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LYT160917- From the Heart of God

2016-09-17. From the Heart of God

Urantia, September 17, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “From the Heart of God.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “This subject is going to amaze you and everyone else with an open heart and mind, as the heart of the Creator is hardly ever discussed anywhere. This surprises, even though from the Father-Heart of God there issues forth an abundant, never-ending stream of unconditional, live-giving, creative love energy, which from time immemorial has forever blanketed the entire cosmos.

“Think about this and what this means for every evolving and living creature. Think about the enormous star systems and the mighty galaxies with their almost uncountable inhabited planets, the macro and the micro of creation.

“There simply is no space anywhere where the Creator’s influence is not: Also there is no empty space as it teams with creative activity. Even the minutest nano-particles, so tiny that even the strongest microscopes are incapable of seeing them in order to examine them. ‘His ways are beyond searching out by mortal men.’

“It is this everywhere creative love energy that holds time and space together, flowing from the Heart of God as the beginning point from which all flows and to which all returns after completing the journey through creation. This also pertains to the mortals from the inhabited planets after their completing the ages-long ascension journey from imperfection to perfection.

“Think deeply about your own journey through life. You are all born on this planet with a divine plan. The Creator gave you mortals a life-plan and free will with a mind capable of choosing what your individual journey shall be as it is up to each individual to accept their assignment. God does not play hide and seek with anyone. Except that the Creator gave one command and that is to become perfect like He is perfect.

“This ‘game-plan’ is the same on all the other inhabited planets in space and time, where all evolving souls having been given life. Albeit your planet has suffered some terrible set-backs in its evolutionary journey. Because of this many innocent young souls have suffered through the wrong-doing of a few created sons of God who became terribly impatient and blinded by their own beauty. Over time, persisting in their pernicious mindsets, they thought themselves to be above the One who had created them.

“Thirty-seven planets were swept up in this terrible rebellion against the Creator, Urantia being one of the worst affected due to it being in the early stages of its evolution. Many fables and myths have sprung up surrounding creation and I would entice anyone with a thinking mind to peruse the pages of The Urantia Papers — a fine book — especially gifted to this planet to enlighten its citizens to the truth of that sordid happening some 200.000 years ago.

“From the Heart of God truth is always proceeding and is to be found throughout the cosmos. Therefore each thinking mortal has the capability to search for truth as everything is part of truth. Be true to yourself to evolve and develop to become the best you can be, despite circumstances beyond your control.

“An indomitable Spirit resides in each of you — an ‘on-board’ Partner to listen to, to consult with and follow its prompts. This Gift also proceeded from the Heart of God to indwell, companion and assist you during your ascension journey back to the Source.”

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