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LYT160904- Wisdom Comes Through Insight

2016-09-04. Wisdom Comes Through Insight

Urantia, September 4, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Wisdom Comes Through Insight.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “This subject really ‘throws’ you, as you feel very inadequate on this subject. Well, my dear child, I am not inadequate, so please put your fingers to the keyboard and type whatever words may appear on the screen of your mind. Lately you have received some powerful insights that I know to be worthy of being shared with others. Do not be concerned, for I will not reveal that which you are not yet ready to share.

“Life itself is gaining greater significance for you and this has evoked a far greater meaning than the simple fact of just being alive and ‘let life happen as it will.’ It is becoming more important for you to be aware and actually be involved in order to make life more meaningful and satisfying. It is a significant sign to me as I observe your thoughts that this is the result of having made up your mind to start each day on awakening with a thank-you to the Creator for a good night’s sleep followed by the promise that the new day belongs to the Him, and that you trust it to unfold according to His Will.

“This decision is most propitious for soul growth as you have opened the door to wisdom through insight and the realization that a much better use of the mind is possible. With that comes more thoughtfulness as you sincerely desire to do the Will of God. You feel a certain new kinship with others, especially the fact of oneness.

“Learning and realizing that God’s creative love energy flows through everyone and everything means that you all exist in non-locality as it is all one energy. This thought further opens the mind and truth can now take hold of those things that are visible, but are appearances only. Life teaches you that what you become is through the gift of free will choice and decision making.

“Even so, the future can be altered by your living in present-centered awareness, so everyone can influence the future most favorably with their thoughts and conversely the energy of the future can help support to anchor these thoughts in the present.

“What the present media ‘puts out’ is fear. However, this fabricated fear does not need to be accepted by humanity, since what you fear, you will attract. It follows that truth, beauty and goodness can also be attracted. It all depends on what the human mind and thought-forming is busy with. Sow negative seed-forms into the ‘ethers’ and negativity will be the reaped. Sow positive seed-forms and the future will answer accordingly, with a bountiful harvest of truth, beauty and goodness. It has ever been so and ever will be.

“Seed-thoughts enter the area of non-locality — the vibration of these thoughts are totally within the energetic field of humanity. One can change the world through whatever thoughts are held in mind and this can be noticed in your immediate surroundings. Beneficial thoughts have a calming influence that due to non-locality ripple on throughout the cosmos, which also have a far-reaching effect on other planets.

“This is a very important insight that can lead to increasing wisdom, especially when humanity finally learns to lift their thoughts off the planet and become cosmic-oriented thinkers.”

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