the Celestial Government for him to guide and lead.

“And so a rebellion against the highest rules and plans in the cosmos broke out, with all the previous evolutionary gains being thrown in disarray. Some 37 planets out of a 1000 were affected by this rebellion against the benign and merciful loving rule and plans of the Universal Creator.

“Your planet experienced the worst of it, as the then Planetary Prince joined forces with the system sovereign and proceeded to proclaim himself to now be god of Urantia.

“It was a terrible time and ever since the planet has pursued a checkered career in her evolution. For the following 200.000 years many evolutionary gains were lost. The equality between men and women was the most important to be lost which has made life much harder for the female half of the population as their power of mind, strength and resilience was no longer accepted or even appreciated.

“The present history of the planet bears this out. Therefore plans have been instituted for a Time of Correction by Christ Michael, (Jesus) to help the planet gain her rightful place among her normal evolving sister planets. This oncoming time will be a transition toward social evolution, improving quality of life, individual growth and equality, especially among the sexes.

“All humans here are being placed on a steep learning curve to learn the values of social sustainability in freedom with peace and liberty, education and equality in all areas of existence.”

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