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LT160822- Endeavor to See Life as a Miracle

2016-08-22. Endeavor to See Life as a Miracle

Urantia, August 22, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Endeavor to See Life as a Miracle.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “It is always well to come to Me and into the silence with a thankful heart. The more often you remember Me, the more grateful you become. It has come to your attention that you can live life as if nothing is a miracle or you can live life as if everything is a miracle.

“This insight gave you much food for thought and a greater awareness that, actually, everything is a miracle, starting with life itself. It is always good to remember and recollect how everything in retrospect always falls into place especially when life begins to have more meaning once deeper thought is employed.

“Of course; living right on the surface of life usually offers very little opportunity to be amazed. It is in the deeper waters of experience, especially those that touch the heart, and not only remain in the head. With retrospect and thoughtful understanding, experiences seem to gain value as the meaning of life’s lessons learned, becomes clearer.

“Advancing in age you would not want to turn back the clock, as you now begin to see the road ahead filled with hope, when at times everything looked pretty bleak and hopeless. Now, on looking back, you realize how much guidance there was along the way. Your only regret is that you did not always listen to the Still Voice within and this resulted in ‘some battle scars,’ which in retrospect turned out to be the lessons from which you learned the most. Now you look back upon those lessons as having turned out to be your greatest blessings.

“From our celestial viewpoint, we salute all humans who persevere with integrity, love and honesty, and who are building their faith and trust step by step. At times the struggle to keep the faith can be quite severe, but it does build an increasing confidence in the almighty Power of the Universal Creator-God, of whom each and everyone is a tiny facet, being polished and angled somewhat differently.

“Ultimately, all of life is evolving to the glory of the eternal One in whom all things exist. You are all part of God’s energy for without it, nothing would exist. According God’s plan, design and energy all the cellular systems of every living creature have been created including your body-temples.

“Only humans have been given the gift of free will to personally choose how God’s energy is to be used. Think of how you can better take care of your physical temples, to get the greatest mileage out of it. Think about this as all the cells in your mental systems follow your thoughts. If you consistently love the totality of your systems, your bodies will serve you into a ripe old age. The opposite, of course, is also true.

“And once you pass over to the next level of your eternal existence, if you so choose, your individual spirit will show how you have been faithful custodians. Therefore, become mindful of what you feed your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual systems with, so your spirit can either unfold unhindered or is thwarted at every turn. Please endeavor to see everything in life as a miracle and your bodies will thank you.”

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